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Monday, June 18, 2007

Summer cleaning

Well the house is sorta clean, if everyone stays out of my bedroom that is. I worked on my bedroom this morning, and this afternoon and some this evening. You would think it would look better wouldn’t you. Okay maybe it does some but there is still a long way to go!

I’m not actually worried about what Eva and Adam will think of the house. I never really did, I knew it they thought it was awful they would never say anything. But summer is about the only time I clean anyway. In August I will again host our family reunion. This will be the 23 year. And this one should be a big one. We will have 4 and maybe 5 coming from California. Theresa, how close will Michael be to San Diego?? I have tons of family there.

I have to go into the school tomorrow and Wednesday too. The boss asked me to sit in on his interviews for the teaching positions that have to be filled for next year. I think it will be interesting. I have done this before. I am the senior classroom teacher at our school. In fact only 4 people on a campus of 93 employees have been there longer than I have. I suddenly feel very old! There are older teachers there, of course, but this will be my 19 year at the same school.

Sorry this wasn’t real exciting. The children have been around a lot lately. I am very happy, I love waking up slowly and having Nick there. We didn’t have that for the first 22 years of our marriage and it is still a constant source of delight for me! Having him around more the touching is such a wonderful part of my life these days.

We are on the count down now 4 more days!! Can you believe it??


  1. Hey, PK, I think your family DVD was awesome - wish we had movies of when I was a kid! I do still have my first baby doll, though! Sorry you have to go back to school a couple of times this week!


  2. PK, relax you're going to have fun, or else!!!
    19 years at the same school, boy have you got stamina.
    By the time that you read this you will just have Wednesday to go.
    Warm hugs,

  3. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Reading this, we wondered... what would our houses look like if guests NEVER came over?

    ~Todd & Suzy

  4. I'm ever so much happier to be counting this coutndown with you than my own last week... this even makes me bounce a little just at the thought of you two leaping into each other's arms and Nick and Adam standing there staring at their own feet, lol. Sorry... that's how I picture it...

    I think I might be nearly as excited as you two are!


  5. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Hiya twin, just peeking in from somewhere in the USA!!! And quit worrying about the house. You know I don't care what it looks like and if you want I'll help you clean for your reunion when we get there friday.

  6. Reesa,
    I love the DVD we have had a lot of fun with it! I may be helping to hire my own partner so I don't mind going in!

    The meeting is going to be great! I wish you could be here but we will tell everyong about it!

    Todd and Suzy!
    LOL Ain't it the truth!

    Yes this is a more fun count down! I think your description could be close. This meeting is what should be on tape.

    I expect we will have other things to do and talk besides cleaning. You guy keep having fun. We'll see you soon!

  7. PK! 19 years at the same school! Are you ever going to graduate!

    You are a lucky gal. I can't wait til the day that I just have Will available for me to look at whenever I want!

    Michael will be 2 hours from San Diego! I might need some HELP!


  8. Cleaning! Ugh!!! Don't like it but I do it! 19 years is awesome!! So glad you are done other than a couple of days of interviews though!


  9. Theresa,
    When I was 12 I came very close to failing the 6th grade. Sometimes I feel I am destined to repeat it until I get it right!!!

    Cleaning is not my favorite thing! But for Eva and Adam I'll try anything!