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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Good weekend

The Fantasy Friday this week is truly fantastic and the voting has NEVER been closer! Go here if you haven't read it yet and please let your vote count!!

I have had a good weekend so far. Nick was waiting for me when I got home from work Friday. I knew he was going to be when I got the following email earlier in the day –

Gained, Two weeks in a row
Weight’s got to go

Assignment post a-slack
Earns a few whacks

Important Papers Forgot
Your Bottom gets hot

What more can I say?
Babe, you gonna pay!

Nothing like a spanking poet! Okay so I let a few things slide this week. I am happy to say he didn’t. It really was a great afternoon in fact he broke one of the plastic paddle ball paddles on my butt! Score one for me! The leather paddle, the flogger and finally the belt came in to play too. A great spanking accumulating in some great loving – what more could a girl ask for.

I was a good girl Saturday and after taking Mollie to the church to help with the Easter egg hunt I went to the gym. After lunch she and I headed to town to look for a dress for Mollie. Nick told me something as I went out the door but as I tried to think what it was a few minutes later I couldn’t remember what it was.

Mollie is going to the freshman semi-formal. For those of you with out a daughter to shop with you are missing an interesting experience. She has pretty good taste in clothes and I am pleased to see that her taste does not run to slutty so we found something pretty nice.

I still couldn’t remember what Nick had said.

After we got Mollie fixed up we started looking for clothes for me. We are going on a much anticipated vacation right after Easter and I wanted something new. I was able to get size 16 pants!! Not as skinny as my twin but I was impressed. They are a bit tight but they won’t be for long.

I kept trying to remember what Nick said!!

Mollie is fun as a fashion consultant. She has put her foot down that I can no longer wear mom jeans! I do appreciate her help. Now that I feel like I look a little better I want my clothes to reflect it but I do NOT want to try to wear something that looks too young for me. Nothing can make a mature woman look more ridiculous than that wearing something designed for a teenager.

But Mollie and I found a few things that we could both agree on for me. We looked at jackets and bathing suits, shoes and shirts. It was a really fun day, shopping, talking and laughing. But try as I might I couldn’t ever think of what Nick had told me.

We grabbed some supper and headed home. Mollie put on a fashion show for Nick. Actually we bought her two dresses one for the dance and one for the cruise she is going on later this summer. She looked gorgeous!

I settled in with my computer after we ate supper. And as I started to write this I finally remember what Nick had said as I was leaving. “Don’t spend too much money!” Crap! I guess I should have remember that earlier.


  1. Great poem. You guys are both so creative. Congrats on the size 16 pants! It is so cool to get into a new size.

    How exciting that Mollie is going to a dance. My son will probably fo to the Prom this year. OMG!

  2. Sounds like a fun shopping trip! And that is a great poem Nick sent you - so glad you had some fun together!:-) Take care, Terpsichore

  3. I don't have girls so I never had the dress shopping experience. My oldest can out shop me though. He's pretty stylish. I don't even think girl like going shopping with him. The dress sounds lovely. I'm sure she'll be the prettiest there. I love buying a pair of pants a size smaller. That's what makes me want to keep going. Great incentive! I'll join you in "the diet isn't going so well stage". I have extenuating circumstances though.

    Hugs & love,

  4. Plastic paddle ball paddle? Hrm... I've never seen one of those. I'm always proud to hear that someone has achieved another goal (and it had to be a goal to move down more sizes in jeans). Keep it up. I'm sure Nick will enjoy your incentive spanking too. He sounds like a good hubby helping with your diet through incentives!

  5. Great poem Nick!

    OK DW how about a few details on the dress for those of us who do miss out on shopping for a girl. All I ever got to do was pick out corsages!

    Ok I am with you on the Mom jeans, I think my hipster days are over. But I do think it is time to ditch the granny panties!


  6. PK, great post, seems Nick got you where he wanted you.
    Does Nick lnow how much money you spent, OMG!!!
    Love and warm hugs,

  7. Nicks a poet and didn't know it! LOL

    I love the poem! Nice way to let you know play time is coming.

    Now, about the spending too much money. Uh, any chance Nicks got another poem for you??


  8. Shoppers..stylish kids..my two boys are as picky about their clothes as any girl i know...

  9. Jessica,
    I am happy about the pant!

    Mollie is looking forward to the dance but so far she is not boy crazy- thank goodness.

    Nick is always surprising me. He really is a lot of fun.

    I think our fat just loves us and does not want to leave!

    Nick is the greatest. He has been able to keep me motivated for 2 years.

    I would think your granny panties would be a thing long in the past!

    I will think of some picture come dance time.

    We had had a great weekend no need to cloud it with a lot of detail about money.

    He may have another poem if I ever tell him. hehehehehehehe!

    I always think LJ and his friends look very good and they all insist on shopping at good will. I guess its how you wear them!

  10. PK I wasn't talking "my" granny panites, I was talking your's. Or have you already ditched them?


  11. Anonymous8:55 PM

    So how much is too much? Was that spelled out BEFORE you went shopping? I mean if you didn't know then it's okay!!!


  12. I love the poem!!! that is awesome!!! Nick is great! But we knew that!!!! Congrats on the 16 pants!! AWESOME!!!!! And Mollie -- please, warn me! I'm not ready for even a smart, wonderful teen like Mollie!