I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, March 09, 2012

Fantasy Friday - In the Company of Strangers

Happy Friday again! This is a special one for me, Molly is home for spring break. Well, she's not home for long. Sunday she is taking off with her friends to the beach for most of the week. But she's a college girl, so I'm not shocked.

I'm really happy today to give another story from Grace. I love Grace's style of writing. It just puts me in another world. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

In The Company Of Strangers

So, here we find ourselves once again in this wonderfully strange place where I can let myself roam so completely free that I feel I want to dance and spin as if on air. This sanctuary on the edge of humanity, that other place can be so dark, I have to play another part there, be someone else. My everyday world where people think they know me so well, there I am an outsider and yet here with you in the company of strangers I have come home. In your generous company I feel I belong, thank you for allowing me into this world where I can be at peace, no longer strange and different, just me, how I wish I could play here with you forever.

But what of you my lover, I have so many memories of past adventures with you, but I still remember the first time, I was nervous, you ordered me across your knee, and there I lay, for the first time, helpless, a passion, a play of our own creation that calls to me and I cannot resist. I remember the decadent atmosphere hanging heavy in the room as you adjusted my dress to remove any obstruction between my bottom and your hand. The first slap resonating just as I dreamt it would a thousand times in my darkest imaginings. I can still see the sunlight entering the room, fascinated by the dust lazily drifting in and out of the beams of light whilst you continued to ensure I was soundly punished. I remember the incredible sound echoing off the high ceiling as my bottom was thoroughly spanked and completely reddened from the backs of my legs upwards, no inch of skin neglected. How I thought I could not stand any more, tears wetting my hair as it hung down, I was dancing on your lap trying to avoid the smacks but you continued anyway until I lay motionless across your knee, accepting that I would be punished for as long you felt I needed, and you peer into my soul and always know how long I need to lay there under your hand. And afterwards facing the corner to contemplate the event with a thrill and excitement I could never explain, and then being allowed to return to you and you cradled me in your arms, my fresh tears wet upon your shoulder, two souls entwined in a game of love no one outside our world could ever understand. Then afterwards you carried me to your bed, I can still feel the cool of the sheets soothing my burning bottom, how you caressed me with a loving gentleness that only a freshly spanked girl could feel so completely, you penetrated me so deeply as I clung on to you, helpless once again in our game of love.

I can still remember the feeling of trepidation and curiosity when I reported to your study for the first time, the cold feeling on my flesh as I bent over your desk, adjusting my position in cooperation to allow you to lower my knickers, compliant with my fantasy. How the leather strap curled around my bottom, how it painted my bottom red in layered stripes, my fingers stroking my sex as I closed my eyes and rested my face on the desk waiting for each stroke to land and to release from within me a submission to myself, to my darkest sexual dream, each slap progressively pushing me over the edge to that secret place. I can still feel the helpless excitement as I remained over the desk afterwards, the stinging heat buzzing as I waited to be allowed to stand up, the total surrender as I am instructed to rub the tenderness from my cheeks whilst standing in front of you as you reprimand me, a girl looking up at you through a woman’s eyes, that unsaid understanding between us, that covenant we hold so close to us, that I will forever need you to love me, punish me and to fill my spirit with a delicious insatiable erotic desire.

When I close my eyes I still picture the evening you made me stand with my hands entwined above my head facing the wall, a mirror there to reflect upon, watching my face as your hand slapped my bottom, a forceful caress, your remonstrations each time your palm connected with my naked flesh. I remember observing my detached reflection, my lips in a silent circle of ouch and ahh, the frown on my forehead as my bottom bounced under your firm hand. The tears cascading over my eyelids coursing a track down my cheeks to drip from my chin. My gentle sobs as I promised to change my ways. But we know I never will, because I also know you so well my love, there is a deception, a slight of hand, you are cross with me but my instincts tell me more, I see the smile behind your eyes, your kind and gentle nature betrays you and you fall under my spell so easily when I silently ask, in my secret way. We keep our secret selves locked away so tightly in a Pandora’s Box that calls to me in the darkness and the light and I am driven to open it. And so I remember our eyes meeting in the mirrored reflection, a fleeting glimpse, my shy smile confirming our complicity in the knowledge that I will always return to that secret Pandora’s box of ecstasy.

So, here I find myself once again sitting upon a cushion contemplating my behaviour and how I manipulated the situation so that I could present my bottom for a spanking and as instructed I have completed this, the first entry into a journal I am required to keep. I am sorry that it is not a masterpiece, or a clever and witty observation on the human condition but the personal, most secret part of me is here and I graciously present it to you with my deepest love.


Grace, thank you so much for sharing your stories with us. They just give me a dreamy feeling. I hope you are still writing. And I hope that there are others out there who might be willing to try writing and sharing it with us. If you're willing send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. PK, a nice change, a contemplative piece, quiet, gentle yet deep.
    Thank you Grace.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. What a wonderful story. I loved it. Thank you Grace and PK.

  3. A different one. I enjoyed it, thank you Grace.

    Thanks PK.


  4. Really great story!