I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Saturday, May 31, 2008

This and that

Can you believe it?? Eva is home! They told her at first maybe Sunday, then probably Monday. But today they came in and told her she could go. I think it’s too soon (but no body asked me). Eva and Adam are very happy. Eva wants to sleep in her own bed and I think Adam is pretty happy about that arrangement too. I do know that this girl is a fast healer so more power to her!!

If you haven’t checked out FF this week go here and be sure to vote. The voting is close this week!

I am an abandoned woman this weekend. Nick is off with the guys playing golf all weekend. Of course he only leaves two weekends out of the year so I can’t complain. I used to love it, I would park the kids with friends or my parents and enjoy the solitude but now I miss him a lot more. I will be glad when he’s back!

Mollie’s big dance was last night. She looked so beautiful. She got her hair cut and highlighted the day before and had her nails done. Then the afternoon of the dance we went out looking for a black clutch bag and just the right color lipstick. It was fun. She had a good time, I have not been given many details but that is to be expected. I asked her if she danced and she gave me a little smile and said yes.

LJ is still looking for work but he had a really good interview, or audition and he called it – ever the actor, at coffee shop where he would like to work. Everyone please cross your fingers!! The boy needs work, if only to keep me off his back!

A new Wal-Mart opened near us a few weeks ago and today Mollie and I went to check it out. That will teach Nick to leave me alone! We found several things we couldn’t live without including this hair brush – what can I say! I just couldn’t pass it up.

And along those lines, Nick does read my posts (and a lot of others). So he read ‘Letting go’ and for my assignment last week I sent him a few more details. I got back the nicest email! Truly he is such a good man! I had directed him to Bonnie’s last brunch, where she asked about how we felt about being able to feel a spanking the following day.

This is part of the email he sent me,

Be warned however that Mollie will be gone some this summer; I may need to have a general catch up episode. I admit mentally it easier for me to comprehend erotic spankings as foreplay even if discipline is used as a role playing element. It was surprising to see so many at Bonnie actually embrace the harder sessions and next day pain.
Still thinking, the journey continues, enjoying the trip immensely!

I was very encouraged! You all keep pushing this communication thing – someday I might even believe you. I felt pretty good; I had communicated my need at a safe time. Nick was going to be gone this weekend and I knew LJ was going to be around Wednesday afternoon until Mollie got home from babysitting. But as I saw LJ getting ready to leave earlier than I had expected I began to worry about my timing! I mean you don’t tell your man he really needs to spank longer and harder when he is going to have time to give it a try that day! I was about to grab onto LJ and cry “No son wait! You need to spend some time with us!!” But I restrained myself. He had no more than gotten out of the drive way when Nick asked me to accompany him to the bedroom.

He told me this would not be my full make up session but a little practice never hurt. He used his hand, the flyswatter (that stings for such a little thing), the hairbrush, the tawse and my favorite, his soft leather belt. I can’t say he pushed my limits but I was very, very satisfied with the spanking!! And I was very satisfied with what happened after the spanking too!!

We talk a lot out here about which we like better – sting or thud. I have pretty much decided that I am more into thud. I like wood because it encompasses both, you have a great sting at the moment but it also gives that deeper ache. Usually he is fairly slow with a paddle or hair brush and you really get to feel both. I think the belt is the same way. I stings nicely yet when used hard it too can give that lasting effect! I have no love for the tawse! It stings like hell but you have nothing to remember it by an hour later.

I am starting to ramble so I will go now. One more week and I will be a free women for the summer! We will be headed to see Eva and Adam in about 3 weeks and I am so excited! Just pray that I can keep the kids in line for 5 more days!!


  1. Now this is what I want to see written here . Pk with crimson buns. I think life will be good this summer for you if you can actually sit the next day hehehe

    *hugs and grins*

  2. I thought I was strange for liking the thud better. Everyone always says to stay away from the wood, but I'm draw to it more. Although, I don't like the BS as much because it's more like a sting without much after.

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend. I'm busy, busy, busy!


  3. PK,

    As it turns out, a little practice CAN hurt, but only in a good way. Enjoy!


  4. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Your posts are so much fun to read. I have never experienced a tawse. I have got to get me one. Where do you get one? You are right communication is everything in a successful dd relationship.
    Have a great day- Ciao
    I gal

  5. The tawse is my next addition to our toy box. I like the leather. I'm wishing right this very moment that it was warm enough to start our fireplace because I would burn that evil wood paddle Joe made.
    Glad you got a satisfying session.

  6. Anonymous10:35 PM

    Sting or thud? Whatever way I can get it is fine. We don't do it regularly enough, yet, for me to distinguish but things are getting better.


  7. Wood all the way.(but not the bath brush..no way un-uh.) The leather flogger is nice too..I'll be glad when you're twin is feeling well enough to blog again..

  8. O.K. You said you had a satisfying encounter, but did you feel it the next day? Inquiring minds want to know. :-)

  9. PK, good news about Eva.
    Seems Mollie enjoyed the dance.
    It's good that you and Nick are spreading your wings a little.
    I think I need to give your Nick lessons in the use of the tawse.
    Generations of Scotsmen and many south of the border will be happy to confirm that well swung, a tawse should be felt days later.
    It was Mel's favourite because the sting lasted, and the tails left nice welts.
    Love and warm hugs,

  10. David,
    Let’s hear it for crimson buns and summer time!

    I am glad someone else likes wood! It has some fine qualities. But I totally agree about the backscratcher too. Too thin and light for thud and way too much sting!

    LOL Bonnie!! You are so right!

    I Gal and Lori,
    You are welcomed to my tawse! You can use it alternating weeks. I just want it out of our toy box!

    You have a good point!

    Our bath brush is acrylic but it is very ouchie!!

    Actually I didn't, better than usual but nothing for the next day. We'll work on it!

    I would love for you to give Nick pointers on any implement. I will volunteer my services (I would not say that if you lived any closer! LOL) I was disappointed when our tawse arrived. I think it is leather but it seems light weight and plastic like. For me it is all sting and no depth.

    Everyone I have talked to Eva several times and while she is very sore she is defiantly on the mend.

  11. Nice update...glad Eva is home...glad Molly enjoyed her dance...hope LJ finds the job he's looking for...and glad you are having some fun... :-) Off and running again... crazy week... Hugs, Terpsichore