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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Bike trip

Everyone should have a day like I did today. Nick and I went for a bike ride along with Nick’s sister and her husband. Have any of you heard of the Virginia Creeper Trail? We rent bikes in Damascus, Va. and then they take us up the mountain to the trail which is an old railroad grade. It’s just a gradual downhill trail for 17 miles back to Damascus. This is the third time we have been on this trip and I’m ready to go back. It was incredibly beautiful.

Today was everything a day in the mountains should be. On the drive up we passed through beautiful little valleys dotted with farm houses and barns. There was mist in most of the valleys and the trees showed as much red, orange and gold as green. At one point we even saw a rainbow, very unusual for the morning. This was the first cold snap when we got out to ride the temperature was a crisp 44 degrees. But we were dressed for the weather and off we went!

I wish I could describe just how perfect it was. The trail is hard packed, fine gravel, very quiet. Often leaves were swirling through the air. Most of the time we were traveling beside rushing water, sometimes we would cross over bridges over deep gorges full of huge bolder and white water. So quiet, so peaceful, always a gorgeous view, and I mean always because I was riding behind Nick and he has the cutest butt! Anyway…

We were about half way down when my brother-in-law held up his hand to tell us to be quiet. Standing on the trail was a doe. She seemed totally calm as she watched us. She turned and walked into the stream to take a drink then looked back at us and walked off into the woods. I told you, it was just a magical day. We had a bit of rain, fog and sunshine. We ever stopped at a café near the bottom of the trail for chocolate cake. Could a day be anymore perfect?

The worse thing and the best thing on the trip was that we didn’t have a camera. I really missed the camera because there were so many images I wanted to capture, to keep and to share. But at the same time without the camera I was really able to see everything for myself. Years ago Nick and I took many picture trips and they were great but sometimes I got home and realized I hadn’t spent any time just looking for myself. I am hoping that we will get a digital camera for Christmas for the two of us. After we do I will learn how to post them and go to town. But I hope I can remember to stop and look for myself too.


  1. Elis, You have no idea how jealous I am... Ok, I may not get jealous about anything regarding Dante and other women but damn, woman... I'd give my right arm and maybe my left, too, to have been there with you today... I can actually smell themountain smells and see it all in my mind, even with my eyes wide open as I type this.

    OHHHHHH... you lucky, lucky wench, you... how dare you make PK faces when you are surrounded by such beauty? You should be spanked!! It will be that much better after your butt's been properly warmed by a bike seat for 17 miles...

    Hugs and love,

  2. Anonymous2:53 AM

    Can feel the crisp October air on our faces! Sounds like a great day.

    ~Todd & Suzy

  3. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Elis~ Awesome day you had there!! I'm not much of a bike rider but I like the idea of the gradual down hill part!! Glad you had a perfect day!!

    Now what I want to know is how Tiggr is gonna ride a bike with no arms??


  4. Eva you stole my comment! Ususally SuzQ does that.

    Elis it is funny you had a nature day yesterday. I slept in and Will called about 9, a cold front had moved in here also. Will told me I needed to start getting up earlier, what was I going to do when we started camping.

    I told him, I didn't know how to camp! But I could dig that slow downhill bike ride!

    Glad you had a great day!


    I agree with you on the camera, sometimes it just gets in the way.

    Now, go do something naughty so Nick will have a reason to spank you! GO NOW!


  6. As much as I live to take pictures I agree that sometimes it is better without it. If you think it’s tough to leave at home now, wait until you get a digital. You will wonder how you ever did without it.


  7. Wow, riding on your handlebars was so much fun! I hope we didn't wiggle too much. The scenery was gorgeous and the chocolate cake, divine. Um, I liked the views too. No, not that view...the trees and the deer!

    The only time I regret having my camera with me is when I'm lugging my 14 pound tripod and not using it. Once you go digital, the world looks totally different!

    **Big Hugs**
    ♥ CeeCi

    **Your blog was trying to follow you, that's why it disappeared for a bit!**

  8. That sounds like such a beautiful day for you yesterday, Elis...
    Seeing the doe, the foliage of the trees in all their glorious changing colors, the combination of the fog and sunshine, and then chocloate cake as well !!!

    Happy Sunday !

    Anne Elizabeth