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Monday, November 05, 2007


Was that not one fantastic story!! I am really enjoying Fantasy Friday. And I really liked the ability to make you have to wait to for what you wanted!! Maybe there is a little Dom in me after all!

Theresa won the voting with 41%, Purple Angel came in second with 24% of the votes and Scout and I each had 18%. I don’t know about Theresa and Scout but I was honored that anyone could think I wrote such a wonderful story!! But it was not the three of us but Purple Angel that wrote this excellent fantasy!

Go by her site - Spankful Delight and read more of her wonderful writing and let her know how much you enjoyed this Fantasy Friday! And as soon as you do that write one of your own and send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Purple Angel, It was a wondeful, superb story. Your writing is outstanding.

    *hugs and grins*

  2. PK, just for once I got it right.
    Purple you are fantastic, can I keep you. *G*
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. Thanks for doing the FF, PK! It's nice to have good stories around again!

    I got it wrong. I don't get out much. lol

    Good job Purple! More, please!


  4. Thanks so much for the wonderful comments. I love writing and it is such a joy when people like what they read.

    I assure you I am not going to stop writing anytime soon. Thanks PK for using my story and Paul, my what an appealing offer!

    Hugs to all,
    Purple Angel

  5. I knew it was purple angel...i got one right. Great story

  6. Hey I thought I wrote it! Hehehe!

    It was great! Good job Purple Angel!


  7. Purple you can see that everyone loved your story! None more than me. Thank you so much for joining in!!

  8. Anonymous12:00 AM

    Oh my goodness, well done Angel. I have read heaps of her stories and really thought I would be able to pick her writing but I missed it this time.