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Friday, December 12, 2014

Fantasy Friday - 'Tis the Season

*Mollie is taking a very important, very difficult test this morning from 8-12:30 EST. We're both stressed we'll take all the prayers and positive thought you could sent our way. She has another one Monday morning.

Happy Friday! We seem to be storming our way right to Christmas. I hope all of you are able to enjoy the season and avoid the stress that seem to want to take over. Carye has written us a band new story about some of our old friends. She has written more about Lori and Kent. You can read her first three stories about them here (1), here (2) and here (3). It seems that a little Christmas stress got to Lori, hope Kent knows how to relieve that! Please enjoy...

'Tis the Season

Lori slammed the door shut making an exhausted sigh and dropping all of her bags on the floor.  Only to scramble swearing to the floor.  Kent came in just after her, tumbling over her only to catch himself with the coat rack.  Seeing his beautiful wife on the floor checking bags and swearing, he paused and tried to figure out what had happened. Bags were everywhere and she was swearing and digging through them.  Calming himself, and leaning himself on the wall with arms crossed at his chest, he asked “What are you doing?” 

Glancing up anger flaming in her eyes said “What does it look like I’m doing? Making dinner?” pausing at his look.. “I might have broken one of my purchases! ”  Turning back to digging in the bags, she mumbled under her breath about such a stupid question. 

Raising his eyebrows, he asked “Would you like some help or do you want to continue to make a mess in your anger?”

Sucking in her breath without looking she sarcastically said “Duh! What, do you think I would love you to casually stare at me instead of helping?”

Within what seemed like a nanosecond she was scooped off of the floor into a fireman’s hold and carried to her corner, hard swats on her bottom the whole way.  “That’s not what I MEANT” she screamed.  He ignored the fussing and swearing and plopped her down nose to the corner.  Holding her there pinning her hands above her on the wall he held her his body up against her back. He patiently waited for her to settle. Soon she took a deep breath, knowing what was coming, but still angry.  Kent knew her well, it would take her a while to calm the anger, but she would stay put. 

He released her arms calmly whispering “Stand here as long as you like, when you calm enough you know what you need to do.” He left her side to gather up the mess in the hallway and the rest of the packages from the car.  Shaking his head, thinking to himself he knew why it was called black Friday.  It made all the shoppers end up with a black cloud thundering above their head waiting to shoot out lightning and anyone anywhere near them. Fortunately, he thought, he was VERY good at making the calm after a storm come out. This thought made him smile as he continued his work.

Lori’s mind slowly calmed, the anger now turned on Kent began to fade to a little twinge of fear.  She knew what was coming, and what was expected. This powerful business woman was turning into the woman who would allow and wanted her husband to be her HOH.  Swallowing, she began slowly to do what he expected. Slowly her clothing was removed.  Kent paused watching.  He loved how she slowly shed each layer, as if a part of her anger, her walls were coming down.  Soon her clothes were in a pile at her feet. Legs spread at shoulder width, and hands back on the wall above her. He could tell she was still fighting it. Still anger remained. Though he had the solution for that, she wasn’t quite ready.  Her head was still up proud, angry, and definitely not ready.   He went to the couch and sat down and waited. 

She could tell he was watching, waiting, she sighed and knew he would wait until he was ready.  Until he felt she was ready.  He took a chance to in case she had calmed down.

“Hands down at your sides please, and turn around” he quietly said from the couch.  She turned slowly to him.  “Why are you in the corner Lori?”

“Because I got angry and asked for your help.” Fire flaring back in her eyes. 

“Nope not ready” Kent thought.  “Wrong answer. Turn around, hands on the floor” He said out loud.  She turned slowly, closing her eyes. She hated this.  He almost never did this. He called it his “little focus time”.  As soon as her hands were on the floor he was at her side. “Focus on this, clear your mind, feel this for all it is” he said.   Spanks came fast and hard.  Turning her bottom quickly to a nice shade of pink. After about 20 swats on each side, he said “I know you have had a long day, and this isn’t how you want it to end.  Get back up and in position, and think about what your husband who shopped with you all day, fed you a nice lunch, and brought you home, felt like entering to your tantrum. Will you do that for me?”

Fighting back tears she said “Yes Sir” pausing she said “I am ready.”

“Ready for what my love?” 

“You to spank me, sir.”

“I don’t think you are.  You stay put.  I don’t think you fully realize all of our rules you have broken.  Think about rule one. The one you and I agreed to when you honored me by entering into this D/S relationship. There aren’t that many rules…remember rule 1.” Giving her a minute he asked “What is rule 1?” 

Finally leaning her head on the corner, she said “You are the one in control, you will always listen and consider my input, unless I am being punished, Sir.”

Nodding, he said “Well then, I’ll be back, when I am ready.” Kent popped her one time on her bottom to emphasize his point, and went up to prepare their bed for an afternoon nap, and the passionate love making he cherished and she so desperately needed when she awoke. He got her hairbrush for her spanking, and a large package wrapped in Christmas paper.  He couldn’t wait to give this present to her. He knew she needed it, would love it, and would ensure that they would stay connected in a very special way each evening. Just the thought of the coming days was having an effect on his body, groaning and shaking it off, knowing he needed to punish her, he put the package under the bed for later. He headed downstairs and made a glass of water and brought it to the living room.  Sitting on the arm of the couch he watched her for a long minute.  He could tell from her position, and her stature, she was in a much more submissive mindset.  It was time to try again. 

“Lori, turn around and come over here to me.”  She jumped a little at his word and turned and walked over to him, leaving her hands by her sides as she knew she was expected to.  “Sweetheart, can you now please tell me why you were put in the corner?”

“Yes, Sir. I .. I threw a …ta..tantrum and swore a lot.” Blushing yet forcing herself to look into his eyes.  “I got angry, and you were the closest person and I took it out on you.  When you asked to help, I…I yelled at you.  I’m sorry Honey.”  Much better he thought to himself and nodded.

“Yes you did.” He said, and slid down onto the couch and pulled her into his lap.  “I know that this is a stressful time of year. Your work becomes very pressured, holidays are constantly upon us, family is always here, and our time gets cut significantly. I think I have something to help with that, but that is for later.  We have to work together. You have been pulling away, trying to control everything… and any little thing that goes wrong, you are reacting to.  I won’t let you continue like that.  Do you understand?”  All she could do was snuggle into his arms, ashamed at the truth of it, and nod her head.  She knew he was right, she felt it herself, but just didn’t want to take time to admit it, or work on it.  As if he read her mind, he continued.  “I hoped you would come to me and talk to me, as you have worked on all year.  But you shut me out, until everything exploded and pushed you beyond your control.” Pausing for emphasis, he said..  ”Do you remember last Christmas? When you left me outside waiting for you to finish work? Do you remember the issues we had? Do you remember John?”  She nodded her head.  “You let me sit outside forever, I came in to hear you screaming like a crazy person and your best worker.”

“John,” she whispered.

“I had to put you in a corner in your own office, until you calmed down, make you apologize, and then I brought you home and punished you.  I didn’t enjoy that, and I would guess you didn’t either.  I would rather not go there again. I will NOT let you get to that point again. We have grown too much as a couple.  We are so much further into our journey.   I’ve already let you get too stressed with Thanksgiving and this horrid holiday called black Friday.  I won’t make that mistake again.  Do you understand why I’m spanking you?”

“Yes, Sir.  I know it helps, but ….”  She wanted to push away, say no, she didn’t need it… yet, deep inside, she knew the truth, and as hard as it was to accept sometimes, she needed this.  As much as it hurt, as embarrassing as it was knowing she would be melted to a pool of begging, crying goo, she needed that reconnection, that closeness, that tender love and deep passion that would follow.  Maybe the passion wouldn’t happen until later, he always held the key to when, but the reconnection, love, oneness, of them happened immediately.  Yea, she knew she needed this she sighed.

With her pause and sigh, he knew she had gotten about as far as she was able so he carefully, lovingly, pulled her up and over his knee. She didn’t resist. Putting his leg over hers. “Tuck your arms under you, and do not take them out” he commanded. No longer that loving husband, instead her dom and the one who was to punish her. With this, he picked up the brush and rubbed it over her bottom, letting her feel the coolness of it before he knew he would replace it with fire.  He waited, knowing it would take her a minute before she would accept and ask for her spanking. 

After a minute he was rewarded with his patience “Sir? May I have my spanking?”  With that he tapped her twice with the hairbrush acknowledging her, and began to spank. 

He started hard and fast, no warm up in a punishment, he thought, instead an explosion reducing any thought of leniency in her.  Then he steadied the strokes one side then the other alternating. 
Soon, she was swaying, wiggling trying to avoid that painful brush.  She hated it. Yelling, begging.  It hurt so badly.  She couldn’t take it anymore and started to pull her hands out. Tears were flowing hard, and she was fighting.  He slowed the pace, lightened the strikes, but didn’t stop.  When she calmed enough to at least hear him he started to help her with his words.

“No Sweetheart, leave your hands.” Pausing between each sentence to allow it to sink into her mind, yet not stopping the spanking, he continued. “Do not make me tie them or hold them…pause… You will submit to this.  pause…You know you need this.  pause…You know you deserve this. …pause… Show me you are ready to continue. …pause…Ready to submit to your punishment. …pause…Ready to give yourself fully to us. …pause… Ready to forgive yourself. …pause…Ready to move on.”

Taking a deep breath, trying to calm herself, Lori slowed her wiggling, pulled her hands back more tightly, this time holding her elbows in a tight grip under her torso.  It took all of her will power but she calmed her breathing… her body… convinced herself, and felt stronger.  She knew she needed this, now it was no longer hidden deep in her heart, but she was bringing it to the surface, willing herself to fully accept it.  After a moment, another deep breath, she found the strength inside herself, and nodded her head ever so slightly. 

Kent saw this, and slowly increased the intensity again, knowing she would make it, she was accepting it. He changed pace, fast at times, slow at times, so she couldn’t predict.  Yet she held her hands where they were, her legs still fighting, but her will keeping her in place.  He moved down to her sit spots, knowing this would be very hard on her, and would last for several days as a reminder. He concentrated the spanks 10 on one spot then on to the next.  When he had spanked them all, he felt her stop struggling. He felt her fully submit.  No longer fighting, fully spent, sobbing uncontrollably.  He gave her 10 more hard swats, and gently put down the brush quickly slipping back into the loving husband dom he was. He truly cherished her.  Rubbing her back gently, he let her calm some, gently telling her it was over, he knew it wasn’t easy, and she had done a good job.  Soon he scooped her gently into his lap making sure that she was positioned without her bottom touching anything.  He held her, reassured her, rubbed her back, kissed her tears away, and nuzzling her head beneath his chin, told her how precious she was to him.  How much he loved her, and how proud he was of her. 

As soon as she calmed, he gave her a drink of water, and he brought her up to bed and laid her on her side. He knew she was spent and needed to rest. He hoped she had enough energy for one last thing before her nap.  He took the large flat package from under the bed and put it on the bed in front of her. Then he stripped and crawled in behind her to snuggle with her and hold her as she calmed the rest of the way. 

“Honey, I know that you are tired and worn out physically and emotionally, but before we take a little nap snuggled together, I was wondering if you would open this for me.  It is to be your first Christmas present this year."

Her look at him seeming to question his sanity but smart enough not to utter a word, she managed to sit up enough to open the present.  He put his finger on her lips, looked her deeply in her eyes as if peering into her soul and explained.  “I promised you we would not have a repeat of last year at work or at home.  I love you and I respect you, and I am giving you this to help you keep centered all the way through Christmas Day.  I can’t say it will be stress free for you with this, but I promise you that it will help.  Ok?”

Eyes still damp, she nodded though still confused.  “May I open it?”

Suppressing a grin, he said “Please. I think it is the perfect time for your first Christmas present.”
Opening it, she looked even more confused. It was a large advent calendar.  It looked handmade, with small doors to open each day.  “Open the card” he prompted. 

Inside the homemade card in his writing it said “Lori, my love, I love you with all my heart and soul.  I will always do my best to take care of you.  This year, I will make sure your stress stays at lower levels.  Each morning you will open one door, and read what it says.  So you don’t wonder all night, each day will have something different.  An implement, a position, a room, or a garment.  Each night, you will receive a maintenance spanking using whatever was in the morning’s door.  The intensity of each night I promise will be enough to relieve the stress of the day, and start a wonderful night reconnected each other.  ~With all my love, Kent”

Carye, you did it again! Thank you for helping out with Fantasy Friday. Both you and George sending new stories really lifted my sprits regarding Fantasy Friday. I really want to keep it going, but fewer and fewer people seem willing to try their hand at a story. But I'm not giving up hope. If anyone out there is willing to help, please send your story to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Anonymous5:27 AM

    Oooh, a spanky Advent calendar, that's even better than chocolate!
    Positive thoughts and fingers crossed for Mollie.

    Rosie x

  2. i agree with anon...much better than chocolate..i need to tuck this away and remember it for next year.....a nice surprise for Master. Thanks...
    hugs abby

  3. Hi Pk. Good luck to Mollie, fingers crossed.
    A spanky advent calendar, what a good idea
    love Jan,xx

  4. Mollie, good thoughts are coming your way today.

    Lovely Christmas present, I want one. Thanks Carye for the story. Hope you write another soon. Thanks PK. Have a good day.

  5. I want one of those. Thanks Carye, enjoyed the read..

    Everything crossed for Mollie. She'll be fine.

    Thanks PK.


  6. Good luck to Molly from me as well!
    That was an enjoyable story!
    A spanky Advent calendar sounds like a lot of fun!!

  7. Sending positive thoughts Mollie's way, PK! Hope that she felt good coming out of this morning's event. I'm guessing that she will do great!

    Loved the story Carye! The advent calendar sounds like a great idea. How clever! Might work around these parts. LOL!

    PK, thanks so much for hosting! Have a great weekend! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  8. Thank you all! Thought of a calendar like that for some reason and had to write about it! Haven't even told my husband about this one yet!

  9. Thanks so much Carye! I love Advent calendars and to incorporate spanking into a calendar was brilliant! Hope you send more stories in for FF soon!

    Hey PK...late to the part but hope Mollie's test went well. Sending lots of positive energy for her Monday test.

    Hugs and Blessings...

  10. Hi PK, I'm a bit late too but hope Mollie's test went well. Wishing her all the best for Monday's test.

    Wonderful story Carye, really enjoying this couple and loved the advent calendar!