I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What I Need!

I’ve got an idea. Now that I have got Nick’s attention let me explain. Think back to the 6th grade. The rowdy kid always got sent outside to stand in the hall. I don’t do that because rowdy or not it’s my job to teach the little buggers. But sometimes when a child has been out for a day I will let them work on the assignment in the hall while we are checking it in the room. To prevent them from being fussed at in case the principal walks down the hall I give them a bright pink card that says “I am not in trouble”. This morning as I was coming awake, through the cobwebs, I thought to myself, I need a sign that says “You are in trouble!” Then I thought, why not?

I’ve told you I am no good at being bratty. It is not in my nature (although in my mind I have my moments). Nick and I don’t fight and I don’t want to. I know it’s not what I do that annoys Nick it all the stuff I don’t do. And here he has tons to choose from! Friday evening I was deep into blogland while Nick was cleaning in the kitchen. He asked if there was anything in the family room to go in the dishwasher. I said yeah, there was a glass. But did I get up and take in to him –no, I was blogging. I could tell when he came to get the glass that he was a bit pissed but I didn’t pay a lot of attention. Later that night when I got a short, mild spanking he mentioned it, but there was nothing to make me take too much notice.

I don’t think Nick has any idea the power I am trying to give him. Our son was home so he couldn’t have done anything at the time, but if we had been alone I would have liked him to tell me to put the computer down (I would have) and bring the glass to the kitchen then use what ever was available to bust my ass for not bringing it in the first place. I guess this is my way of being bratty. I do whatever I want to do and ignore everything else because I know he won’t do anything about it anyway.

Since Nick has an extremely forgiving nature he just doesn’t stay mad or hold all these things that I don’t do in his mind, so back to the ‘you’re in trouble’ cards. With Mollie living at home we can’t take care of things as they happen (unless we were to get lucky like Grace and Bossman did). But if some things really annoys him, or he has asked me to take care of something that I just don’t get around to he can hand me a little card (we can put a few at various places in the house). A short note can quietly let me know what he is finally bugged about. When I get a card I would need to take it and put it somewhere in the bedroom. Then when we get time and have our privacy we could take care of – whatever. Too much topping? I don’t know. Nick is pretty good at taking an idea and putting his own twist on things. I don’t want him mad or upset. That’s not his way or what I need. But I need … something.

I find myself envying Grace, Eva, Patty and Suzy(Todd). Reading their post hasn’t caused this yearning but they state it very well. I’ve asked him to read these and he is so good to read what I suggest. That does wonders for me. I am always afraid that one day he is going to say he’s not interested in reading any more. I liked what Todd said, this type of spanking may be rare but the option is there when he feel it is necessary.

And in case Nick is wondering how this will improve things if I like spankings,well... 0ne, I would hope the spanking itself would be something to avoid in the extremely near future. Two, the after effects make me want to do better. To let him know I appreciate what he is dong and that he is willing to follow through. I have tried to tell him before, I am willing to do whatever he asks. I can say this with confidence because I know him and he will be completely reasonable in his requests.

We are still working on the weight and I want to continue that and truly keep losing. But some weeks you can really try hard and still not lose. He can tell each week if I have really been trying and so far in 3 months I have only missed goal once. I don’t want to fool around with the weight thing. That is important to both of us. The household stuff, well that’s different. Will I try to test him? Probably! I just want him to remember that the spankings are what got us to this good place. My body was always here, the spankings assure that my mind is here too and we all know that that is the most powerful sexual organ.


  1. The mind is indeed a most powerful sex organ....

    I like the card idea... I like getting cards at any time, so one that that would just be an addiitonal bonus !

    Pretty "p" letter for your 'gratitudes' today !

    Anne Elizabeth

  2. Anonymous5:04 AM

    Great Idea. And me thinks you're gonna get it now. Hehehehe. I hope so anyhow!!


  3. Nick hey Nick come here...did you read PK post today. Well I think you need to!

    What are you waiting on PK put on your pretty pink "I'm in trouble, I've been a bad girl" sign and go for it!

    Great plan....


  4. Danielle11:17 AM

    "I'm looking forward. One day you will bring me the hairbrush", my husband told me a while ago.
    And last Monday I did, after a snippy comment about getting my turn on the computer.
    We're all growing in this life style and will be the more happier.

  5. You hit the nail on the head when you said you don't think he realizes the power you've given him.

    It took a long time for Bossman to come to that. We still work on it. Believe me, this weekend was a fluke, of sorts. I still think Bossman has a hard time realizing the "power" he has.

    Nick, give the girl a hard spanking. It will make your wife happy. Believe me, it will. Not only that, but the submissive nature tends to come out in full force after a hard spanking. (trust me, on this one) Your wife will be ready to get off her lazy butt and bring the glass into the kitchen. She might actually help you clean the kitchen. Even better, she might actually clean the kitchen while YOU do something else, like read all our blogs!

    Claim the power! Use it! Your wife will be happy, and trust me, YOU will be REALLY happy!

    I hope you don't think I'm being to forward. But if I am, would you e-mail my husband and tell him I need a spanking?? Thanks!


  6. Elis, good post, how to persuade Nick to spank you, hard.
    Why don't you suggest a regular bedtime spanking, that's what Mel and I did. If she had been a good girl then that's what she got, if she needed an Attitude adjuster or stress buster then where possible bedtime, as ours was a D D & D/s marriage, punishments happened, but never in the bedroom.
    Mel slept soundly with a well warmed bottom, our marriage was a good one, I'm sure that spanking played a big part in that and Mel agreed.
    Warm hugs Elis.

  7. Anonymous3:26 PM

    We think you need to sit down and discuss some rules, and the punishments that come with breaking those rules. Or maybe blog about what you'd like in the way of rules/punishments. If you don't want a serious issue, like weight loss... go with something simple, like housework. 2-3 things, that will result in certain kinds of spankings if not done. Do you think Nick would be willing to try that? Maybe he'd have a couple of rules in mind??

    ~Todd & Suzy

  8. Anne Elizabeth,
    Maybe someday you can get a ticket!

    We'll see...

    I'm pretty sure he reads daily.

    I does seem like we are growing and changing as a couple.

    I hope he reads your comment. That said it pretty well!

    It sounds wonderful, but teenagers just will not go to sleep at night. Our house is small and it isn't something we can do yet. Oh, but it is something to look forward to!

    Todd & Suzy,
    This sound pretty good to me. I think this could work. I will be emailing him soon. Hold good thoughts!


  9. Nick,

    Spank this little wench of yours good and hard so she will shut up, OK? She doesn't realize how good she has it or how considerate you are being... she is trying to push and push and push you... ya know what? If you really want to get her good, don't spank her at all until she quits badgering you for ideas and more and more and more...

    Or better yet, make her earn it...

    But seriously, Nick, accept that she wants to push the play up a notch or two and then decide what you are comfortable with and talk from that point on... try some new stuff, if you're willing, and see how you both feel about it...


    PK - I'm not talking to you... you won't even tell me how you voted so do you see me now sticking my tongue out at you??? Wench... I hope he gives it to you like you never dreamed possible!!! Teachers don't need to sit down at their deskes anyway, do they?

    Hugs and love,

  10. My hubby sounds so much like Nick, unfortunately, he isn't interested in reading the blogs at all... .even if i suggest it. I just have to get up the nerve to explain it all to him... someday... we're like you and Grace though in some ways .. limited because of little ones around. In our case 4 of them 7 and under....


  11. Tig,
    I'm glad you are talkig to me again!! Looking forward to FF.

    How do either one of you have time to read anything, or talk or think for that matter. I really admire you - 4 under 7, amazing!!


  12. Elis - Thanks for this post. I had never thought of this in terms of "all the power you've given him". But it is true, and maybe, just maybe that is something MrC could grasp. lol The man does like his power ;-). He always jokes after I've been away for a few days, or my sister's been in town that he has to retrain me from the beginning. All of that consensual power!? That may be a bigger help than you know.