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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Playtime is more fun than remodeling

It’s been a lovely weekend so far. The one drawback being I didn’t make the goal Nick made for me on the weight loss. I did lose, but was just shy of my goal. I still hate our scales. When I weighed Friday morning – several times within a half hour, the scales show a 1.4 pound range! That drives me nuts. I wrote down the one that showed up the most often, but I was still frustrated. Nick being the sweet fellow he is offered to let me try again Saturday morning to see if I could make it. He even helped me with some wonderful early morning aerobic activity yesterday, right before weigh in. I didn’t even have to get out of bed! Still off by just a hair.

Saturday morning we went out to look at ‘stuff’ as we still contemplate the kitchen renovations. I know some women would be so excited about getting a new kitchen. I dread the whole process worse that a root canal! Where are we supposed to begin exactly – type of cabinets? White? Wood? What about appliances? The sink? When do we choose a counter top, do we have to decide on the floor first? And what about the back splash? Paint color? Argggggg! I don’t know! All this is torture and all that before we start paying for everything. I’ve offered Nick two options. One, let me go live somewhere else while it all gets done (he’s welcomed to come visit) and he can make all the decisions and I’ll love it. Two, go with my original plan to put in a couple of vending machines and a large trashcan.

We had a lazy Saturday afternoon and Nick invited me back to the bedroom. I can’t say I had any consequences about missing my goal; nothing followed by fantastic sex could ever be called a consequence, but I did get a wonderful spanking! Well it was mostly wonderful. Nick did say I needed to work on improving my attitude about work and learn to rise above the ridiculousness of it all. I gave him a ‘sure, whatever’ until he brought out the cane to drive his point home. When he put it away, finally, he said “Be sure to tell Ronnie I said hey when you talk to her!” So ‘hey’ Ronnie, and thanks again for the cane! (She said her voice dripping with sarcasm).

We had a lovely afternoon – Nick had been shopping! He bought us two new toys for Valentine’s Day. Flowers and chocolates would be long gone by now, but these gifts will keep on giving! Cross your fingers for me – I have a new goal for next week.


  1. PK, remodeling, ugh! LOL
    love and warm hugs,

  2. Anonymous6:10 AM

    Get a good kitchen designer. It will make things so much easier for you. In the end you will love it.

  3. Fingers crossed! I am with you on the kitchen remodeling....UGH! abby

  4. I like the vending machines and a trash can idea, myself. I don't envy you the task of remodeling, but I know you'll be happy when it's completed.

  5. PK: Good luck on the kitchen project. But the nice thing is that Nick now seems to have made you his project. How lovely. I bet Badass loved the cane. Wimpy? Well, let Wimpy deal with it.

    As far as the remodeling, I like the idea of a designer. Don't those remodeling places have people that will do that for their customers? Good luck.

    And do you weigh yourself just in your panties? I had as T-shirt and tennis shirt on this morning and took them off and they weighed a pound and a half.

    Gosh, this dieting sucks, though. I'm down close to 10 pounds since the first of the year but one good restaurant meal -- even with taking half of it home -- and I gain two pounds. And I've got these frozen steaks I have to start eating. And I had 10 shrimp scampdi from Costco and they had all this delicious juice after I microwaved them and I dipped bread in it. So tasty but too many calories. I'm so tired of eating fruit and cottage cheese.

    Anyway, I hope Nick keeps Badass content.


  6. Happy for you that Nick has stepped up. Sounds lovely. The cane a little ouchy.

    Remodeling- best to just grit your teeth. Like someone said there are usually in store designers in places like Lowe's and HD that can help.

    Good Luck.

  7. sounds like a great weekend....a lttle tip while going to WW - DONT WEIGH YOURSELF AT HOME!!!! Worse thing in the world because no one set of scales is the same as another and your home scales can throw you a huge curve ball.....please dont :(
    On the ww front - im joining tomorrow....gotta lose some weight, its not funny anymore. So wish me luck
    As for remoddling....does the store maybe have some graphic thingy on computers and show you some "looks" or perhaps there is something you can google???? Good luck, im sure it will be amazing when its done :)
    love and hugs kiwi xxx

  8. I agree with Kiwi, use a gym or doctor's scale! Also, I don't think it's "only" the scales that differ, your body weight differs as well depending on water retention, when your last meal was, when your cycle is, etc. Also, weight isn't always the best measure of weight-loss because when you workout you convert fat to muscle mass, which actually weighs more than fat. So, I'd go more by how your clothes fit and the range of weight you're in. Of course if you're off by 10 pounds, you haven't lost enough. However, most people fluctuate about 3 pounds up or down. If you want a really accurate measure, you could purchase a body fat monitor, although that may be a bit much!

    In addition, sometimes your body hits a "plateau." Even if you're eating right and exercising regularly, your body may naturally cling onto fat for other reasons. Maybe he could measure you based on # of workouts/the type of food you've eaten at each meal? Just a thought. Let me know if you want healthy meal ideas, I'm a health-freak lol. I'm all for eating the most delicious and satisfying foods for the least amount of calories and fat!

  9. Paul,
    You summed it up very nicely!

    We may do that. We have a very tiny kitchen and that won’t change, but I still need some ideas.

    We did this about 20 years ago. If we ever get this done I plan to keep it for life.

    Glad to find someone who agrees! The only reason I have a kitchen is that it came with the house. I don’t like to use it much, but I do want it to be nice.

    Trust me I know how to weigh, nude, comb my hair (loose ones you know), I remove finger nail polish, brush my teeth (bacteria has to weigh something), and I blow my nose!! Still didn’t make goal. But I’m not giving up.
    As for Nick making me his project, we’ll see if anything continues.

    We’ll get through it all somehow. As for the cane – don’t get one!!!

    I have to weigh at home; I joined WW on line because I can’t stand the perky leaders. I’m not knocking them; they are doing what they’re supposed to do. But it makes me want to lunge at their throats. Maybe I’m just a loner.

    I know what you are saying on the fluctuations and all, and muscle to fat, but I haven’t worked out enough at all to have that situation. The main thing that would help me right now is more working out – I hate it. I want to come home from work and SIT!!! Gotta change that way of thinking. I’m working on it.

  10. Hey to you Nick and PK, my pleasure to help a friend out.

    Try and find a store that gives help and suggestions with designs. Good luck. Rather you than me.