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Sunday, January 02, 2011

A Tattoo question

Happy New Year to all!! I hope you got to celebrate with the people you love and I hope the year is a good one for you. I hope you’ll come here and visit as often as time allows.

Today I have a question for my readers, actually to some specific readers – those of you who have tattoos. I need your assistance. What do I tell a beloved niece when she asks me what I think of the tattoo she got and I really think it’s awful?

I’m never loved tattoos, there okay I guess but I’ve never been a big fan. I don’t want any myself and I would prefer my children not get any. I do, however, realize that whether or not my children choose to get one is rapidly becoming none of my business. My niece got this over the holidays, it’s on her back. It’s a picture from one of the Harry Potter books – Hedwig in her cage surrounded by books. I knew she was getting one. I was expecting something about two to three inches in diameter. But then I saw the picture. It was similar to this in size but a different picture of Hedwig and not in color.

I'm a Harry Potter fan and it’s not that it’s a bad picture but I wouldn’t really want it hanging on the wall for long much less something that will never go away. I picture her in a backless wedding dress, I picture her with a man she’s growing close to and as she turn over for a back rub, instead of the beautiful women he’s with, he’s going to be thinking of ‘The Deadly Hallows’? Come on!

But what do I say when she ask me what I think of it? I know she will when she comes up this weekend. Those of you with tattoos, how would you have prefer some of your family to react? Would it be best to lie and say “It’s beautiful!”? I mean, it’s there and it won’t go away why knock it? Or should I give her a mild version of what I really think? I love the girl. Any suggestion as to the most loving thing I can say about it?


  1. I would tell her that it's beautifully done (which seems to be the case, even if you don't like the tattoo itself). And if she presses you farther, I would say something like, "I'm not much of a tattoo person myself, but I think it's a lovely image that really suits you, and I'm so glad you're pleased with it!" Like you said, it's going to be there for life - why give her something to hook her insecurity to if she does have second thoughts sometime down the road? Just don't burst into tears like my mom did! :)


  2. PK, I really don't like tattoo's.
    I believe Tracy's advice is good. I couldn't give you better.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. Well i can tell you that both of my boys said that it was too big and they have tattoo's. The oldest said it was cool ..the youngest sait it was HUGE! Just say it's cool and move on.

  4. That should say "said" instead of sait.

  5. I like small discreet tatoos on subs as long as it's something symbolic of their submission.

    But yes, I can imagine you don't like that huge tatoo. My suggestion would be to second what AngelBrat said.


  6. Oh dear it does seem rather large PK.

    As Paul says, Tracy's advice is good. I couldn't come up anything better either.


  7. Tracy,
    Your advice is very good and that's what I'll try to do. It's not like saying anything could change the fact that it's done.

    You and I are together on this. A nephew (age 17) told me today 'No one should be allowed to get a tattoo until they are 30. If they still want it then they should go for it.' Sounds about right to me.

    Sounds good and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks it's huge!

    I've seen some father with tattoos their children's names or footprint. I might could see that - at least the tattoo will keep its importance to the person.

    Yep, it's bad, but I will take Tracy's advice. But I'm really glad it's not Mollie!!!!