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Friday, February 25, 2011

Fantasy Friday, My office fantasy - final chapter, II

Finally Friday! I managed to catch Mollie's cold. Let me tell you controlling, much less teaching, 70 kids throughout the day without a voice it tough. But as long as the weekend is here I think I'll survive.

I hope you have been enjoying Andrade's Girl's story. I haven't heard from her so I guess she isn't reading here any longer. But I wish her well and I hope she is still writing. I hope you enjoy ...

The Final Chapter

In my quiet corner, I pay attention to the thoughts darting thru my mind. I don't like to be alone with my thoughts I feel lonely and alone, I want him to hurry back and complete the discipline at hand. And then I am thinking just the opposite, I am dreading him coming back; can I handle the pain and all the sensations? Will I be able to remain still? Will I be able to submit and let go? Will he know when I've had enough? My heart is racing; I have Goosebumps all over my body. My body tingles everywhere and it's wet in all the right places. "Please hurry to my side" I pray.

After what feels like an eternity I hear footsteps coming towards me. He stands behind me, he takes the new implement from my hand and places it on the couch. He takes both my wrists and shackles them together in his hand way up over my head. I am swooning with desire, and fear. My bones have turned to liquid. I can barely stand up. His hand tightens around my wrists holding me in position. I lean back against him resting in his strength. He leans in very close to me, and whispers in my ear "I have a special treat for you my love". I open my mouth to ask "What?...", but he touches my lips with his index finger and gently parting them and just inserting the tip of his finger in my mouth and he purrs "Did I give you permission to speak?".

I gently shake my head no. "That's right my love, you need to learn to listen." He then lowers my hands and leads me to the end of our couch and gently lays me over the arm of the couch. He puts a pillow under my head and gently adjusts my body so that I am comfortable, and he is pleased with the position. He then takes my right arm and puts it behind my back so that my hand is resting on my behind. I feel him put something over my index finger, then my middle and then each finger until it is encased in a long glove. I can feel him lacing up this long glove with long laces that tickle my arms when he lets go of the lace. He places my arm down again resting against the back of my body, with my gloved hand resting on my bottom. He takes my left hand and slowly repeats the process. My body is on fire, my heart is racing, my breathing is quick and shallow; there is a tugging deep in the pit of my abdomen which grows deeper and lower with each passing second. I can hardly keep still. I want to ask a million questions, but I remain silent, trying to surrender my body to the sensations of the moment. When he is done with my left arm, he takes the long laces from both gloves and ties each glove together, not tightly, but enough to know that my arms will remain behind my back with my own hands lightly caressing my bottom. I take a deep breath to calm myself and the fear that sits within. Yet I am entranced, I do not want him to stop, I don't want the night to end…ever.

He picks up the leather crop that he tauntingly placed beside me on the couch and leans his face very close to my gently brushes my cheek with his lips and says "I love you with all my heart, my love. Tonight you belong only to me." He turns my head to face down into the pillow, so that I cannot see what is around me, and there is darkness now. And with that, he moves to stand behind me, he places one hand on the small of my back, and places the leather crop across my bottom to let me know that he is about to begin. My feet are shaking; my knees are bending, and then straightening gently rocking my body up and down. And then, I hear the air crackle as he whisks the crop across my cheeks, below my hands. I take in a sharp breath. But I vow to remain silent. He starts off gently, and slowly, and builds up speed and intensity. I can hardly keep up with all the sensations; the leather on my arms, the binding of my arms, his hand on around the small of my back, gently holding me in place, and the stinging of my bottom. I can only gasp occasionally. I can't even think anymore, swat…swat….swat…gasp, it all becomes one rhythm, as if he and I become one. The rhythm builds and builds, my body is hot and vibrating with sensation and excitement. I am wet and slick inside and the wetness builds and flows to my thighs. The rhythm continues…his hand at my low back hold deeper and stronger. I don't think I can take anymore, but I don't want him to stop. "Please…I am thinking…no stopping please don't stop". Faster and harder and deeper pressure…I cry out "Please Please…please..oh God " into my pillow, tears are pouring from my eyes making the pillow wet. He stops now, and there is only quiet.

He is standing behind me I can hear him un-buttoning his pants, the zipper coming down.. "oh god please hurry"…his warm legs against the inside of my damp thighs. His hands roam over my bottom, rubbing and massaging. I am moan louder now..."Please hurry!" "Shhhhh" I hear him whisper to me. Finally, I can feel the heat and the length of him entering me from behind, gently rocking…then pushing harder and deeper with each thrust. He leans over me holding my sides, pushing faster and harder, and now, there is no pillow, no couch, living room, no him, no me, only now, only just eternity. And that moment of perfection slowly ebbs away; he gently separates himself from me. He gently unties and unlaces my gloves, takes me by the hand and lifts me up to stand in front of him. He lifts my head with his hand and I look into his deep fathomless pools of power, emotion and love. "Tonight you truly became mine". I still cannot speak, so I just gently nod my head in agreement and we walk together arm in arm towards our bedroom.


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  1. PK, very hot, I like the touch with the gloves.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. Lovely PK, thanks.

    Have a wonderful weekend.