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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Did Mollie Read?

*Sorry about the link problem to that story - all fixed now.

I guess this is a happy day with just a slight tinge of sadness.  My last little one, my baby girl, turns twenty today.  The teens are behind us now.  Can’t complain, neither of my kids gave me any trouble of speak of. But it’s still hard to think of your baby as grown. 

You might be wondering whether I decided to let her read some of the Cassie’s stories. I gave it a great deal of thought.  Agonized over which ones to give her first, I discussed it with Nick, and I made her promise that if she got to read them she would give me feed back – not silence.  She wanted them printed off, so I chose this story (the whole thing) as one, I thought it showed the funny side as well as the serious side and I also printed off the first chapter of the Cassie book.  Paul is the only one out here I’ve shared that with and he liked it so… those were my choices.

Mollie had to come home for a doctor’s appointment, just for the afternoon, a few weeks ago. We were headed out the door when I said, “I printed off two stories for you.  You can take them with you or you can get them this coming weekend.”  We were in a bit of a rush so she said she’d grab them on the weekend.  That was two weekends ago and she hasn’t mentioned them since.


I get all worked up and in a panic and then nothing!  I honestly don’t know if she has decided she doesn’t want to read them or if it's truly slipped her mind.  I mean her head is full of college fun, not something her fuddy–duddy old mom wrote.  But they are printed and waiting for her to mention them again.

I convince myself she knows nothing and then she’ll say something that really makes me wonder.  This past weekend she was on her computer when I heard her laugh.  Turning the computer toward Nick and me she said, “This make me think of Mom.”  And then almost like she caught herself she added, “I mean it looks like her stove.” This was the picture, what do you think?


  1. That's a tough one, PK! I think it would be an odd comment to make if she didn't have meaning behind it...but who knows! I have seen that picture floating around the Internet actually, so maybe she didn't give much thought. It's also possible that was her way of letting you know that she did read. That'd be awfully subtle, however. Well, you'll have to keep us posted.

  2. To me, it's obvious that she has been reading your stuff. And is making light-hearted responses, just right, don't you think? I don't think it's so subtle.

  3. PK,
    young girls heads are so full of stuff, perhaps leave them on her pillow next time she comes home.
    Yes that would make me wonder, but if she knows, she knows, I doubt that it would bother her.
    Love and warm hugs,

  4. Told you, PK. My little sister pestered me to craziness to let her read. I let her read, and I haven't heard a word about it since. I found out that she *does* read but she just thinks of it is normal, or at least Ana-normal. :)

  5. Well, what I can I say?
    OK, to start with, I should sing:
    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Mollie, Happy Birthday to you. Hoorah!!!

    Then the stories:
    To Mollie this is just one of the many, many things she is learning about. There are lots more important things certainly.
    I think you should treat it like that too. Don't make it bigger than it is.
    And I keep suspecting that she knows a bit more about you than you think. OK, she did not read the blog, but she lived with you for twenty years. She must know things about you, that you don't even know for yourself.
    And let's be honest: Is there anybody in the world who could look at that picture, and not immediately say: Hey, that is PK!

    PS: When you made the link to "this story" you forgot the "C".
    It now links to : assiesspace
    What's in a name?

  6. Oh, I think she's read your stuff and doesn't know how to respond to you. Like Malcolm said she is making light heart comments. I think she liked them and isn't sure how to tell you.


  7. I am glad to know of the update as I have wondered about this. Interesting. Take Care.

  8. Just goes to show how we worry and agonize over the many decisions we have to make with our kids, and they take all of it in stride.

    Hope she shares with you? I would probably not be able to stop myself and asking her......well?

  9. You are very patient not to ask if she has read them and what she thinks.....I know I would not be able to contain myself.
    But.....from the comment, I agree with Malcolm - she has probably read them. Given the fact that she asked about them more than once.
    I would also say it means that she is fine with what she read, the little joke, etc..... and she will talk to you about it when the time is right.
    That is a guess as a Mum of one grown daughter and one teenager.....lol, you know that I don't know anything. :D

  10. I have to say it also seems to me that she knows...but also that she accepts it. A new side to her mom...a woman's side.
    hugs abby

  11. She's processing. :)

  12. Happy birthday Mollie.

    I wouldn't mention them again. Let her ask. I think Bas is right, Mollie probably knows more than you think.


  13. Methinks your little girl is growing up, in more ways then one :) I bet she knows more then you think already.

  14. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Happy Birthday to Mollie.

    I would agree with most here and say she all ready had an inkling of what was going on or wouldn't have asked to read the stories. Perhaps she didn't really want to read just wanted to know if you would let her?
    Now that she can maybe she is afraid to. Knowing your parents have sex and KNOWING are two different things, and TTWD adds another dimension. Don't worry so much! Oh and if you could fix the link so us detail whores could know which story you chose would be great!! LOL


  15. Riley,
    I’m beginning to realize she knows ‘something’ but I don’t think she has read. I’ll let you know when I know.

    I still don’t think she has read anything, but I do think she knows what I write about.

    I was worried while deciding whether or not to let her read. Now that I’ve decided I’m okay with it, I’m relaxed. But I’ll just hang on to them until she ask again.

    I don’t think she has gone to my blog to read so she probably has actually read anything, but she has the basic idea.

    Thank you for Mollie’s birthday wishes! When I first began blogging I was so paranoid that LJ or Mollie would see what I was doing or see a picture on a site I was reading. Over the years I’ve become so much more lax or maybe just relaxed. Mollie probably has seen spanking picture. So I do think she’s on to us.
    Sorry I messed up the link, I did fix it now.

    Still don’t think she’s read. It will pop back in her mind sometime and she’ll ask again. But I don’t think she’ll be shocked.

    Once I know for sure, I’ll post about it.

    If she doesn’t respond after I know she’s read I will ask her.

    She is not a computer person. I’m really 99.9% certain that she has never read either of my blogs and that she won’t read until I put the stories in her hand. So far the folder with the stories is still in my hands. Time will tell.

    She’s got an inkling, she may be a little surprised at Cassie.

    LOL! Probably just forgotten.

    I thin you are exactly right.

    And you are right too.

    You may have something there between knowing and KNOWING. There really is a big difference. I’ll just wait until she asks again. And I do have that link all fixed!

  16. PK, I think that you have raised your children to be very open minded. She is probably processing everything and trying to figure out what questions she wants to ask and when is it too much information. Personally, I would ask her if she had any questions about your writing. At that point, she can tell you if she read it or not and it at least it opens up the lines of communication.

  17. ohhhh, sorry PK I thought she had the stories....oh, then - I agree she has just probably forgotten about it for now, but it will surface again. :)

  18. Happy Birthday to Mollie! :-)

  19. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Wow, that pic sure looks like she has a clue. Good luck.

  20. i lost the last comment and I don't know what I did - some one asked what TTWD stood for. I remember back when everyone used letters that i never could decipher. So alway glad to help -

    TTWD, this thing we do - for us spanking.