I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Fire and Ice

It’s over!!! Can you say happy, relaxed, ecstatic, tickled, and euphoric!! I am feeling all that and this doesn’t even have anything to do with the end of school!

The last week of school and all that was happening caused me to forget that yesterday was Thursday! I am still supposed to write Nick each Thursday and this week I let it get away from me. Woops! I knew he had asked me to do it but I honestly didn’t think he would say anything if I skipped a week or just let it go altogether. Wrong! Evidently he still cares about what I have to say each week because after I got home from my last day and had my nap Nick asked “Wasn’t yesterday Thursday?” That was the first time this week I thought of it all week.

Nick said “Come with me” and he led me to the bedroom. He said “I want that assignment done each week, no excuses!” He started off with the little wooden paddle ball paddle and worked he was through the leather paddle on to the flogger. He did something new with the flogger. Part of the time he used it to flog my back. Now I had read about others doing this and my thought at the time was “I don’t think so!” It did not sound appealing to me. But I loved it! He was using it with only moderate force and it was like a wonderful massage.

Soon he left the room. Now every spanko knows that that causes your mind to spin and every nerve ending in the body to wonder what he is up to. I am no different. He came back in and began rubbing ice all over my burning bottom as well as a few other places that were burning in other ways. I wondered if he was going for a wet bottom spanking but he left the room again which left me wondering even more.

He was soon back and he most definitely had a way to spice up the afternoon further. Cindy, I was spared the embarrassment of having the checkers at the store wonder why I was buying ginger, Nick had gone out and bought some himself!! Well now this was new!! Reports on figging have not been exaggerated – it’s HOT! It’s very hot! The only thing hotter is that Nick bought it, prepared it and used it with out any prompting from me. For me that was the hottest thing! It was intense and so was the love making! I will have to say that I did most of my happy teacher dance horizontally but boy was it fun!!

After this wonderful afternoon he took me out to dinner. Who in the world could ask for a more perfect last day of work?? I am through teaching and have my whole summer to look forward to! Nick has made it clear that he is serious about knowing what I am thinking. This was important to me, I have still been hesitant about totally opening up, not really sure he wanted to know. Evidently he does. That’s hot! And with my talking and him listening who knows where the summer might lead??

And if all of this isn’t wonderful enough – EVA AND ADAM ARE COMING!!!


  1. PK,

    Wow. Happy summer!

    Thanks for sharing that great story. Hopefully, this is but the first of many wonderful summer adventures.

    Have fun with your long lost sister and twin-in-law. Perhaps the guys could swap some toys. I hear that Eva and Adam need a good paddle at their house...


  2. Wow, wow, and more WOW!!!!!!! I just knew you would love the ginger! And a round of applause for Nick... bravo!

    For the ginger and great spnaking, of course, but so much more thanks for following through and making it clear just how important it is to know what your beautiful wife is thinking and feeling!!!!

    Almost makes me want a spanking... almost... maybe in a week or so...

    Love you!

  3. Holymoses! Write, write, write! The man does want to know what's going on inside your head! That was so, so sweet of him to save you the embarrassment at the supermarket.*g*

    Happy teacher dance horizontally! That was too funny!


  4. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Oh PK, thanks for sharing. It brings back such great memories, although Coach required me to write nightly. It was still great to know that he cared about what I thought.

    Hope you have a great summer. Eva and Adam are coming?? Holy cow! what a hoot that will be. Can't wait to read about it.

    *hugs* Suzy

  5. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Wooohooo!!!! It does not get any better than that!! No way, no how. Awesome!! I am so happy for you. Watching how far you two have come this past year is incredible!!

  6. PK, reading this, I'm doing the happy dance, who would have thunk it when you started.For you Nick is definitely THE MAN.
    We demand daily bulletins about your progress, both cleaning and otherwise, as you know I have a keen personal interest. *G*
    Have a great summer, great visit and great spankings.
    Love you, you purrfect kitty, I've been around Tiggr too much.
    Warm hugs,

  7. Wow ... did this make me smile so big!!! Wow again! You have one special man lady!! And you had better do your assignments from now on!! I love it! And ... you gotta love that ginger root huh??? Now, I have to ask, do you think that if it were used in a punishment way, your thoughts on it would change?
    Just has to ask! I am so happy for you ... for all the special things that were part of your last day, for the summer stretching out ahead of you ... enjoy!!

  8. Way to go Nick! I'm assuming it was a 'traditional' figging and not the sort of erotic play Cindy wrote about recently?

    DETAILS! DETAILS! [big grin]

    With all that time on your hands for the summer we'll need lots of stories and memories for those of us slaving away at work.


  9. Wow, freaking, WOW!!!

    Who knew you had it in you?

    These dances are getting WAY too wild for me!


  10. Bonnie,
    I am expecting great things from this summer. Eva and Adam will be the icing on the cake!

    The fact that he does want to know is very important to me.

    Writing is one thing I really want to do this summer for you folks and sometimes just for Nick!

    Horizontally is the only kind of dancing Nick likes!

    You have no idea how thrilled I was to see you name on my comments! You have been missed!

    I am surprsed at how much I like writing for Nick.

    Yep Eva is coming! She and Adam will be right here in less than two weeks. I am soooooo excited!

    It a year I could have never believed in my wildest dreams!

  11. Paul,
    The changes are unbelievable! Nick has surpised me over and over. I plan on writing a lot this summer hopefully I will have lots to tell!

    You better believe that I am going to do my assignment in the future! I really liked the ginger! Had it been for punishment...? Well, I don't know that is just not something Nick has ever done. Never really, discipline, real discipline has not come into the picture yet and probably won't. It is something that stays in my mind but if Nick is not comfortable with it that okay too!

    I guess you would say it was traditional, it sure was fun! I hope we can try it again.

    Ahhhhhhh! The lazy days of summer! We teacher's should be spanked, don't you think?

    I swear it is as much Nick and me and who would have ever thunk it!!

    May we all dance all summer!

  12. Wow PK! What a great story!! I am so glad Nick made sure you knew he wanted to hear EVERY Thursday!!! And what a fantastic way to start the summer! Now.. don't forget Next Thursday just because it is your last day of Work!!!


  13. Anonymous1:46 PM

    That's pretty figgin hot! Nick should join Master Anakin's "mean old men club" ... lol, because he sure has the mind for it! Very and ice, what a great idea. Very cool too that he's holding you accountable with your weekly list.

    Enjoy your SUMMER... it is here now!
    ~Todd & Suzy

  14. Yeah schools out. Have a wonderful summer.

    Sounds like Nick was merely a closet spanko!


  15. Every time I get next to the ginger in the produce section of the grocery store my mind starts to churn. Way to go Nick!

    You're going to have a hot and fantabulous summer vacation!

    ciao bella~

  16. Carye!
    Trust me (ouch!)I won't be forgetting!

    T & S,
    The ice was nice on some parts and fairly intense on other. I do love a man who thinks!

    I am beginning to think the same thing about Nick!

    I am just like you - every time I pass the ginger I have to stop and look and think.

  17. Everyone's been talking about ginger root! I think this story has finally convinced me to try it, though!


  18. I agree with Todd and Suzy..perhaps Nick would like to join the mean men's club? I know Anakin is looking for other men to join. :)
    I'm very happy for you!
    padme amidala