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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Wedding weekend

I love weddings but this whole trip was a real blast. I always love spending time with Eva and Adam. And this was special because I got to meet daughter #1! She was so lovely and so very nice to me. Remember she didn’t know me at all but she made me feel like I was a member of the family right from the start. I was included in the Rehearsal Dinner – a fantastic pig picking! Daughter # 2 was comfortable letting me watch over the two beautiful granddaughters and daughter # 3 ditched her parents couch in their suite and joined me in my room. It was all just fun and I feel like I got closer to the whole family.

There was one participant in the wedding that I was a bit worried about. The person in charge of flowers at a wedding, in my opinion, has a very stressful job. I mean it’s a critical part of the wedding and you don’t get a re-do if something goes wrong. I think after that job the father of the bride job is equally stressful. Think of the emotional pressure of having to take your baby down the aisle and give her to another man. I guess the only member of the wedding party that has more pressure on him is the minister himself. Now how would you feel if you had to do all three?? Yep, Adam did the flowers, walked his daughter down the aisle and then performed the ceremony. I personally thought he would crack – he didn’t. Okay his voice did a little at times but he held it together beautifully and speaking of beautiful I’ve never seen flowers anything finer that what Adam did.

He was one happy man when everything was over – even the father daughter dance was incredible as they danced to numerous different styles. That man can bust some moves! Now what was Eva doing all this time. Beaming from ear to ear and doing whatever she could to assist. I did my best in my role as best-friend-of-the-mother-of-the-bride. This job consisted of staying close and seeing what needed to be done. It was all so much fun. The reception was great – the food, the pies (yes pie, Eva can tell you all about this) Smores as well as Polynesian food, Mexican food and Italian food. Yep it was some reception.

Even Adam's encounter with the police later only served to make the whole day one to remember! I’ll let Eva explain more about this if she chooses to. Mean while I’ll leave you with a picture of Eva. For those who know her best out here will have a hard time believing it’s her but it is…


  1. PK, seems that you had a great time.
    I'm glad that it went well for all concerned.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. Anonymous10:45 PM


    Tell Eva How Beautiful


  3. Paul,
    I like weddings as long as I don' have to plan them.

    I'll be sure to tell her.

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful time PK. Happy all went well.

    Tell Eva, love the shoes.


  5. Eva is one hot chick! I think I love her! PK, thanks for being there! love ya