I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Categorizing implements

I want to start right off with good news. Much to my surprise, I lost 1.2 pounds last week! I can’t say why or how. I know one day in particular I definitely did some over eating, but I lost and I’ll take it! I’ve lost a total of 17 pounds since I began WW. I sure hope I can have two good weeks back to back.

Nick and I were able to get in some play time yesterday afternoon. We started off with our traditional strip card game. Nick was winning big time at cards, I didn’t stand a chance, as I soon found myself nude and on the receiving end of the strap. Nick, the winner, got an afternoon of pampering – an overall massage, playtime with a few kinky toys, a great BJ (honey coated), and a few other little things thrown in along the way. Of course by the time the afternoon was over we were no longer sure of who was supposed to have won or lost, it never seems to matter after a certain point.

I’ve been thinking about our growing arsenal of spanking toys lately. I think I’ve got them divided into four categories, as follows:

1. Light weight giggles (LWG) – these are the one that sometimes make noise, but really for a true spanko, they are a joke. They’re fun when your guy used them, but honestly they wouldn’t hurt a fly. Some examples would be –

2. Okay I guess (OIG) –these are your moderate spanking implements. They can surely produce a nice sting, but they don’t exactly strike fear into the heart of a spanko. For me OIGs might include the following.

3. Yo, exceptional spankers (YES) Now we’re talking! Of course these are my favorites. I find these sensuous and sexy. These are the ones you thinking about when you’re craving a spanking, but they can produce just that bit of fear. You never know exactly how he might decide to use them. Is he secretly upset about something? Is he just playing? Is there something he really wants you to remember? These hurt – no two ways about it, but it’s the kind of hurt you can take, you can absorb it and you usually want more, even as you bury your head and kick your feet. Here are some of my YESs.

4. Oh, shit not this again! (OSNTA) – These are the ones that just hurt. They are evil and should be destroyed. They are not fun to play with and there is a place burning in hell just waiting for them. For me these include,

Oh come on, you didn’t think I was going to show them did you. What Nick doesn’t know for sure won’t hurt me!

It reminds me of when I used to work with three other girls at the veterinary hospital. One girl was deathly afraid of spiders, one had the same type fear of snakes and the third was terrified by mice. We all cheerfully tormented our friends with the things we knew they feared the most. I was smarter than the rest. Thirty years later I’m still friends with these women and to this day they don’t know my secret fear. I’ve always been smart enough to keep it to myself. I still have the same fear and I’m still not telling!

I hope you all have a wonderful week. And maybe you would like to make up some of your own categories and tell us about your spanking toys.


  1. Anonymous1:23 AM

    First off, congratulations on the weight loss!! Hehe, don't you love those surprise pounds that just kind of disappear without any particular reason? 17 pounds is amazing! I just signed up again at the gym to help kill some of those winter hibernation pounds, and hearing about your success is so motivating!

    Those implement categories are the cutest - I think my future implements are totally going to be categorized with your names. Hopefully I won't have TOO many OSNTA's, but with my luck it's almost definite xD

  2. PK, nice post.
    While I have used implements, my favourite has always been my hand.
    It's available for a gentle caress to a severe spanking, and you don't have to worry about it being seen.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. Conrats on the weight loss. Don't you just feel awesome.

    Love the post and the implements. Now you have me thinking about categorizing. Glad you had such "luck" at cards. I like your game, might just have to steal it. I love play time.

  4. Conrats on the weight loss. Don't you just feel awesome.

    Love the post and the implements. Now you have me thinking about categorizing. Glad you had such "luck" at cards. I like your game, might just have to steal it. I love play time.

  5. Good job with the weight loss. You are almost inspiring me to do the same thing to lose weight.
    Love the way you categorized the implements.

  6. PK: Congrats on the weight loss. It's taken me three months to lose 17 pounds. And you are such a tease not telling us about your secret fear. And enjoyed your comments on the implement categories.


  7. way to go on the weight loss...it happens like that at times... out of teh blue a great loss - well done keep it up. Im struggling big time this week and im only into my 4th week :( i know i can do way better....i think im getting into trouble tomorrow as I really dont expect a loss.

    I like the catagories. I think i have a couple of catagories like that...id like to know what you hate the most though....
    Kiwi xxx

  8. LOL! I loved reading this, very creative way to categorize implements. I like!

    And congratulations on your weight loss, that's wonderful! Good for you :)

  9. Smart lady not revealing your secret fear :) I don't think I have enough implements to actually have more then one category, lol. Something to look forward too :)

  10. Maggie,
    I’m glad you’re back. Those hibernations are so much fun to put on and so hard to get rid of. Hope that there are more YESs in your future than OSNTAs!

    You are 100% correct! The hand so versatile, sexy, good girl, or punishment, truly something to be used for all occasions.

    I’ll share the details of our game some time. Sure is a fun game for two.

    The weight loss is still a struggle. I don’t feel like I’ve really got a handle on it yet, but I seem to be creeping in the right direction.

    Trust me I can keep my secrets, that one thing I’m better at than most people.

    All I can say for sure is that at least we’re working on getting a handle on it. I’d like to hear your categories.

    Sometimes the implements in the categories change as you begin to like different things. But it’s fun to think about them

    I remember when I first come out I would see implements EVERYWHERE! The grocery store, wally world, but even at home – things I had never thought of in ‘that way’ began to intrigue me. Hope you’ll soon have categories.

  11. Weight loss is excellent! Congratulations! Keep working at it and keeping the goal in mind and you've reach it for sure! Then Nick needs to give a big ole reward! I fell for the #4 thinking, hey, what happened to the picture! LOL

  12. That's SO true about friends teasing each other. Especially if they are men. Once they know something bugs you, they will do it for all time. That's why I learned when someone cracks their knuckles to wince and stay quiet about it.

  13. Hey PK, wonderful news about the weight.

    I must get myself one of those holey paddles.

    Love your post,

  14. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Congrats on your weight loss, PK!


  15. Congrats on your weight loss!
    Enjoyed your post.

  16. Congrats on your weight loss!
    Enjoyed your post.

  17. Anonymous7:17 PM

    Some missing items include the tawse, the bamboo back scratcher, the cane, and a shower brush. Care to categorize?


  18. I liked this one. I'm interested to know where to find the strap (I assume) with the holes and handle.
    I love Nick's comment at the end!
    Rosie Dee