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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Weight gain woes

Although this isn’t strictly about the visit it did happen while they were here. As you have probably read over at Todd and Suzy’s I gained this week. When Nick didn’t spank me Friday after weigh in I thought he was going to give me the weekend off. But no the lure of my twin’s gift was too much for him! So it was actually Sunday morning that I woke to him gently rolling me over only to really wake up with his anything but gentle use of his new backscratcher (I claim no ownership). That thin, mean, stinging thing was doing a number on my behind!! Now Nick did have my full attention but Eva and Grace crossed my mind as I grasped for ways to share my joy in my new gift!!

When he finally stopped and started rubbing he was explaining that while I was doing well on the over all weight loss plan there would be no backsliding. I was doing okay, it was over, he was rubbing and the introduction of the new toy had at least gotten me a reprieve from the hairbrush that is our nastiest toy and the one he now uses when I gain. Avoiding that wasn’t the worse thing that could have happened, but then I heard him open the drawer where he keeps the hair brush.

What! The bs was a warm up!! Are you kidding me?? Ten with the brush was not exactly the top thing on my list of thing to do. Not to worry, I didn’t get ten – I got thirty!! Are you listening? Thirty!! At least that’s what I think, I lost count somewhere in the mid-twenties and it wasn’t quite over. I am usually nearly silent during a spanking but not quite that time. Trust me when I say I got the message!

Now I got some wonderful loving after all that but my butt was reminding me all day as we toured with Eva and Adam that Nick was not forgetting the weight loss program that he had promised to help me with! And in spite of the sore butt I am very grateful that he is still taking this seriously. I am too. I have been to the gym every day this week so far – Monday through Thursday. Cross your fingers I weigh first thing Friday morning. This weigh in will be close. Yes I have been to the gym but I also enjoyed eating out with our company. To find out if I made it this week check back in with Todd and Suzy over at A.S.S. either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Meanwhile I will soon be telling you about our Sunday because there wasn’t a moment while Eva and Adam were here that wasn’t fun for me!


  1. PK, so the BS lived up to it's reputation and then the hairbrush, ouch!!!
    Nick is doing very good, hope that you manage to lose today.
    Looking forward to hearing about your Sunday.
    Warm hugs,

  2. I know you didn't like it, but good for Nick! When I was having trouble with snacking a bit too much, I asked Spanky for reminder spankings--firm enough that I would feel them long enough to remind me that I didn't want to overeat. He eventually stopped doing them, but I have been thinking of asking him to start again--I find them very helpful!
    I hope you have a great weigh-in!!!!

  3. Good luck with that weigh in! A repeat of both the bs and brush doesn't sound like fun at all. But Nick's consistency is wonderful!


  4. So 'bs' could stand for 'back sliding' as well!

    Yikes, the hairbrush too? That gives a whole new meaning to a moment on the lips.

    Can't wait to read about the rest of Funday.

    ciao bella~

  5. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Good for Nick! We're glad he didn't weight... err... wait... for the end of the weekend. You can almost ruin the week with a really bad weekend of eating whatever you feel like having, which is easy enough when you're having a comfortable time with good friends. It's good to get that motivational focus during a challenging diet time.

    Now, we didn't realize that Nick started the spanking off with the backscratcher. We thought he'd stared with his hand, and ended with the hairbrush. Didn't know he was auditioning for the mean old man's club... :)

    Sounds like it's worked though. Great that you've made it to the gym 4 straight days. We hope the scale is honest for you today!

    ~Todd & Suzy

  6. Paul,
    Nick is a prince! And he is always there with what I need!

    The thought of the hair brush can really change my snacking habits.

    No I don't need a repeat! But the consistency is wonderful.

    There is nothing good about BS at all!! Either way! Fun day is coming.

    T & S,
    I thank you for starting he diet group it helps to have to tell someone (everyone)if you have gained or lost. I love having the group!