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Saturday, April 06, 2013

Fantasy Friday - A Spring Break in Greece, part 2

Here we have the second part of Long Bean and Bree's story. You can go back here to read more about the writers and to read the first part of the story.  You can also go here to read Long Bean's blog.

A Spring Break in Greece,
part 2

They were both on the deck of the ferry as they turned into the harbour area and were amazed at the beauty of it. They were taken to the small house Brad had rented for them. After spending a few days relaxing in the warm spring sunshine, they started to get a feel for the island and the Easter celebrations. On the Friday afternoon, after they had a siesta, Brad announced it was time for her Good Friday spanking. Brad asked her to pick one of the implements she had bought on Monday for her spanking. She chose the olive wood salad set as she loved the thud of finely polished wood. He then offered her two envelopes, and asked her to open one of them which would be the way the spanking would be administered.

She opened an envelope to read “For the next 30 minutes you will be over my lap, and for every ring of a church bell you will get one swat with the implement you have chosen.” She shivered as she had heard some of the “death” bells earlier in the day. The bell would ring once every two or three seconds for a while, stop then restart again. She hoped that the bells did not ring too often or she knew she would be very tender by the end of the spanking.

Brad invited her to lie over his lap and tenderly stroked her cheeks before giving a gentle slap with his hand, raising the intensity as time passed. After five minutes, Bree’s bare bottom was set to a hot pink at this point. Thank goodness the warm up was sufficient she thought as she did not want to be spanked cold with that wooden spoon. I don’t know why I bought that stupid salad set. I hate wooden spoons. They are really only meant for very naughty girls and extricating their bad deeds. Bree is not naughty and she tries to avoid it at all costs!

Dong! The “death” bells started. Bree flinched and let out a surprised gasp at the sound. Brad picked up the spoon and gave Bree her first taste of the newly brought spoon. It hurt much more than she had anticipated. Dong! Brad made this one sting on her left buttocks making Bree jerk forward and wince in mitigating pain.

“Oooohhh Brad! Not so hard, please! We have a long way to go I suspect!”

“Sorry, Bree. I will ease up a tiny bit.”

“Tiny bit?! How about a lot bit?!”

“Are you telling me what to do, Bree? That will cost you.”

Dong! Brad made this one count and applied the smack evenly to the crease of where her cheeks met her upper thighs. Bree wailed in pain as tears started to well up in her eyes.

“No! No! I am sorry. I didn’t mean to make it RING in that way!”

“Very well. Hush then. Take your spanking like a brave little obedient girl then please.”

“Yes, Sir.” Bree sniffled as the tears drained into her sinuses.

Dong! Whoosh blam!

Bree wriggled her bottom sideways hoping to ease the ache in her cheeks, but Brad just pulled her closer to prevent any such movement otherwise. The bells were tolling every five seconds or so. This was enough time for the searing heat to spread deeper into Bree’s buttocks muscles. She tried not to complain too much, but it was impossible to not breathe heavily or groan or whimper at all.

Brad made every whack count, but was attentive to the colour of Bree’s sensuous cheeks as to where and how hard he applied the next smack of the spoon. Tears were rolling down her cheeks now and her nosed was stuffed up. She tried to clear the moisture from her nose by breathing in every once in a while but it was of no use. A few times Bree instinctively started to put her hand back to stop Brad, but prevented herself just barely from doing that. Approximately three hundred smacks of the evil spoon later the thirty minutes where up and Brad stopped the onslaught.

Bree sighed heavily in relief and finally relaxed all her muscles. She felt light headed and took some deep breaths to work it off. She frowned in pain and silently mouthed out oos, ows and ahs. Brad had let Bree’s whole bottom become a dark blood red. Throughout the process, Brad had marvelled at the transformation through the red colour spectrum of each bit of Bree’s globes. It made him surge and become hard. The power of electricity flew through his body witnessing and causing this scene.

The “death” bells tolled still in the distance as if to further announce the state of Bree’s punished backside. Hearing this and experiencing their feelings after the spanking added to their excitement. Brad finally took a deep breath and began rubbing Bree’s swollen bottom to absorb its aura and suck the potency of it back into him. Its strength was soothing and warm. It was exhilarating and healing for them both.  

The need and lust for both followed to dizzying heights and Brad scooped Bree up in his arms to attend to both their carnal urgencies. Throughout the night they fiercely melded together until late into the night.

Bree woke up first the next morning. Her hunger and thirst stirred her earlier than usual. As she was in the shower, she wondered how the tolling of the bells last night coincided with the time of her spanking. Was Brad that lucky to have the bells toll at such an opportune time? She shrugged it off as that and preceded to quietly dress and slip downstairs to the corner bakery to get some coffee and a fresh roll to eat as she was too exhausted to make anything herself that morning. She would also bring some coffee, pastry and rolls back for Brad.

As she stood there paying for her purchases, the woman at the register smiled and asked how she was this morning. Bree rubbed her backside slightly, winced and sighed.

“I am a little tired and ummm achy, but I will get over it I suppose.”     

Noticing that Bree had rubbed her bottom and feeling sympathetic toward her, the woman decided to impart some vital information to her after making sure her husband was not in ear shot of their conversation.

“It is none of my business of course you know, but I feel I must tell you something I overheard on Friday morning. It seems a gentleman came into our shop and bought some cookies and coffee to take back to his girlfriend down the ways. My husband helped him with the order and I overheard their conversation.”

“Really. That’s funny. Hi, I am Bree.”

“I thought so. Hi, nice to meet you.  My name is Angela.”

The two women gave knowing smiles at each other.

“Yes, go on.”

“Ah, yes. Well it seems he bragged to my husband about paying the man down at the local church to ring the bells at approximately 5:05 PM for half an hour or so at five second intervals so that he could win a bet with his girlfriend. My husband asked what the penalty would be if she lost and he said with a devilish smile on his face that she would get a spanking! It has been well known that people have bribed the bell ringer to ring the bell for specific occasions and with explicit instructions of when and how, but I think this is carrying it a bit too far. Anyway, I just thought you should know is all.”

Angela winked at Bree. Bree was shocked and blushed with embarrassment. Then she became a little angry, but calmed herself. The wheels turned in Bree’s mind and a smile came to her face.

“Is that so? Hmmm…well thank you Angela. I am sure Brad will find this story quite delightful as well.”

“Oh! Please don’t tell him how you found out or who told you.” Angela looked around for her husband and then looked a little worried.

“Don’t worry. I won’t.”

The woman smiled and winked at each other. Then Bree walked back to the house Brad had rented for them. Luck indeed! Brad was in for it. I wonder what the other envelope had inside of it. She quickly hurried her pace to get back before Brad woke.

Brad was awake and in the shower when Bree arrived back at the house. She searched for the other envelope and found it on the floor in the living room next to the coffee table by the sofa. Quickly she opened it and read what the other spanking would have been. It was the same as the other. Bree stood agape in the middle of the room then collected herself as she heard Brad getting out of the shower. She quickly went into the kitchen and set to setting a place for Brad to eat his breakfast and drink his coffee there. She would play it cool and see if she could pry the truth of last night’s scene out of Brad without having to reveal where she had gotten a clue that something was awry over the spanking last night.

Just then Brad walked into the kitchen all happy and cheerful. Brad was in more trouble than he could ever have known.

Bree held her tongue and was careful not to reveal her knowledge. After much persuasion, Brad agreed that he would be on the receiving end on the Monday morning.

They enjoyed the Saturday and even went up to a church high above the harbour for the Midnight Celebration. Exactly at midnight the bells in all the churches started ringing to celebrate Christ arising. There were some loud earth shaking bangs as explosives were let off, followed by a short fireworks display and numerous firecrackers were going off on the only access to the church. About half an hour later, it was safe to leave and as they dreamily made their way home, more large bangs were heard as more explosives were set off.

They joined a local boat skipper for the day with a special barbecue on one of the local beaches. As they walked hand in hand up the path to the house, Brad teased Bree about the spanking he would have delivered on the Monday. Bree smiled inwardly thinking, “How little does he know.”

As they walked hand in hand to a Taverna, there were three large puffs of smoke seen on the hillside followed by a rumble of the ground and the sounds of three more explosions. As they stepped back in surprise, they bumped into Angela who asked how they were doing. Bree replied in a cryptic manner that brought a smile to Angela’s face.

They had a quiet meal, enjoying the food and soaked up the atmosphere of a Greek Easter celebration. As they snuggled up in bed, Bree teased Brad about the following morning.

They slept well, and Brad brought Bree a coffee before quickly preparing coffee. As it was a warm morning, Bree joined Brad at the table wearing just her birthday suit.

Once Brad had finished clearing up, Bree quickly hugged him from behind and sexily kissed his neck.

“Time for your spanking”, Bree said while guiding him to the chair. She made him lean over the high back presenting his butt.

“First I am going to give you a nice warm up, before the real spanking.”

She started gently, gradually increasing the hardness of the strokes until she felt his cheeks were a suitable shade of red.

“Now for the main part, if you move your hands, I will secure them and repeat the strokes.” She warned sternly.

Bree reached over top the table and picked up the olive wood salad set and started to thoroughly spank Brad. It was not long before there was a steady rhythm of THWACK “OW” heard in the room. The OWs got louder as Bree increased the strength of the strokes landing on Brad’s ass. The colour of his cheeks started to become a vivid scarlet before Bree delivered the final twenty strokes so all that was heard was an Extended “OWWWWWW” with the accompaniment of THWACK.

When the last stroke with the wooden spoon had been delivered, Bree said, “I’ve not finished yet.” She reached behind her and picked up the Bungee cord that had the outer wrapping removed so there was a bundle of fine strands of rubber fanning out at one end.

“Now count the strokes” she ordered.

Swish followed by a splat produced a gasp of “Youch, One.”

Swish followed by a splat produced a gasp of “Youch, two.”

Swish followed by a splat produced a gasp of “Youch, three.”

Swish followed by a splat produced a gasp of “OWW, four.”

This sequence continued until

Swish followed by a splat, a pause and an agonised gasp of “sixty seven.”

The final swish seemed even louder and “YEEOOOOWW sixty eight.”

Bree gently caressed his cheeks, feeling the warm and revelling in the sensations. As Brad started to raise himself from the chair, Bree said “I’m not finished yet, now you can feel my hand until you tell me why it was sixty eight.”

Brad slumped back down, and Bree carefully let her hand stroke his butt before raising her hand holding the Paddle from the ball game before returning it with a loud “SMACK”. This continued for a few minutes

Finally Brad broke his silence and gasped “I’ve no idea.”

“The sixty eight was the number of loud explosions. This little interlude is for giving me no choice with the envelopes.” Bree continued “The first set was the number of spanks from the tolling of the bells on Friday, now how much did you pay the bell ringer?”

Brad replied “Shit how did you know about that?”

“Easy, the bell ringer didn’t keep his mouth shut about a foreign person paying him to ring the bell for thirty minutes.”

Brad realised he had been outmanoeuvred so quickly admitted to “50 euros.”

Bree stroked the beautifully reddened butt for a while allowing Brad to regain his breath properly before she announced “OK, I will not submit to another spanking from you until you have brought me to 50 orgasms.”

She let Brad up, and seeing his erection teasingly asked “do you want to make a start now?”

They steamily embraced and they slowly lowered themselves to the floor and Brad quickly brought Bree to release.

A few hours later

As they checked their baggage at the airport, the clerk said “the economy section of the flight from Athens to New York is full so I’ve allocated you two seats in First Class. Enjoy your flight.”

Bree looked at Brad with a surprised but delighted expression “How come you’re going to New York?”

“I managed to complete my work in Athens last week.”


Long Bean, Bree - thank you both again for the great story.  I hope I'll hear from you soon!

I'm still looking for more stories, if you have one to share please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Bree, Long Bean,
    great story, thanks a bunch.
    PK, wave!
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. Long Bean, Bree and PK, thank you.

    Are we going to hear how long it took to the next spanking?

  3. thanks...that was great! :-)

  4. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Lovely story.

  5. Wonderful story Long Bean and Bree. Thank you for publishing it PK.


  6. Great story, Longbean and bree. I bet it was fun writing it together.
    Thanks for posting it, PK.

  7. Anonymous4:10 AM

    Thank you for all your kind comments, I really appreciate them.

    Bas I have no plans for any further installments....