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Friday, April 12, 2013

Fantasy Friday - Cassie's Vacation

Strange week, I've haven't been feeling well.  No one is sending me any stories, but I don't want you to go without.  Hermione was kind enough to  use one of Cassie old stories in her, 'From the top shelf' series. So I thought I just might do the same.  If you're a long time reader of Cassie, you've read this before - but it was several years back.

For those of you who haven't read any Cassie, a little background.  Cassie and her husband Tom a nice, mature couple who have an old fashion marriage - and one that has lasted many decades.  Theirs is a true love story where Tom tries his best to keep Cassie somewhat under control.  Wish the poor man luck, it's not the easiest job.

Hope you enjoy...


I have been looking forward to this vacation for months.  There is no reason for Tom to work so much, he should be retired, but telling him is like talking to the wind! Tom got our vacation off to a stinging start before we even got out of the dive way. I was only teasing him yesterday about taking the ivory brush out of his bag. But with his usual awful timing (which I swear was working to absolute perfection on this trip – darn it!) he walked in to the bedroom while I was holding the brush in my hand merely wondering what he would say if it were to be accidentally left behind.

“What are you doing?” I nearly jumped a foot when Tom spoke right behind my back!

I figured going into attack mode was my best bet! “Tom! Don’t sneak up on me like that what is the matter with you?” It didn’t work though. He pressed on.

“Cassie Jane I want to know what you were doing. You keep your hands off that brush! Were you taking it out of my bag?”

I continued in attack mode. “I wasn’t taking anything out of your suitcase but for that matter why shouldn’t I take the brush out? After all it is my brush! It was a gift to me, wasn’t it! Maybe you should ask me before you take it from the dresser!”

I don’t think he was taking me very serious since he was pulling me over his lap as I fussed. After giving me two scorching swats with the brush he tossed it back into his bag and warmed me a bit more with his hand. His answer to my question as to what gave him the right to pack my brush, was an extremely unsatisfying “Because I am your husband that’s why.” What kind of answer is that!

When he let me up I was scowling at him as I rubbed away the sting. “I didn’t do anything wrong you know. Are you going to be this picky all week?” I asked. In answer he gave me a wonderful kiss and said, “I have really missed you! I am ready to have you all to myself but don’t touch the brush or my suitcase again - understand?”

I most certainly understood. And I did exactly as he said. When I carefully reached in and removed all his underwear I did not touch either the brush or the suitcase. Our vacation was off to a wonderful beginning!


We arrived in southern Florida late Wednesday afternoon. The house where we're staying is just lovely! The beach is beautiful and very private. Tom had arranged for a quiet dinner for two and we spent the evening looking through the house and walking on the beach. Our trip was off to a wonderful beginning until Tom went to dress the next morning. It didn’t take him minute to find out he had no underwear and I woke to “Cassie Jane! What did you do?” Why does he always blame me?

“Where is my underwear?” he thundered

“Is it my job to keep up with your drawers?” I murmured trying to hide my laughter in the pillow. By this time I was being pulled over his lap and a slipper was being applied to my rear with vigor!

“I told you not to touch my suitcase!”

“I didn’t,” I challenged. “I never touched your old suitcase! I just lifted the underwear right out!” He had just got to stop spanking me when I am laughing so hard – the two extremes cannot be good for me! He kept going until I was thoroughly spanked and he had me dancing when he let me up! 

“You get dressed we're going shopping. I can’t believe you.” He was sounding all stern and serious but his eyes were twinkling. 

I couldn’t stop rubbing or laughing at least I was laughing until I started to put on my panties and he said, “Oh no, hand them over.”

“Tom, I am not going out without my underwear!”

“Yes, you are.” He answered as he took them from my hands.

I was not happy. I am not accustomed to being out and about during the day without the proper undergarments! You have no idea how much protection a thin layer of silk can afford one who has been freshly spanked. But I had no choice in the matter. We went to the store and then out for breakfast. Then Tom decided he wanted to take a long walk on the beach. Before the day was over he even insisted on a bike ride. I felt uncomfortable, unclothed and oddly aroused, and Tom refused to do anything about any of those things all day!

We were dining out that evening and I still had not been allowed underwear. Now somehow that wasn’t as bad because occasionally I'll go out for the evening without panties, usually to tease or annoy Tom.  He didn’t miss a chance to touch my rear all evening. He made sure my focus was not on what we were eating. When he held my chair, when we danced – by the time I got him home there was no way he was going to deny me any longer. I finally had my way with him exactly as I wanted. And the evening ended on a wonderful note.

Unfortunately that was not the last ‘wardrobe malfunction’ of the trip. 


The next morning I woke to Tom’s gentle touch. “I’d love to pamper my wife today,” he told me, “do you think you can manage to behave yourself long enough for me to do that?”

I gave him a smile, “I guess I’m willing to give it a try.”

Tom does know how to pamper. I got breakfast in bed followed by a full body massages.   Later we swam in the ocean and soaked up a little sun. When we got back to the house he bathed me and washed my hair ~ it truly was all about me and I was eating it up! That night he took me dancing and as he tucked me in bed late that evening he read to me as I fell asleep. Honestly it was nearly enough to make me behave all the time.

Sue and Steve arrived late Sunday, and Annie and Andrew came in Monday morning. It was so good to see them. All the fellows seemed in need of ‘man time’ so they decided to play golf that afternoon. That suited us, we girls just wanted a chance to catch up.

We had some other friends vacationing there so all the girls got together for lunch. All our plans for the day were close enough to walk to so I told Tom, “Now don’t get all bent out of shape if you come home and we’ve had some wine. I assure you I’m over twenty-on.”  Tom often fusses, and sometimes does more than fuss when I drink without him.

I got that raised eyebrow but all he said as they left was, “You know how I expect you to act.”

Yes I know what he expected, but I decided to go in another direction – I actually behaved! It was so nice to sit and visit with all the girls. We had nowhere we had to be, and nothing we had to do. We talked and talked and talked. I felt comfortable drinking a bit with no worry of how to get home.

When the boys got home later we grilled out and it was so good. My day passed relaxing, calm and pleasant. I had no reason to think my evening would not be the same, but it wasn’t to be. I love to walk on the beach at night. Not long before nine I decided I wanted to go walking. Tom and Steve were deep into a chess game and Annie and Andrew had gotten caught up in a movie so Sue and I decided to join me. I kissed Tom as he told me “Don’t walk far.”

The beach was so pleasant. The night was still and the water looked so very inviting. I love swimming especially in the ocean. So I turned to Sue, “Let’s swim!”

“You’re nuts” she answered “I don’t want to go in the ocean at night.”

“Don’t be such a big chicken, it’s no different than swimming the day time. Come on!”

“Forget it Cassie, I don’t feel like changing.” And that was when one of my blogging friends, Sar came to mind! Sar told of dancing nude on the beach during their anniversary trip. Yes, I really must give Sar the credit for my inspiration. There were cabanas set up on the beach for changing and no one, and I mean NO ONE was around. And I wasn’t planning to dance – just scoot from the cabana to the water and back with only Sue there, if I could get her talked into it.

“Come on.” I said as I pulled her into the little tent. I began undressing in the pitch black of the interior.

“What in the hell are you doing?” she sputtered.

“Oh, hush and get undressed. We won’t swim long. I swear you get more like an old woman every day!” I knew that would get her. She stood there only a moment longer and then started shedding clothes.

The water was a bit colder than I was expecting but we hurried to plunge on in to feel more covered. It felt marvelous!! I felt like I could swim to France! It was glorious but I did not want to stay long enough for Tom to start looking so we headed back in only to see Tom and Steve walking across the sand.

Now I was pretty sure Tom wouldn’t mind me swimming but obviously we couldn’t come out of the water with both husbands standing there. Tom was motioning me in, as he stood silhouetted by the lights from the house. Okay we had a dilemma. Staying low in the water I shouted that we would be right in and to go on back to the house. I was sure he was becoming annoyed at our refusal to come out of the water. It was Steve who stuck his head I the cabana and came out holding our clothes in his hand as he talked to Tom.

Tom came right to the water’s edge and I heard him shout “NOW” then he walked back to join Steve and with great deliberation they turned their back to the ocean and stood staring at the house. It seemed we had no choice but to take the opportunity to head to the cabana.

Why did it seem so elegant when Sar did this – even Cowboy chasing her down the beach seemed some how lovely and graceful but not for us. Have you ever tried to get dress when you are wet and sandy and someone has mixed up your clothes and it is pitch black AND there are two angry husbands standing feet away?? Let me just tell you – it ain’t easy!

I vaguely wondered what the guys were overhearing it went something like this –

“Give me that!”

“Where’s my bra?”

“You are standing on my foot!”

“My blouse fell in the sand.”

“This is all your fault!”

“It is not, you agreed!”

“I can’t see what I’m doing.”

“Get out here!” We heard Steve growl. So with clothes on as well as we could at the moment we came out. I couldn’t see Tom’s face at all but just by the way he took my hand I could tell he was not happy! We walked to the house in silence. I tried to make pleasant conversation about the chess game, but neither man chose to answer. As we reached the house Steve led Sue up the stairs. Sue shot me a hateful look, but as Tom led me to our bedroom, Sue being angry wasn't my biggest concern.


No that's not the end, there are two more parts go the story. You can find the next part here. There are plenty of stories over at Cassie's, please feel free to look around the archives.  I may have to use more of her stories here.  I hope some of you are still out there writing for us.  I hate it when the Fantasy Friday cupboard is bare.  If you all willing to share a story, please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. PK Impressive most impressive, your story was great.


    1. Thanks, it seems Cassie always writes herself.

  2. Thanks for bringing some of Cassie's story to FF. I really enjoyed this.


    1. Roz,
      I was hoping a few new people might enjoy her.

  3. This was a favorite of mine you impulsive woman!
    I now will enjoy going back and reading the rest again. I often revisit a Cassie story or two!

    Thanks PK.

    1. Minelle,
      Glad to know you like going back. I do sometimes too.

  4. PK,
    what's this, making me feel my age. LOL!
    Love and warm hugs,

    1. Paul,
      The stories just keep coming.

  5. Let's try again, this time without the typos ...

    Thank you for the wonderful story ... I had to read the next part as well. Skinny dipping does seem safer at night, but of course it's not. Luckily I wasn't married yet when a girlfriend and I had a similar adventure in fresh water.

    1. Meg,
      I was hoping most would go and read the rest. Luckily we have a pool so nighttime skinny dipping isn't a problem.

  6. That was great. I don't remember ever reading that one. Love that you mentioned Sar and Cowboy. I miss them, I wish she would start writing again.

    1. Sunny,
      Me too! Glad that Cowboy updates occasionally, but I do miss Sar.

  7. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Lovely, romantic story - and Cassie is always so much fun