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Friday, March 30, 2012

Fantasy Friday - Liz Taken in Hand

It’s Friday, it’s Friday – four more days to teach and Easter break will be here. I may make it. I don’t know who needs the break more the kids or me, but I’m pretty sure it’s me! I’m very happy to tell you we have another new story this week and we also get to welcome a brand new writer. Our writer today recently began a blog, The Ramblings of a Princess, and goes by the name marriedamusicman. She is very new to writing spanking stories and she is also very good at it. I hope you will take the time to leave a comment here or to go by her site and speak to her.

For now, enjoy your Friday and please enjoy…

Liz Taken in Hand

Ouch! Liz thought to herself as she moved on her office chair. The spanking she received from her husband Brian this morning still hurt. It reminded her that her mouth had gotten her in trouble once again. Why oh why could she not have kept her tone and attitude in check?

She thought of events last night and this morning. She had been short with Brian several times in the last few days. He had an important presentation to give today. Last night she had been somewhat bratty with him. He let her slide. Finally, he said they should go to bed and get some rest. He had a big day ahead and the rest would be good for them both. The alarm went off right on time. Brian got right up and started the shower. Liz hit the snooze and stayed in bed just a little longer. When the alarm rang again she knew she had to get up and get going.

Brian was already dressed when she turned her shower on. In the middle of her shower he came in to ask her about some of his papers that were on the dining room table. She answered with a snippy tone that she had not moved them and was very defensive. She turned off the shower and stepped out to dry off. She looked up and there was Brian standing in the doorway. His arms were crossed and he was staring at her with an intense stare. Yikes! She probably should have answered better when he asked her about those papers. But, gosh, she was not a morning person so really this was his fault!

“Liz, I let your attitude slide last night, but I see that was a mistake. I thought a good nights sleep might help, but this morning you are just as defiant if not more so. I can not let this slide anymore. I need you to lean over the bath tub and I am going to spank you. I hope this will serve as a reminder today.”

Liz stared for just a moment and then she spoke up. “What? You’ve got to be kidding Brian. You know I am not a morning person! Don’t you need to focus on your presentation and not this?”

Brian gave her a slight smile. His wife could be so cute sometimes and try to talk her way out of punishment. Part of him wanted to just let this go, but where did that get them last night? No, he had to follow through with this. “Liz, I am going to count to five. You need to be in place over that bath tub by then or this is going to get worse. One, two.....” Ahhhh Liz thought. He is being so unreasonable this morning, but I better get over the tub if I don’t want this to get worse.

She flipped her wet hair to the side in show of defiance and stomped over to the tub. Brian could not help but notice her attitude in this act. She was in place by the count of five, but just barely and it was not very submissive. He stepped behind her and did not hesitate to make contact with her bare and wet behind. His hand came down swiftly. Liz grimaced to herself. This was getting her attention for sure. Brian only gave her ten smacks with his hand. But, she felt every one. He announced that it was over for now, but they were not finished. He had to get going for his presentation and this would continue tonight. Liz got up from the tub and rubbed her backside. She headed to the closet to think about what to wear.

Her colleague was suddenly at her desk. He wanted to know if she had the salary report for the meeting later today. Liz was jerked backed to the present and found the report that was needed. Liz glanced at the clock. It was after 11 am. The presentation that Brian was going to give should be over by now. Liz hoped it went well even though she was still not happy with the morning events.

She sent Brian a text message to ask about his presentation. In a little while he sent her a text back. He said the presentation went well, but the negations were still going on and it would be a long day. He told her he would catch up with her later and that he loved her. Liz left shortly after receiving the text. She was heading off to have lunch with her friend Caroline. Caroline had met a new guy and wanted to tell Liz all about it. Liz tried to listen and be supportive of her friend during lunch. She was happy for her. But, her thoughts keep drifting towards her morning and what might be coming. Gosh, why could she have not held her tongue!

Liz returned to the office after lunch. She checked her personal email on her phone. She saw she had an email from Brian. She smiled. Surely this was good sign and they could start the weekend on a fun note. She opened the email. What???? This was not the email she thought. Brian had written that the presentation had gone well. However, he wanted to give her instructions for the evening.

The project meeting was scheduled to wrap up around 6 pm and he should be home around 6:30 pm. He wanted Liz to go home when she got off work and write a paragraph about her behavior these last few days. She should focus on disrespect and her attitude in the paragraph. He wanted her to place their paddle and her paragraph on the bed. He expected her to be naked and waiting for him in the corner when he got home tonight.

Liz stared at the email for a few minutes. Sure she had a bit of an attitude lately, but did it really warrant that she write a paragraph and wait for her husband in the corner for another spanking! Her boss asked her a question and so she got up to go into her office. The afternoon passed quickly and suddenly it was time to go home. Liz pulled into the drive way of their home about 5:20 pm. She had just over an hour to compose the paragraph for Brian. She turned on the computer. She was not sure where to start. She went on line and looked up the definition of respect, submission, and defiance.

The walls started tumbling down just a little. She used these definitions to help formulate her paragraph. Reflecting on each word meaning and writing out her thoughts made her see she had indeed fallen short of a submissive and caring wife. She printed her paragraph and headed up to their room. She got the paddle out of the drawer and put on the bed. She then placed her paragraph next to the paddle. She went to the closet and removed her work clothes. She glanced at the clock. It was 6:27 pm. Brian should be home soon. She glanced at the corner. She did not want to go there. She heard the garage door open about that time. Brian was home. She quickly went to the corner and stood in place. Brian came thought the door. The house was very quiet. He placed his keys on the table and removed his jacket. He went to the kitchen to get a drink. Liz could hear movement down stairs. Why was he keeping her waiting? The more the time passed then the more she became annoyed.

Finally, she heard Brian enter the room. Liz did not turn around. Brian spoke. “Liz, I am glad you followed my instructions. You can turn around and come over to me.” Liz turned and saw Brian sitting on the bed. She walked toward him with her head held high. She stood in front of him.

Brian spoke. “Liz, I want you to read your paragraph to me before we begin.” Read the paragraph to him? Was it not enough that she wrote it! Liz spoke up. “Brian, please don’t make me read that out loud. I did what you asked me to do. Just spank me and let’s get this over with right now.”

Brian could not believe his wife. He thought the time to reflect and write the paragraph surely would make her more submissive. Sadly, this was not the case. “Liz, you can not argue with me when you are being punished. That is not allowed. I want you to place yourself over the pillows now and stay in place until I tell you otherwise. Oh, no Liz thought. This can’t be good. She quickly spoke up. “Okay, Brian I’ll read my letter.” “It is too late Liz. I suggest you get yourself over the pillows right now.” Liz was smart enough to do just that. She placed herself over the pillows and her rear end was in great target position. Brian left his wife for a brief moment. He walked to the bathroom. He hated being put in the position, but Liz had made her choice.

He walked back to the bed. Liz felt the cold lubricant on her rear entry. Then the plug followed shortly after. Oh, no! How did this happen? Brian spoke up.“Liz, I have inserted the plug due to your defiance. You will be spanked and will return to the corner for 15 minutes. I suggest you use that time wisely to think upon your behavior. After the time is up I will call you back. I hope you will then read your paragraph to me as I asked you to do before.”

The tears started before the paddle hit her bottom. Although Liz had received a worse paddling this was bad enough. Brian certainly was not light in his touch. Finally the spanking was over. Brian asked her to return to the corner. She was not to touch her bottom and she was to place her hands on her head. Liz jumped up and almost ran to the corner. She faced the wall and began to think. This was the weekend. Is this how she wanted to spend her weekend? She wanted to find out about the presentation and celebrate with Brian. Instead her selfish and bratty behavior had brought her here. Her backside hurt and the plug was doing its job, too!

Tears flowed down her cheek. The walls of her heart were finally crumbling down. She had to make this right! Brian called to her that she could turn around and come to him once again. Liz knew what she had to do. She walked over with her head slightly down and a submissive spirit. Brian asked her if she thought about her behavior and if she would read her paragraph to him. She picked up her paper and started to read. She had to stop and compose herself a couple of times. Tears were streaming down her cheek. She ended with a heartfelt apology to her husband. Brian had a lump in his throat. Here was his beautiful wife. How he hated to have to punish her. He thanked her for reading her paragraph. He said in lieu of another paddling that she could place herself across his lap and he would finish with a hand spanking. Liz submitted immediately. She wanted to submit to Brian and let go of the guilt she felt. He did not go easy on her, but she did not move and stayed in place for the spanking.

The spanking ended and Brian told her she could remove the plug. Liz got up quickly and ran to the bathroom. She washed the plug and put it away. She went back to the bed and gave Brian a big hug. It was not long that they were in a horizontal position. Brian did not have his clothes on for long. Their love making took on a frantic pace. Brian felt the release of his presentation stress and a submissive wife. Liz felt the relief of forgiveness and the love of her husband. They ended in a slow, sweet embrace. Brian kissed her forehead. Liz sighed and reflected in her heart how glad she was that she had a strong husband and he was not afraid of taking her in hand. Brian and Liz giggled as they finally got up for a late night snack. They skipped dinner, but neither one cared. The time in bed was wonderful and their weekend was certainly looking up!


Thank you so much not only for this great story itself, but also for just taking the leap in being willing to try writing one. I always get to the point where I wonder if Fantasy Friday should be continued and then it seems that either an old friend or a new one comes through with a story. Marriedamusicman I'm glad you have decided to join our little community and I know we're all looking forward to reading more of your stories.

If anyone else is willing to write for us, please send you story to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Anonymous6:36 AM

    Great story!


  2. Nice one Marriedamusicman,
    keep on writing.
    PK another good story, thank you.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. Great story, I enjoyed it very much Marriedamusicman, thank you. I hope we can read more about Brian and Liz.

    Thanks PK.


  4. Great story. Just like real life. I could picture all of the scenes they were so realistic.

  5. Enjoyed this story a LOT! Thanks for sharing. abby

  6. Wonderful story! I must say, I'm on Liz's side. People should not talk to me within a half hour of waking up. ;-)

  7. PK, I am replying here. I hope you'll be able to click into my name to get to the blog. Thanks for checking on me.