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Friday, March 04, 2016

Fantasy Friday - Mother Knows Best

I'm so happy today to have a new Fantasy Friday to share with you. Rosie is writing for us today. She's written for us several times and she comment often too - now if we could just get her blogging all would be well. Anyway, I loved this story! I really settled right into my little spanko mind and seemed so 'right'. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

Mother Knows Best

Jessy was dragged out of sleep by an insistent hand shaking her shoulder.

“Come on darling, get up or you’ll be late for work.”

“Noooo, I can’t,” she moaned. “You’ll have to call in sick for me.”

“You can’t miss work today, you have to make your presentation to the Board. Now, up you get.”

Nathan pulled the sheet off her, making her wince as it dragged over her tender flesh, revealing the signs of a well-spanked bottom, with an overlay of six raised stripes. She had slept on her stomach, barely able to tolerate the light covering of the sheet and, right now, couldn’t contemplate the idea of putting on clothes.

“Come on Jess, get in the shower. I’ll come and put some lotion on your bottom when you’re done.”

She raised herself gingerly from the bed and walked stiffly to the bathroom. Nathan had ensured she wouldn’t be sitting comfortably for a day or two but it seemed she wasn’t going to walk too easily either. The hot shower stung like a swarm of bees and Jessy took her time to dry off carefully. Nathan had her lean over the bath while he applied the soothing lotion, rubbing gently over the purple welts.

That done, Nathan went downstairs, leaving Jessy standing in front of her wardrobe wondering what to wear. There was no question of donning her carefully chosen outfit of white shirt and tailored grey suit; her bottom felt twice its size and the pencil skirt would chafe unbearably. She slid on a pair of silk French knickers, grateful that her legs were tanned and she could get away without wearing tights.

How had she got herself into this mess? She had known she’d be in big trouble if she were found out. It was obvious she had been rumbled as soon as she’d arrived home last night.

“Jesamine Taylor Bartlett, I think we have something to discuss, don’t you?”

Her heart sank, she’d gambled on not being caught out and after a week she thought she’d got away with it. She knew what Nathan meant by “discuss” and it wouldn’t involve a whole lot of talking.

He led her to their bedroom, where he’d piled pillows on the bed and placed the heavy wooden paddle beside them in readiness.

“I’m so sorry Nathan, I deserve what’s coming to me but please could we do this tomorrow? I have the board meeting to deal with in the morning and I need to be able to sit.”

Had it only been defiance of his decision he might have shown some mercy but she had lied to him to cover her tracks and he couldn’t stand for that.

“No Jess, I want to get it over with tonight so we can start tomorrow with a clean slate. Take off all your clothes and lay over the pillows.”

She had thought it was over when he put down the paddle but he told her that was for the disobedience, they still had the lying to address and for that he was giving her six strokes of the cane. The paddling had been awful and she didn’t know how she could take any more. She hated the cane and began to wail before the first stroke fell.

Afterwards, he had held her for a long time but wouldn’t let her rub or apply any lotion to soften the pain.

“Jess, you know I hate to do this, it makes my heart sore, but I can’t have you going behind my back and, worse, lying about it.”

Now, here she was the morning after, wondering for the umpteenth time how she could have been so stupid.

She was still shifting indecisively from one foot to the other, trying to decide between the navy suit and the purple dress and jacket, when she heard Nathan calling her to come down for breakfast. Deciding that the frock was roomier around her bottom, she hastily dressed and joined Nathan just as he called her for the second time. He noticed her flinch as she slid into her chair and felt a little guilty for punishing her so thoroughly the night before.

“How about I drive you into work today, then you can celebrate your triumph with a couple of glasses of wine at lunch?”

Oh, no, lunch. She had forgotten about lunch. She loved the restaurant but it was one of those trendy places that favoured mis-matched wooden chairs.

“The Board won’t make its decision until next week but I’ll take you up on your offer all the same,” she said, shifting uncomfortably. “Maybe Roger will let me leave early if it goes well.”

Roger Sykes was proud of Jessy. She had worked really hard to become the well-respected head of his marketing team. He noticed she was a little subdued that morning and asked her if she was okay.

“I’m fine,” she assured him, “just a little nervous, that’s all.”

“You’ve nothing to worry about Jess, you’ve done all the research and put together a sound proposal. Let’s go and grab some coffee, we’ll need something to fortify us during the chairman’s opening address.”

She was on her second cup when she saw Rufus Cartwright making his way towards her.

“Oh lord, please don’t let him pat my bottom today,” she thought.

It was entirely inappropriate behaviour, she knew, but she didn’t complain. He wasn’t really a lecherous man; more a product of a bygone age when, as some still say, men were men and women knew their place.

He greeted Jess with a beaming smile, “Good morning Jessy, how are you?”

“I’m well thank you Mr Cartwright, how are you?”

“All the better for seeing you my dear, you’re looking very lovely today.”

Before she had time to answer they were called to the meeting room.

“Saved by the bell,” she thought.

Jess eased carefully into her seat, thankful that the chairs were well padded. Her presentation was the last item on the agenda and she wasn’t looking forward to sitting on her sore bottom for the hour or so that the rest of the business would take.

At last, the chairman called her forward to make her presentation. She took a deep breath, willing herself not to wince as she walked to the rostrum.

As Roger had predicted, her proposal was well received. Rufus had let her know she could rely on his vote, congratulating her with a kindly pat on the shoulder. All she had to do now was make it through lunch.


Lunch had run on well into the afternoon and when Roger suggested she should go straight home afterwards Jessy accepted gratefully. She sent Nathan a text to let him know she was on her way home in a cab, so there was no need for him to pick her up from the office.

Once home, she had swiftly shed her clothes and taken a tepid shower, before slipping into a pair of soft pyjamas and climbing on to the bed. Nathan had replied to her text, saying he would pick up a pizza on the way home, then they could spend the evening on the sofa catching up with a box set. She relaxed against the pillows, looking forward to a cosy evening. Though she’d bear the marks of the cane for a few days yet, there would be no re-hashing of last night’s issues. She had been punished for her transgressions and Nathan had forgiven her. She was resigned to the outcome but hadn’t always been willing to live life that way.

Jess had fallen for Nathan quite literally. They had been walking in opposite directions on a busy street when she had stumbled into him.

“Hey, look where you’re going!” he admonished, as he shot out his arms to prevent her falling. “It’s dangerous to be texting instead of keeping your eyes on the way ahead.”

“I’d never have known that if you hadn’t told me,” she said crossly. “Thanks for the rescue but I don’t need the lecture.”

With that, she turned on her heel, leaving him gazing at her retreating back with an itchy palm.

She had been standing in line at her favourite coffee shop a couple of days later when a voice behind her said, “Ah, the lady in a hurry, we meet again. Still welded to your phone I see.”

She swung round, frowning as she saw a good-looking man grinning at her.  As recognition dawned, a deep flush flooded her face. “I’m sorry about that, I was running late for an important meeting. May I buy you a coffee to make up for my rudeness?”

“Thank you, I’d like that,” he said, proffering his hand. “Nathan Bartlett, pleased to make your acquaintance.”

“Jesamine Taylor, likewise.”

Coffee led to an invitation to dinner the following evening, the first of many dates. Nathan was unlike any other man Jess had known. He was good company and had a way of making her feel she was the most important person on the planet. She thought she’d found the man of her dreams, only to discover he came at a price she wasn’t prepared to pay.

The first time he mentioned spanking they had been in her apartment and he asked her the origin of her unusual name. She told him she was named after one of her mother’s favourite songs from the late sixties and offered to play it for him. Hearing the opening line, “What am I supposed to do with a girl like Jesamine?” he chuckled.

“If that means Jesamine is a naughty girl, I’d spank her.”

Jess had laughed, telling him to listen to the rest of the song. “There, she’s a free spirit, not naughty. And don’t get any ideas, I’m too old to spank.”

He had let it go; there’d be time enough for that discussion if their relationship became serious.

Then had come the startling revelation when Nathan had taken her to dinner at his parents’ home. Jess had noticed a Mad Men box set on a side table and remarked that she was an avid fan, though she wouldn’t have liked to be a woman at that time. As a thoroughly modern, independent, young woman, she thought the way the men treated their secretaries was appalling. She caught a glance passing between Conrad and Marion, who couldn’t contain a giggle. Then, quite without embarrassment, she explained to Jess that Conrad had spanked her when she made mistakes in her work back in the early seventies. She had been his secretary, promoted from the typing pool, unaware of his unorthodox method of correcting mistakes.

Jess was aghast. “And you still married him?”

Marion giggled again then swiftly changed the subject. Jess had been shocked by this disclosure. She had warmed to Nathan’s parents the first time she’d met them. Conrad was a charming man who appeared devoted to his wife and Marion certainly seemed to adore him. Jess had seldom seen a happier couple; she could only assume Marion had forgiven Conrad for his treatment of her in the workplace.

Nathan had made light of the story, still unsure of his feelings.

As they were both strong characters, it was inevitable they would clash sooner or later. Afterwards, neither of them could remember what the dispute was about, only that it involved heated argument. When Jess began to yell, Nathan held up his hand, “Stop right now Jessy, or I swear I will put you across my knee.”

Her tone changed from hot temper to icy calm in an instant, “No, Nathan. No, you will not.”

He held out his hand, “Let’s sit down and cool off Jess. If this relationship is to go further there are things we need to discuss.”

She took his hand and allowed him to lead her to the sofa. “You’re a great girl Jess and I’m very fond of you, but that sort of argument doesn’t figure in the kind of relationship I want. I’m an old-fashioned guy and I want a traditional marriage, with mutual respect and a peaceful home.”

“And just how does this traditional marriage work? You’re the boss and your wife does as she’s told? This is the twenty-first century Nathan, I was brought up to be strong and independent, not some man’s doormat.”

“Jess, most problems in marriage are down to struggles over control, both parties wanting the upper hand. In a traditional marriage, one person leads and the other follows. Both people have a say but the final decision is up to the leader.”

“But I’m a leader too. I’m in no way inferior to you, just because I’m female. What woman in her right mind would sign up for that arrangement?”

He tried a different tack, “Jessy, you’ve said what a happy, loving, relationship my parents have. They’re a fine example of a traditional marriage, don’t you think?”

“What? Surely you don’t mean Conrad still spanks Marion? I just can’t imagine how that works. My parents have a loving marriage without my father needing to beat my mother into submission.”

“Jess, spanking isn’t the same as beating, there are no black eyes or broken bones. There’s no denying it hurts but bottoms are very resilient and there’s no lasting damage.”

“I don’t want to hear any more Nathan. I’m glad we had this conversation before I really fell in love with you. I’d like you to leave now.”


The world didn’t stop turning; life went on. Jess successfully applied for the position of Head of Marketing against stiff competition. She missed Nathan more than she liked to admit but her new responsibilities left her little time to dwell on their ill-fated romance.

The telephone call from Marion Bartlett came out of the blue one Friday evening. “Jess, my dear, Conrad is off playing golf tomorrow and I wondered whether you would come and have lunch with me at home? I’d really like us to have a chat if you’d be kind enough to indulge me.”

For once, Jess had no plans for the weekend and agreed to go. She was fond of Marion and would be glad to catch up with her. If the conversation went off in the wrong direction, she could always leave.

Marion greeted Jess with a warm hug before leading her straight into the dining room, where they chatted about everything but the break up of Nathan’s and Jess’s relationship.

It wasn’t until they were sitting cosily in the library that Marion made her move. “My son is miserable,” she said candidly, “I’ve never seen him looking so dejected. No woman has ever got as close to his heart as you have and, believe me, there have been a few who have tried.”

“Nathan was everything I wanted in a man, Marion. I really thought we could have a future together but our ideas on how a relationship should work are poles apart. There’s no way I can live my life under a man’s thumb. As for being spanked for not toeing his line, I mean no disrespect to you but I just can’t understand why a woman would put up with that.”

Marion reached out and took Jessy’s hand. “Put baldly like that it doesn’t seem an inviting prospect, I must admit. I promise it’s not like that in practice though. I’ve lived the life of a submissive wife throughout my marriage and I’m not at all downtrodden. Conrad is not a tyrant; he always listens to my point of view as long as I make it respectfully. That’s one of the advantages of this lifestyle, no sulking or door slamming, no angry silences. Where we disagree, Conrad makes the decision and I run with it. That may sound unfair but there has to be some means of conflict resolution and that’s the way we choose.
Conrad always has my wellbeing at heart, even when I’m upended over his lap. Spankings hurt, I won’t pretend otherwise, but once it’s over, it’s over. All is forgiven, the slate is clean.”

“But it all seems so one-sided. Conrad can’t be right all the time. What happens when he messes up, do you get to spank him?”

Marion laughed, “Perish the thought! I have no wish to spank Conrad; that would really burst my bubble. Believe it or not, I’m a strong, independent woman just like you. Being spanked fulfills my primitive need to know that my man is stronger than I am. If he messes up, he apologises and we move on.”

“I just can’t imagine myself letting a man do that to me. I don’t have a submissive bone in my body.”

“I’ll let you into a little secret. I was shocked when Conrad first spanked me in the office all those years ago but I found his air of authority attractive. After a few times I began to relish the feel of a smarting bottom and,” she lowered her voice to a whisper, “sometimes I used to make deliberate mistakes.”

Jessy couldn’t help laughing. “I can’t imagine actually wanting to be spanked but it seems to work for you.”

“Oh, yes. When it’s not for punishment, it can be very sensual, a real turn on.”

”I’ll have to take your word for that, I can’t see it myself.”

“Jessy, Nathan is a good man, loving and kind. He wouldn’t want to turn you into a Stepford wife; he loves you as you are. He may not have said it but I know he adores you. It’s a cliché but I was hoping absence might have made your heart grow fonder, at least enough to give him another chance.”

To her surprise, Jess felt her eyes misting over, “I do miss him and we were good together. Perhaps we could meet and work out a way to make a go of it. I kissed a lot of frogs before I met him.”

‘I’m so relieved to hear you say that, he’ll be here in half an hour.”


For the second time that day, Jess was woken by her husband. “Hey there sleepyhead, I’ve brought you a cup of tea.  Budge up and make room for me, you can tell me how your presentation went.”

“I’m pretty sure the Board will go for it, several of them complimented me on the proposal over lunch. We’ll have to wait and see.”

Before he could make any comment she leaned into him, hugging him fiercely, “I love you so much Nathan, I can’t imagine my life without you.”

‘You know I love you too darling but what brought that on?”

“I was lying here earlier, thinking back to when we split up. I’m so glad your mother brought us back together. I can’t imagine a happier life with anyone else. You make me feel so loved and cared for.”

“So you don’t mind living under my thumb?” he teased.

“Well, as tyrants go, I suppose you’re not as bad as Ivan the Terrible or Genghis Khan,” she giggled, dodging the pretend swat he aimed her way. “I know it depends on me really. When I follow your lead we have a peaceful life but when I screw up you have to bring me back on course.”

“That doesn’t happen often Jess. Mostly, you’re my good girl.”

She melted into him, murmuring softly as he responded with butterfly kisses and gentle caresses. One thing led to another and, before long, pain and pleasure mingled as they danced their dance and the tea went cold.


Told you it was good didn't I? Thank you so much Rosie for sharing with us again. I really hope you keep writing. And please do think about blogging.  If anyone would like to try just one little story we would surely love to read it. Send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


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    Such a lovely story. Think I will share with my husband - kind of explains things!

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  11. Thank you all for your kind comments, much appreciated.
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