Tuesday, February 01, 2011


I’ve made an amazing discovery! Sit down – here it comes…

Boys and girls are different!

No not that. We already knew that. This is what I found out. Five years ago LJ was accepted at the college of his choice. He was happy, we were happy and as we settled down and began to talk about it. I asked him “Well son, what are you going to need? He thought for a moment and finally said


“Right” I answered. “What else?”

“That’s all I can think of, sheets.”

Mollie was accepted at her school last Thursday. So far her wish list would fill a 5 subject notebook and she’s still going strong! Sigh, she’s a girl. This is her first ‘nest’. It's still illegal to rob banks, right?

Written by PK at 2:00 AM



At 7:36 AM, Blogger Paul said...

PK, well, knock me down with a five ton feather, what a surprise!!!
The only way you could get away with robbing the bank is by pretending to be an I R person. LOL
Love and warm hugs,

At 7:43 AM, Anonymous abby said...

Thanks for the morning laugh. Wait til year 2 when she wants to redecorate, then year 3 when she wants an apartment!

At 10:12 AM, Blogger ronnie said...

LOL PK Wait until after her first year when she realises she didn't need all that stuff and mom has to bring it all home.


At 7:56 PM, Blogger Audra said...

LOL, thanks for that laugh! I have 2 girls... yikes.. so not wanting to think about college... I better start saving now! :-) They just keep getting more and more expensive!! lol.

At 11:30 PM, Blogger PK said...

Well I'm going to have to come up with some way to pay for all she wants. I think I'm a little old to turn professional.

Oh gee! Did you have to bring all that up? LOL!

Man that was something else I didn't want to think about. Going to be a long 4 years.

Yep, forget about tuition. Just concentrate on enough money to decorate the dorm room!


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