I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Thursday Magic

Okay I have promised you some details about last Thursday. I was certainly expecting nothing exciting in the way of fun and games. I was happy because testing was over. School wasn’t over yet, but at least the super stress was behind me. LJ had volunteered at my school for 3 days so once it was over he was off to his own pursuits and I don’t expect to see him until late Sunday. I took Mollie to her babysitting job and without giving a thought to having the house to ourselves I headed to the gym.

I worked hard at the gym I came home tired but relaxed. Nick came to me and kissed me the minute I walked in the door. He said “You must be hot after all that exercise.” So he began taking off my clothes right in the living room. In minutes I was striped and he took me over to the couch put me across his knee. With all of our wonderful toys – crops, paddles, the tawse, flyswatters, wooden spoon, and many more, I often forget just how wonderful a hand spanking can be. It was like a wonderful birthday spanking – only I’m not that old!! Those last few were hard! And I was feeling wonderful.

He said a cool shower would be next. I went into the bath where he had candles lit – so romantic! Nick joined me in the shower used my favorite vanilla soap to wash all the good parts. The cool shower felt great but it still made my freshly spanked butt sting. As I got out I thought Nick was handing me my glasses but instead he handed me our blind fold.

In the bedroom I turned toward the bed but Nick turned me in the other direction, toward the door. Standing there naked and blindfolded I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was surprised when he slipped my wrist into two pre tied loops and hooked my arms over my head to the door! Nick then started spanking me with the leather paddle. He said “I got a call from the school today” (a total lie) “that said you had been surly and hateful to students and co-workers alike this week.” (okay, that part was true!) “They wanted me to see if I could straighten you out!” (You give it your best shot, big boy!) I was ready to do the spanking dance when he stopped and freed my hands and lead me toward the bed.

I lay on the bed still blindfolded listening to Nick rummage thought the toy box. The tawse comes out next, that one thing I can tell by feel and I think there were other things but I really can’t tell you for sure. I felt extremely well spanked when Nick took a break and gave me the vibrator as he got out the lube we use for anal play. As I used the vibrator Nick used the plug to heighten the sensation to almost more than I could stand.

He took me from behind and it was incredible. Each thrust brought unbelievable waves of pleasure. My ass was burning and the plug adds its own unbelievable sensation to the experience. Through all of this I hear Nick close to my ear breathing “When did you get so hot?” Me? I am married to the hottest man I know. The afternoon was one for the record book!

I think we both slept when it was over and I woke in Nick’s arms with him smiling at me. I was no longer worried about a few more days at school. I wasn’t worried about anything, I may never worry again! I think it’s going to be another great summer!


  1. oooh!! What a great way to come home from a workout! You had the best Thursday! Definitely one for the record books! Sounds like Nick is getting creative!!! :-) Watch out! Could be a VERY Interesting summer! One to very much look forward to!!


  2. Damn ..that's hot! I want your life!!!

  3. WOW, PK that sounded awesome! I know you're on cloud nine!

    MTHC, I cannot believe you said that! With all the HOT stories coming from you and David - he needs to spank your little butt for saying that! LOL JK


  4. What a hot story. Your going to have a fun filled summer.

    *huga and grins*

  5. Anonymous7:26 AM

    So will you teach Adam a few of these things for me? Have Nick pull him aside for a talk maybe?

    Awesome afternoon!!


  6. But Mthc's right... it IS hot and your life sounds absolutey purrfect these days... here's hoping it just keeps getting better and better. Just think, soon Nick and Adam will be swapping all sorts of ideas face to face... look out Twins!

    Love you,

  7. Anonymous10:40 AM

    LOL If Adam and Nick work up the courage to story swap I will be shocked. We're all too shy for that. I do hope to catch Nick poppin' her a good one though....just for laughs. hehehe

  8. Hey Reesa..MTHC, I cannot believe you said that! With all the HOT stories coming from you and David - he needs to spank your little butt for saying that! LOL JK.. to that i reply i wish..AND YOU HAVE MAIL!!


  9. Ok, fess up! Someone has been giving Nick lessons! And they have been doing a GREAT job!

    Sounds like that was a day for the record books. The temperature was hotter than it's EVER been there!


  10. PK, that sounds wonderful, your Nick is getting more and more skilled, you are a lucky girl.
    You want to hope that Nick and Adam do swap stories, that should double Nicks repertoire, and it wouldn't hurt Adam's either.
    Warm hugs,

  11. Anonymous3:25 PM

    PK, you are a lucky woman! Wow, what a great Thursday.


    Debbie :)

  12. Wooo hooo! Go PK! What a wonderful evening! Things are just getting better and better!


  13. Good gosh! How sweet is Nick?!? I don't think I'd ever worry about anything again myself! You are a lucky lady, Elis! *g*


  14. Carye,
    I love it when he is creative! And I am really looking forward to summer!

    I thought it was hot too, and such a surprise!!

    I am!! And you know if Mthc gets her butt beat she is going to blame you!

    I predict we will all have a wonderful summer!

    Yeah, right, I know that is going to happen! I expect less popping when you are here, not more! LOL!

    Are you kidding, Eva and I may be talking sitting in the same room each on our own laptops!LOL!

    Thanks for stoppin by, please come again!

    If he is taking lessons he is doing it in secret and I hope he keeps going!!

    I expect the guys to get along well but I really can't picure how they will be together or exactly what they will talk about.

    It was such a fun afternoon! I hope we can email more when I get out this summer.

    I want these posts about you and Will soon!!

    He really is sweet. And he has given me a fantastic year!!



  16. PK,

    That's absolutely wonderful - both the story and your retelling. I love a man with a plan, especially when it includes all of those fun activities. A big hooray to Nick for his resourcefulness and great ideas!

    Happy summer!


  17. What a great day! Thanks for sharing!!!

  18. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Very nice. A leather paddle on a wet bottom... what a lovely sound. :)

    Liked the pictures too! You two make the most of your alone time, that's for sure.

    ~T & S