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Thursday, June 14, 2007

I just wanted a peek...

I know it’s tacky to go into someone’s home and go through their luggage
before they leave on a trip, but what the heck. I just couldn’t help wondering what kind of things you would need for 2 weeks or so. And sure I was curious about the toys they might pack – but who knew they would pack 4 suitcase of nothing but toys!

I really liked the costumes! French maids outfit, naughty nurse uniforms, cheer leader complete with pom poms, the cowgirl outfit was pretty nice and well as the Indian princess. Let me guess what the feathers are for! Adam is going to look pretty hot in his clothes. I like the cowboy outfit a lot but really for my taste the spurs are going a bit too far. I also think he will look exceptionally handsome in the cop outfit. Of course I think real cops have metal handcuffs, not leather ones.

Two full bags of crops, paddles, belts, spoons, slippers, hairbrushes, slappers, flyswatters, backscratchers, rulers… I hope they have a sunroof! It doesn’t look like Adam plans on Eva doing much sitting on the trip!

Now the 4th suitcase was truly interesting. What do two people need with so much lube?? I mean do they have extra in case of car trouble or what?? Here was where I found the ropes, the clamps the plugs and of course the Hitachi! Well they certainly do plan on have having fun on this trip. There was even and empty suitcase for the toy they plan on picking up along the way. I didn’t see any regular clothes packed (I do hope those bag were up stairs).

All and all I guess it was pretty normal stuff or a spanko couple going on vacation. But some things I found in the costume bag has me curious. Eva has ever said anything that makes me think she is a switch but the leather corset, the thigh high leather boots with the stiletto heels and the little whip with the tassel… I don’t think Adam knows about this side of her. This could really be an interesting trip!


  1. Well of course they have to do a lot of playing on their vacation. A little birdie recently flew back into their nest!


  2. OMG! What a hoot, you sure have a way with words. Have a great time when they come!

  3. PK, I thought of something I would like to ask you about. I don't see an email address or link on your blog. If you don't mind (but I understand if you would rather not), would you email me at kallistoleda at gmail dot com???

  4. That's too funny ..love it.I guess now it's "MISTRESS EVA"1

  5. Pk, leave it to you to rummage through Eva's luggage!

    Did you ever think that some of that stuff might be presents for YOU?

    Geez, can't anyone surprise anyone anymore?

    *shaking head*

  6. Anonymous9:14 PM


    Now that my throat is cleared and I've quit choking, just what the heck were you doing in my luggage?

    And NO we're not there yet.

    Sit tight. We'll be there soon.


  7. Maybe she is becoming mistress Eva to top you PK for lookign at her luggage! You better watch out!

    Not to mention a party happening at her house!


  8. PK, now come on, we don't mention a party at Eva's that was supposed to be a surprise!!!
    Anyway you never know who you might meet when you go on vacation.
    Eva the Dominatrix in her classroom, producing the next generation of spanko's.
    Have a great visit.
    Warm hugs,

  9. Anonymous6:54 AM

    PK!, that's too funny. Those boots! Oh my..... You guys are going to have a blast!

    Debbie :)

  10. Theresa,
    Those little birds are wonderful! But once we get used to them having their own nest it is hard to have them back for long periods!

    I love when you come by! I am now expecting an email, you have me very curious!

    Mistress Eva... hmmmm... has an interesting ring to it!

    Like you wouldn't have done the same thing if you had thought of it! If you go out anywhere next weekend leave the door unlocked. Eva and I might just come look through your closets again!

    Oh hi twin!
    I was just checking that you hadn't forgotten your tooth brush or anything. Anyway enough about me, are you here yet?

    Good grief Carye! Don't give her any ideas!!

    You do paint an interesting picture!

    I was impressed by the boot too!

  11. Geez, I'm with Grace - you've gone through all your presents before you even got them! Cute post!