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Friday, November 09, 2007

Fantasy Friday

We have a new twist in Fantasy Friday this week. Two wonderful poems from one of our all time best writers. Most of you are familiar with this persons writing so I expect you to think hard and vote wisely.

"Birthday Suit"

Oh little girl you are so cute
I'd love to see you in your birthday suit
I'd love to see yo
u with no pants
I'd love to make you squirm and dance
I'll swat your backside really quick
I'll smack your bottom
Bring me that stick
I'll make you laugh
I'll make you cry
I'll break you of that alibi
You know you love it
You can't deny
I know you love it
You'd best not lie.

Oh, little girl, so soft and cute
I'd love to see you in your birthday suit.

"The Spank Me Ditty"

Spank me once,
No, spank me twice.
Harder, mister
Oh yeah, that's nice!

To the left
Now to the right.
You missed a spot.
Can you go all night?

Take my panties
Pull them down.
Whip the backside
Under this gown.

Smack me once!
No, smack me twice!

I think I am

I love to feel you
Hard and firm.
Your discipline
Will make me squirm.

Spank my bottom.
You know it's yours.
Let's pretend
I've ignored my chores!

Spank me once.
Swat me twice.
Over your knee
Now that's so nice.

Fantasy Friday Survey

Who wrote "Birthday Suit" and "The Spank Me Ditty"?

Purple Angel


  1. PK. yes, two nice poems, and I think I know who wrote them.
    The first person that I thought of isn't on the list.
    Any-who I've voted, I hope that I'm right.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. I think I got my vote right. A nice touch to Fantasy Friday. Where did you find a picture of Mthc in the spank me top?

    *hugs and grins*

  3. I'm pretty sure about who wrote them too, although I've been wrong every week so far!

    Maybe I will add a verse from one of them to my email signature line VBG

    They're great!

  4. This was a refreshingly nice touch. I loved it and think I am right this time. Can I speak to Nick?


  5. I'm guessing..i think i know but ....cool poems BTW!

  6. Paul let me know sometime who you tought it was. I love the poems!

    Mthc sent me the picture of her and you should see the one she sent of you!

    I guess we can find out Monday if you are right.

    You don't know if Nick has it right. I hope after you move you can introduce Will to all of us and he can be in on the gressing too.

    Well email me so I can see if you are right.

  7. Anonymous1:40 AM

    What great poems these are and I will be interested to find out if I got it right this time. My guessing streak hasn't been to good.


  8. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Poems are a great idea, and these are two good ones. Think we know who wrote them too.

    Todd & Suzy

  9. I'm like Paul. My first thought wasn't on the list. But pretty sure my choice is right!

    Good poems!