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Friday, April 05, 2013

Fantasy Friday - A Spring Break in Greece

This is one of the few weeks I’m not that happy to see Friday roll around – this has been my week of Spring break and I have loved every minute of it. Nick finished my present – I’ll have pictures up soon. And then there was more new stuff, all in good time.  The best thing about it being Friday is that we have a brand new story.

This story is a collaboration between ‘the long bean’ and ‘Bree’. It’s a great story! But it will be up in two parts with the conclusion tomorrow. The long bean shared the following with me.

I live on a small island in the Mediterranean. I started writing about 2 years ago and the results have been published on my blog. I have been interested in BDSM and spanking since I was a teenager, and was a sub for many years. I would now describe myself as a switch, although I currently have no partner (either vanilla or play).

The idea for this story came to me just before Easter last year and with Bree's invaluable contributions has come out extremely well. I had written the first "intro bit" before she added a bit returned it and we repeated the exercise with her leaving me to "wrap" it up.

Be sure to go by the long bean blog to read more of his great writing.  For now, enjoy…

A Spring Break in Greece

Bree was looking forward to Easter with Brad, her boyfriend, as it had been a long three months since they had last been together. They had met three years ago at a NEARBS (New England Area Red Bottom Society) munch. After attending a few munches, they started chatting on line more and more until they realised that they were in love. About nine months after they first met, Bree moved in to his home. In December, Brad was told by his employers that he had to work in Greece for the whole of the following year.

Bree had managed to get a whole three weeks away from her work and was looking forward to having some time with Brad and sightseeing. This was to be her first visit to Greece and was looking forward to exploring the country she had seen on the news so much in the past few months.

After an overnight flight she arrived at Athens early on a Monday morning to be greeted very warmly by Brad. In the car on their way to his rented apartment, Brad told Bree, to her delight, that he had managed to get a few days off as well and she would not be on her own during two of the working weeks as she had expected. They also agreed before she left home that she would be spanked on both Good Friday and Easter Monday.

After a couple of days recovering from her flight and getting used to the time change, Bree was soaking up the history and ancient ruins of Athens, visiting the original Olympic stadium, the Acropolis and all the major sites. On the Friday, Bree was surprised he had to go to the office as it was Good Friday.

Brad laughed, “Yes, this is why I am so delighted you are here, because today is Good Friday to you, and so it is for us non-orthodox Christians, however this year the Greek Easter is next weekend, so there are two Easters for you, and therefore four spankings!”

Bree squirmed when she thought of the twelve hour flight home with a sore bottom and pouted while saying, “That’s not fair. I was only expecting two spankings, and you’ve tricked me.”

Brad just replied, “You should have done your research before agreeing to be spanked on both Good Friday and Easter Monday.” Then he continued “I am going to give you a little task to complete today and if you succeed it will be a good girl spanking tonight”

He continued “Your task is to find out where in Greece is the noisiest Easter celebration. I have arranged for us to go there next week for their celebrations. If you get it right, you might also have the chance to spank me on the Greek Easter Monday. I’ve already detailed the number of spanks and how it is decided who gets them, and I have put it in a document that you cannot look at until next Saturday.”

That evening when Brad got home Bree was waiting, knowing that she was getting a spanking, certain that she had got the right answer and it was to be a good girl one.

After the usual affectionate greeting when Brad got home, they talked about her task. Bree started by saying, “This was not as easy as I thought it would be. I’ve narrowed it down to two islands, both in the Dodecanese. But I was not able to get a definitive answer. The choice is between Kalymnos and Symi.”

“Ok so far, now which is your choice?”

“I’ll go for Kalymnos, as it is the bigger of the two”.

“I agree it is a difficult one, as both claim to be the noisiest. As you got the narrowing down right, you have earned a good girl spanking. As no one actually knows which is the noisier.

“Now, go and get the implement you want me to use this evening, before I warm you up”.

“But Brad, I don’t have to get the implement. You are wearing it around your waist”.

Brad looked down at his waist and touched his belt with his right hand simultaneously. He looked back up at Bree and chuckled.

“Oh, yes. My belt IS your favourite implement.”

Bree blushed and bowed her head.

“Isn’t it, Bree?”

She shifted her weight from one leg to the other and placed her hands behind her back, but she did not answer Brad. He frowned when Bree did not respond. Brad drew closer to her and placed his hand under her chin to make her hazel, doe eyes met his stern light brown ones. The specks of blue, brown and green danced in Bree’s eyes coquettishly and belied her playful shyness. Brad tried not to smile as did Bree. She attempted to look away, but he just gently pulled her face back into position. Bree blushed anew. Trying to not get swept up by this fairylike image set before him, Brad cleared his throat to break her spell.

“Well, Bree. I am waiting for an answer, young lady.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“There now, that is my good little girl,” Brad said as he chucked Bree under her chin softly.

He then took Bree by her hand and led her to the leather sofa. Brad sat down in the middle of it as Bree stood there before him.

“Take off your shoes.”

Bree complied. He spread his legs and positioned her in between them.

“You have no need for these now either,” Brad said as he pulled her nearer to him and quickly unbuttoned and unzipped her dark blue jeans. Roughly and swiftly he pulled down her jeans and asked Bree to step out of them. She held onto his muscular shoulders so as not to fall over. Brad threw the jeans without regard to the side of the sofa.

These actions aroused Bree. She cupped her hands in front of her in response and clenched her lower lips by crossing her legs one in front of the other. Brad pried apart her arms and pushed them roughly to Bree’s side so his gaze would be unobstructed. He could see her mound pulsating under her see-through, purple, laced panties. Brad could smell her sweet elixir brewing. He piqued it by stroking her lightly and Bree let out a low gasp.

“Take off your blouse for me like a good girl, Bree.”

She obeyed Brad and as she unbuttoned her blouse slowly. Brad reached around her and fondled her bottom. At the same time, he kissed her stomach and stuck his tongue in her navel. This made Bree whimper and look up at the ceiling. Brad was making it difficult for her to keep her mind on taking off her blouse.

Having finally discarded her blouse and having flung it to the where her jeans lay, Bree now surged with the tide rolling within her. Brad swiftly tuned Bree around and put his legs in between hers to spread her legs farther apart. He stuck both his hands down the front of her panties and parted her lower lips, flicking her clit upwards a few times to tease Bree. His hand flowed underneath her garment towards her hips and he gruffly pulled down her panties to expose her bare bottom to him. Bree couldn’t stand the fullness of her wanting and she instinctively bent over and placed her hand on each of Brad’s knees. That is when the warm up spanking began.

SMACK! Ooooo! SMACK! Ooooo! SMACK! Ooooo!

Brad used both his hands in unison on each of her cheeks smacking hard and quickly. Twenty! Thirty! Forty! Bree could feel her moisture clinging to her lower hairs and she arched her back signalling her pleasure and need for more, but Brad stopped when he saw this and pushed her gently forward to relieve her of her panties and stockings. This made Bree slightly annoyed and disappointed.

“Brad, no. Please!”

“Hush and be a good girl now, Bree. I am going to start your spanking now.”

“Now! What was that that you were just doing?! It felt like a spanking to me!”

“Breeeee. Don’t be naughty,” he said as he turned her around, undid her bra and cast it off to the pile of other clothes. Grabbing Bree under his arm he swatted her behind hard and with tempered meaning. He grabbed hold of one her nipples to keep her in place and tweaked it when he thought she needed it throughout the process.


“This is the start of your spanking, my dear girl.”

“Braadd!! Not so hard! I thought this was supposed to be a good girl spanking!”

“But it is my dear, it is.”


Fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety well administered slaps. Bree’s bottom was well pinked up by then and Brad halted to feel the warmth and smoothness of Bree’s glorious globes. Bree relaxed in his arms and breathed heavily. She sighed and squirmed when he ran his fingertips over her bum. Brad loved to see the bright pink colour turn to white and back to pink again when he did this.

Now Brad stood Bree up and caressed her from behind running his hands over her hips and back up to her breasts where he twisted her papillae into hard peaks. Bree spasmed, bent herself over and thrust her bottom back into Brad. She felt his excitement. Brad again broke the erotic stirrings and led Bree over to the end of the sofa and positioned her over the arm of it.

“Stick your bottom up and out more, Bree.”

She did as Brad said by pushing herself forward slightly so she was only touching the floor with the tips of her toes. Brad stood to the side of her so she could see him unbuckle his belt and see him swish the belt off. The sight and sound of the belt buckle clanging ignited such apprehension and wild anticipation in her that her vagina anointed the sofa arm where she rested. Bree murmured an erotic humming noise in response. It was time for Brad to strip off all his clothes and Bree watched him as he became naked. His muscles rippled and his erection was unleashed. She wanted him greedily and she licked her lips in savoury fashion.

“Kiss the belt, Bree,”

Bree kissed the belt dutifully and with delight as if greeting a long lost friend. He then took his place in back of Bree and she clasped her hands together, lowered her head and closed her eyes. She relaxed all her muscles.

“I am going to give you fifty. You will not count.”

“Yes, Sir. Thanks you, Sir.”


The strapping continued with Bree trying to hold her position and drinking in the pleasurable pain of the leather stripes appearing across her upturned, luscious bottom. Each stroke elicited a heady response from Bree and sometimes from Brad as his erection grew harder and he grew stronger. Brad surged forward and held his ground until his task was complete. He then scooped up his vessel and brought her to his chamber to fill her up with his manly concoction. Bree and Brad spent hours reawakening and re-entering. Oh! Such passion was never meant to be revealed. Finally spent, their exhaustion took over and pushed them into a euphoric slumber entwined with each other.

On the Monday morning over breakfast, Brad asked Bree what her plans were for the day. She replied with a twinkle in her eye that she hoped to have a chance to do some shopping.

Brad gave her a look of glee, asking “Are you up for a challenge today?”

“What sort of challenge?”

“A simple one that should not interfere with your plans for the day. Or rather it may make the shopping more interesting for you.”

“O.K., what is the reward if I succeed?”

“No proper spanking for you until Friday.”

Bree thought for a moment, whilst she enjoyed being spanked, she still felt slightly tender from her spanking on Friday. “Go on, what have I got to do?”

Brad, with a glint in his eye, replied “It is simple really, I want for you to spend exactly €50 on items that can be used in the spankings over the weekend. A cent either over or under the €50 means that you fail the challenge and get spanked tonight.”

Bree looked at him thinking, that should be easy as he won’t know what I paid for everything until she heard him add, “So that you don’t cheat, I want to see receipts for each implement you buy and leave the price tags on.”

While Brad went to work, Bree started shopping. The challenge had made her that more distracted than normal as she thought whether the item could be used for spanking.

After a busy morning shopping, Bree returned to the flat to find Brad already there and busy packing a suitcase. After they had a light lunch, Brad asked her to reveal what she had bought. Bree started by showing him a hand carved salad set made from olive wood, and followed it with a pair of small paddles and ball for playing on a beach and finally a short length of Bungee cord. With glee, she showed him the receipts that added up to exactly €50.

Bree added that the bungee cord was the most difficult to buy as she had to explain to the shop keeper that she only could spend €1.20 on it.

“Well done, I must complement you on being so inventive on how to spend the last pennies. I am glad I do not have to spank you tonight, as you need to get packed. I have managed to finish the work I had to do early and now have until the Tuesday after Easter off. I’ve altered the travel arrangements so we are catching tonight’s ferry. As we won’t have much time when we get back, why don’t you pack everything up so we can just drop in to pick them up on Tuesday.”

Bree quickly packed before Brad grabbed her from behind and cuddled her, kissing her neck and nibbling on her ears. She felt him fiddle with the buttons on her blouse, open it and tenderly caress her breasts through the lacy fabric of her bra. He let go so she could let the blouse fall off her shoulder and as he turned she saw that sexy glint in his eyes that made her feel weak at the knees. He unbuttoned her jeans, gently eased them off together with her panties admiring how sexy she looked.

He held her and they kissed passionately before he eased her down to the bed, and started to tenderly kiss her all the way down. Noticing the sweet scent of arousal, he knelt down and kissed her thighs gently making his way up to her lower lips that had started to open. He nibbled and stroked her sensitive area with his tongue before starting to trace the alphabet around her clit. By the time he got to the letter M she was squirming with pleasure and then finally came on the letter Q as he flicked his tongue in her opening. As Bree reached an explosive climax, Brad reached his before the both fell into a light sleep holding each other.


Don't forget to come back for the rest of the story tomorrow!

Long Bean, thank you for sharing this story with us. I know everyone is looking forward to the next part.  See you all tomorrow.  

And if anyone else has a story to share please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


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