I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Vacation begins...

Today was my first official day of summer vacation! I loved it!! Of course it would have been better if Nick had stayed in bed and cuddled instead of playing golf! But we do have all summer. I am having a baby shower here tomorrow so I have spent much of the day cleaning, with major help from Nick when he got home.

Now that everything is looking pretty good I may not let the family back in until its time for Eva and Adam to get here next Friday! I just can’t wait!!!! I have been keeping up with my twin in there travels. They seem to be having a ball! We have been doing a little texting and she does have the lap top with her. I did get to talk to her for a minute today when she called to ask what red eye gravy was. Poor ignorant Yankee!

Thanks to all of you who have been writing me to keep me from being so lonely without Eva around to listen to my ramblings. I keep asking her “Are you here yet?” So far, no. But a week from today! Next Friday and they will be here! I feel like a kid counting down to Christmas! Do you know we are still nervous about meeting? You would think we were kids with some of the dumb things that are playing around in our minds. I think we would both like to lose weight and have a complete make over before we meet. I want the house to be perfect. I want to learn everything about the computer so Eva won’t think I am dumb when I ask here to sit with me and go over a few things. Yes we are both old enough to know these things don’t matter but they are still there.

Adam is still a mystery! I have seen picture. I have heard his voice and of course I have read the comments he has left. But talking with him seeing the two of them together – I just can't quite imagine it! It will be interesting to see how the guys interact. I feel that the deep down basic belief that their wives are a bit strange in their deepest desires will help them with the initial bond, but after that who knows where the conversation will lead. What ever happens it’s going to me fun!

Someone else is pretty excited too. Mollie gets to hear my end of some of the phone conversations that Eva and I have. They have even spoken a time or two and occasionally have email a message or two through me. Mollie always refers to her as “my little friend”. Eva’s ring will sound on my phone and Mollie rolls her eyes and says “Your little friend is calling!” She just better remember my ‘little friend’ had raised 3 daughters already and teaches high school math! Together we might be Mollie’s worse nightmare!! But I can tell Mollie is dying to meet her. Dying to meet the woman who has captured my imagination and bring such a grin to my face when her ring sounds on my phone. But while I am looking forward to them meeting, after they meet, how do I get rid of Mollie so that we can talk!! I would like all of us to go out one night LJ and Collin too. But eventually I want to be able to talk without the kids around. Oh well, I will work it out some how.

I am just so excited!!


  1. Anonymous1:32 AM

    We're excited for you too... all four of you! It will be so comfortable for you, we just know. Will be a great time.

    Have you ever met (knowingly) another spanko?

    ~Todd & Suzy

  2. Your excited, I'm excited the world will never be the same when the twins get together. You two are going to giggle like little school girls.

    Have fun and details lots of them.

    *hugs and grins*

  3. I'm excited for you. But you and I both know what is going to be running through everyone's minds when you initially meet up!


  4. That picture of the little girls is perfect for this post! Too cute. *g*

    You know, to get rid of everyone around you when you and Eva want to talk, just start talking about menopause. That should clear the room! lol


  5. PK, of course you are excited, it will be another Easter Island but this time the fall-out will be happiness.
    So it feels like Christmas and birthday combined, it does to us as well.
    Love the last picture, love you too PK.
    Warm hugs,

  6. We're so excited for you too!!! I'm so excited I can't see straight! I wish I could be there or be a fly on the wall!!!! Don't worry you'll get time alone! Molly will find friends, and eventually the kids have to sleep. You just have to nap while they're awake so you can stay up later than them!!!!



  7. Todd and Suzy,
    I think it will be great too! I have become convinced that our best friends in real life are spankos! I am positive but I haven't had the nerve to ask.

    Gee I wonder if the guy will think we are acting like brats?

    I don't think so!

    LOL! That might just do it. Or maybe child birth!

    I am looking forward to telling you all all about it! You and Maggie are right, the picture made me thing of Eva and me.

    LOL! I can tell your children are at a differnt age than mine! Mollie is rarely asleep before 1:00AM and when LJ is around he is often still up at 3 or 4. Out lasting them is no longer an option! I will eventually just tell Mollie to give us some time alone!

  8. PK, I am so excited for you and Eva. I can't wait to hear all that you get upto, and I truly hope you have a wonderful, most amazing time!

    Not long now, huh?

    I also hope you get a night alone together, that should be very interesting ;-)

    And I completely understand your nerves with meeting, my best friend who I met on here we have yet to meet. But we're hoping this July will be the time, and we still laugh about being nervous about losing weight, and what if we can't strike conversation (even though we speak on the phone for hours)...

    In the end though, I reckon if you get on as well as you and Eva do here. Then you will definitely get on well together offline, and have such fun!
    You're twins...

    Big hugs
    Em x