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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weight loss and one forgotten rule

I had another good week on weight loss. I really stayed almost completely away from carbs and sweets this past week. I lost just over a pound and a half. I’m happy and Nick was pleased too. I’ve done very well following his rules so far. Except for one, and that one only bothers me on one day – Fridays! One of Nick’s rules is that on the days I don’t go to the gym that I do a little house work for at least 15 minutes before I get on the computer. I’m fine with that, no problem, except I can’t remember on Fridays. I forgot the first week and Nick ‘reminded’ me. Now this past week I really had a good excuse.

We had a dance after school and it was my turn to chaperone. If you haven’t experienced a middle school dance, let me just tell you, there is nothing like it. I came home dragging, collapsed into my chair and grabbed my computer – you know, autopilot. Nick didn’t fuss or anything. But a little later he quietly reminded me.

“Wait! I had to stay for that stupid dance.” I whined.

“I know” he agreed. “Now it you had come home and said ‘Honey, I’m really tired. Mind if I sit here and rest for a while before I clean up some?’ I’d have told you that was fine. But now you’re going to have to pay.”

LOL, not the worst thing in the world I suppose. So far I haven’t had to pay. Mollie’s had a bad cold and so privacy has been hard to come by. But I don’t mind waiting. Since I lost over a pound I have a reward coming too. There are good things in my future.


  1. PK: So give us more details about what a middle school dance is like. And it is a good sign that he is remembering the rules and not letting you slack off. Curious if he will keep this up.


  2. PK, explaining is one thing, whining is another.
    Congratulations on the weight loss.and on Nick's firmness.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. i remember middle school dances...they are an experience! Doing the "happy dance" for you..hope it burns off a few calories for me!

  4. FD,
    A middle school dance - everyone walks in a big circle and about half way through all the girls go to the bathroom and cry.

    I'm glad Nick is paying attention too!

    Whining/explaining it seemed about the same until Nick brought it up.

    I hope that dance causes you to lose a bit too.

  5. Great news on the weight loss PK, keep it up your doing great.