I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cyber Buddies

Eva talked about how friendships develop out here. I know this is the thing that stunned me the most. I came here looking for spanking stories and for spanking pictures. I was not looking for friends, I was looking for anonymity. I never planned for my husband to ever know I had looked up spanking on the internet. I knew I was never going to tell him. All I really wanted from the internet was something that would partially satisfy my longing for my ultra secret desire. I knew I would never have the nerve to ask for it in real life. Reading about it, seeing some pictures was as far as my imagination could take me. I didn’t know anything else was a possibility.

Thank God, and I mean that sincerely, things didn’t work out as I had planned. I have friends in real life. I like the people I work with, we have some couples that we go out with. But close, really close, friends you can talk to about anything – well, this type of friend become very scarce as you get older. The new friendships I have found here came totally out of the blue. I never expected these new friends and I never expected to find a twin.

I think it makes me feel young. Eva and I laugh about feeling like we are in middle school again. It’s like we all run home every day and get on the computer (like we used to get on the phone when we were kids) to see what everyone has to say or what they have done all day. We talk about sex, hopefully more accurately than we did in junior high. We discuss what we are doing with our boyfriends, and what we want our boyfriends to do to us. We have pity parties and rants and celebrations. We all even have a crush on the same boy, Paul! So yes, I feel young out here making friends. I feel excited. I want to get together and have that sleep over I suggested to Grace. Now that would really be fun! Maybe someday.

But until that time I want to thank all my new friends, that includes lots of people these days, all those who’s blogs I comment on or folks I email. I have read on the internet several times that the definition of a friend is someone who will bail you out of jail, but a really good friend is someone who will bail you out, drive you home and say “Damn that was fun!” I think have made some really good friends!


  1. Anonymous3:11 AM

    Actually I wouldn't be able to bale you out cuz I'd be sitting there beside you saying "damn that WAS fun." ROFL Great post, my friend.


  2. Anonymous8:32 AM

    First I want to say thank you for having a wonderful blog that I visit every day! Anonymous as I am I follow you and a few others that seem to mirror my life! Nice to know there are others, lol! Wonderful post, I also cannot believe I made a friend or two from daring to reach out and actually "speak" to someone! It truly can be a wonderful medium and I am grateful for those who take the time to write! Thank you!

  3. Eva...Elis I'm on my way...I'll bail you out. Will it matter that the house is almost headed for foreclosure????

    Oh my gravy Elis, that post was too cool for school!

    Tiggr is supposed to be writing a story about us all meeting at a masqarade party (Tig?). I was going to write one about us all ending up in the same nursing home. Why don't you and Eva put youR little twin heads together and write us a slumber party! Paul could keep telling us it is time for bed and threatening to spank us. The other boys could be throwing rocks out the window. I bet you $5 Tiggr and Cassie will be the first ones to climb down the rose trellis!

    I never expected friends either. And Paul is just like "my" Paul such a wise and thoughtful Dom. A mentor! I'll come out of the closet now that you have told the world about our crush on him...

    I love you all. Now gotta go to work!


  4. Poor Elis, I hadn't realised that you are an Idiot-savant, count, without the aid of a computer, WOW.
    Joking aside, and that was a joke, very nice and true post dear girl.
    I hope that you girls realise that one kiss and I turn into a frog. WEG!!!
    Warm hugs,
    Paul. 1 2 3 4 5 See I can do it too.

  5. It's funny how we start out doing something and it turns out way different than you thought it would. Lucky for us, it turned out WAY better than we thought it would!

    Here's to friends!

    BTW Paul, I happy to like frog legs, so watch out!


  6. Anonymous6:34 PM

    Oy vey!! A slumber party with you all? Ummm.... I'll be the pouty nerd with glasses hiding in the corner reading a book.


  7. Elis,
    what a cool post ! So nice to have the unexpected happen in such a fulfilling way !!!

    Happy Wednesday, and very heart-warming (and occasionally cyber-bottom-warming) to know you are among good friends!

    Anne Elizabeth

  8. Eva,
    You are right, I probably wouldn't get into enough trouble to be arrested if you weren't there!

    Thank you so much for reading and even more for leaving a comment! When I read everything out here I am always amazed and happy to know that there is more than a handful reading my stuff. Email or pick a name to use so I'll know its you. Come back anytime!

    When my aunt went to a nursing home 8 years ago there were 7 women on the hall that had all graduated from high school together. They had a blast! A PJ party does sound good!

    I like to consider myself a creative speller. My kids at school love it when I throw something on the board wrong. I tell them to get over it, they can grow up to be productive citizens and not be able to spell!

    Save one of those frog legs for me! Remember, good friends share!

    Alright everyone, grab your glasses and head to Eva's corner. You know darn good and well she's looking at some good porn!

    Anne Elizabeth,
    I feel as comfortable and secure here as I have anywhere.


  9. Anonymous9:08 PM

    Hello, dear Elis. Like you, I never expected to find friends here much less great friends like all of you. I also never expected to find my love here, but blogging has made that possible as well. I feel blessed.

    Great post! I've missed you all while I was gone (not too much, though... I had the time of my life). I'll be back later to catch up on the mischief you and Eva have been up to.