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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Now we need to talk about something really important

You all know how excited I’ve been about the book coming out. I’ve been walking on cloud nine, but I know there is solid ground here and I need to walk on it a minute and do some serious talking to my readers.

Fantasy Friday is in trouble. I haven’t had a new submission in a while. Terps I think you were the last and I appreciate it. I know many of my blogging friends would send me a story if I asked  - and I may. But these wonderful blogging friends have a site where they can showcase their work and I feel a little like I’m stealing a great post from them that they should have at their site. And to be honest, I view Fantasy Friday as something a little different.

I feel like Fantasy Friday belongs to my readers, the people who don’t blog. Maybe they don’t want to (gasp), maybe they don’t have time (I understand this one), or maybe they feel they have nothing to day on a daily basis. I really do understand, blogging may not be for everyone.

But I feel, I know, that everyone who has come by here more than once, has to have a spanking story in them. You just wouldn’t be here otherwise. Spanking draws you, you know you have a desire to think about it, wonder about it, fantasies about it. And that’s the beginnings of a story – your story. That secret desire that running through your head, the ‘what if…’ or ‘I wish he’d…’

As much as I’ve enjoyed the hoopla of being able to publish the book I never want to think it’s scared anyone off. I know some of you think, “I’m not about to send in a story. All these people are real writers.” To which I say – bologna! Before I wrote my very first story, my ‘writing’ experience consisted of writing notes for my kids when they missed school.

So please consider writing for us. We just like spanking stories. They don’t have to be perfect. If we do see mistakes we never give them a thought. This is not a critical bunch. I know you’re too busy right now with the holidays, but this is a great time to let your mind wander. Just start thinking about a scene you’d write if you were really going to give it a try. Let it roll around in your head over the holidays and maybe, just maybe when the holidays are over you could just writing it for yourself, just to see if you could. After all that, just take a deep breath and send it to me.

I’m no editor (math teacher here, not language arts), but I’ll correct any little mistakes I see. I think a good length for Fantasy Friday is between 500 and 2,000 words give or take. I know I ask at the end of every Fantasy Friday, but I’m beginning to think no one reads that part. So I wanted to make a special invitation again. I’d love to keep Fantasy Friday going, but I’m really going to need your help.

Send those stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Come on folks, we can't let FF die. I second what PK says about not being afraid to write. My VERY FIRST attempt at writing was a story I sent to PK two years ago. She posted it and the rest, as they say, is history.

    One story from each reader will keep FF going for the next year. Please, please. I like reading the stories, you must too, so let's get to it. Okay.

    1. Thanks Leigh, I did hear from one potential writer today. I'm really hoping others are mulling it over. I sure am glad you sent your first one in! I would have hated to miss our on our friendship.

  2. I would write...if I wasn't over working....lol. I know that you have good writers out there so....come on everyone!!!
    Put your fantasy down on paper...don't worry about anything else. I am not a writer and I tried!!! Everyone is so supportive!!!
    Please don't let FF DIE...Please!

    1. And you did a great job too! But I know about being over extended. Maybe next summer.

  3. I know we have a lot of good writers out here in blogland...I am not one of them but I will come read if you submit!

    Oh and BTW...PK will post it anonymously if you are shy! ;)


    1. Now Cat you may be, let us decide! But you're right I only post what the writer is comfortable with - and if just anon is all they want, that's all I put!

  4. PK,
    Looking after my wife is a full time job.
    If I ever get the time I will have a go.
    Love and warm hugs,