I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, November 10, 2017

Fantasy Friday - Sweets for the Sweet, but only five

I’m so happy to be able to host another wonderful Fantasy Friday story. I don’t get many stories these days, but please know if you write one, I’ll be happy to post it.

Not long ago I got an email from a reader telling me she enjoyed the Cassie books – no quicker way to my heart. We began emailing back and forth and I realized she hadn’t really found the blogs, so I invited her to New Beginnings. Do you all remember when you found the blogs, like-minded people willing to discuss TTWD, it was a rush. I sure remember, it was fun and exciting and I loved making new friends.

In our emailing she sent me a story from her real life showing that her husband was much like most of ours. I might have suggested it would make a good Fantasy Friday story if she would be willing to let me post it – but you know me, I never push.

I got permission and I asked my new friend, Rosie Dee, to provide me with a short introduction…

I live in the Northeastern part of the US.  Married 48years.  I imagined this lifestyle since I was very young. I Love Lucy was a big influence in my fantasies.  I used to "poke" my husband for a reaction but always just confused him until I finally wrote a note to explain my needs.  Thankfully, he got it. I'm still writing notes (and now showing him PK's blog, too!) I never thought of this story being read by others, but PK bullied me into it.

Now you all know that last part isn’t true, but now we can all enjoy…

Sweets for the Sweet, but only five

I've asked my husband's help to keep me on a diet several times through the years.  So, he would ask me, “Are you supposed to be eating that?”  And I would end up mad at him for interfering.  It never worked.  What is wrong with me?  Now, he "helps" me with only one thing regarding my eating.  It’s really my job to do the right thing for my health. 
 I LOVE black licorice.  Specifically, Panda brand.  Sometimes my husband buys me a bar of it at the natural food store.  Only one. 
Big treat. A while ago, I bought a 7oz. bag and ate a few every day or so.  I was in good control so bought a couple more.  Then one night I ate a half bag.  My sugars were good the next a.m. so, of course, I ate the rest of it.  I felt really bad so I talked with him about it.  I said I needed help with candy.  It is the one thing I seem to overeat.  It calls to me.  I needed something to make me think twice about eating it. 
We made a couple rules about candy.  I can’t buy it without first checking with him.  He decided that I could have 5 pieces of my little licorice bites a day (only 1/3 of a serving).  I tried for more but he said no.  He put them in a seven-day pill box so I would have no excuse to eat more.  That worked well for a while.  He would ask how I was doing and I could report that I was only having five pieces a day.  If I ate more than five, there would be a consequence with the bath brush.  Very effective motivation. 
Then there was a sale on 7 oz. bags and I bought several.  I tucked them away and only had one bag out.  I had stopped using the pill box and would just count out five myself.  He wasn't asking about it anymore.  Our agreement was that I would tell him even if I ate one extra piece.  He agreed that one wouldn't be so bad but we didn't want it to get out of control. 
Somehow I found that if two were stuck together, it was easy to count it as one and still only feel a tiny bit guilty.  And, I didn't remember (?) to tell him. Besides he'd said one extra wouldn't be so bad, right?  Then I started having more than six.  After all, the package said a serving was 15 pieces.  Then, one night I opened one of the stashed bags and ate half of it.  I felt awful and knew I should tell him but I just couldn't. I did that four more times (in addition to my five a day).  
Last Friday he asked me out of the blue, "Did you have your licorice today?" 
"Did you have five?"
"Yup."  I wasn't looking at him.
"Did you have more than five?"
"Why would you ask me that?  I wouldn’t lie to you."
"Well, you could have had six, but that would mean you had five, wouldn't it?"
There was a long pause.  "Huh. Interesting.  You're right I guess."  Like I'd never thought of that.
"So, did you have six?"
"Yes. I think I did."
"Did you have more than that?"
"I might have.  I'm not sure.”
“Well, did you or didn’t you?”
“Well, I think I kind of just grabbed a few and called it five?”
“Do you do that a lot?”
This was in bed in the dark, by the way.
“You are a bad girl.  I’m going to have to think about this.”
“What do you mean?”
“You know exactly what I mean.  We’ll talk about this tomorrow.”
Saturday morning while we were getting ready to go out for the day he said, “By the way, you’re getting a spanking tomorrow night for not telling me the truth when you were supposed to.”
“What?  What are you talking about?”
“You’re supposed to tell me when you have ONE more piece of licorice.  The first time.  How many times have you had more?”
“I don’t know.”
That many times?”
“I guess.  Maybe.”
“Well, it’s going to end tomorrow.”
“Why tomorrow?”
“We’re going to be home late and we’ll be tired tonight.”  I immediately said I thought it wasn’t fair.  He asked me, “Why not?” I said because we hadn’t talked about it in a long time and he should just let me off this time and I’d be good from now on. “Yes you will.  But tomorrow is still going to happen.”
I pouted and turned away.
“Do you have anything else you want to say?”
“No.  Not right now.  But I’m not happy.”
Well, part of me was happy.  Really happy.  I don’t want another chance, but you know how Cassie hates the ivory brush?  I feel the same way about the bath brush.
We had a nice day.  We talked normally, but it was on my mind all day.  At bed time, I snuggled up to him with my head in his lap and we talked about it with me trying to convince him that he should be lenient and trying to find out how harsh “tomorrow” was going to be.  I asked if it mattered how many I ate.  He said this wasn’t about the licorice or how much I had.  (That’s good because he doesn’t know about the two and a half bags I devoured.  He will when I get the bags out of my stash place tomorrow because there’s a half empty one in there.)  He said it was about deceit.  Well, that made me feel bad.  He said it would be bad.  Between 20 and 40.  He offered to get it over with right then.  I said no because it’s so hard to meekly say yes and roll over, you know?  I still wanted to talk.  My stomach was in knots.  He was sick of talking and wanted to go to sleep.  He finally said, “That’s it.  We’re doing it right now!”
He got out of bed.  Got the brush.  Got back in, rolled me over, smacked about 10 times with his hand and then went to town with that awful brush.  I don’t know how many, but it hurt!  Not quite as bad as I expected, but I certainly didn’t want more!  I stayed there with my embarrassed face in the mattress for several minutes as he stroked my back.  Then I said I was glad it was over.  “I’m glad you love me this much.  And I’m sorry I’m such a pain.”
“You’re not a pain.  I love you too.”  We snuggled.  He was asleep in two minutes.  I stayed up and read for a while.  I felt better.

These are the stories I love. It's real, her husband is not some brute, but just a man who loves his wife and is willing to help her in the way she needs. Thank you for sharing Rosie Dee and I hope we'll see you around in comments - while you write your next Fantasy Friday story!

If you have a story you're willing to share send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Hi PK, Well I for one am glad you have made a new friend. I love her story and hope she comes to visit all of us and writes lots more! Just saying.....
    love Jan, xx

  2. Hi PK, wonderful to have another great Fantasy Friday story :) Thank you Rosie for sharing your story with us. The "real" stories are always the best :)


  3. PK and Rosie, this is an excellent fantasy friday story. Thanks so much for sharing. I so sympathize about bath brushes, eek, ours is named Bertha, and she's a menace to my bum and my man's "old friend". I'm with Roz, the "real" stories are definitely the best!

  4. Great little story! Thanks so much Rosie Dee. Not really a fantasy though, but I love it.

    Sam helps me all the time and keeps me on the straight and narrow path. There is always a consequence for sugar cheating. Usually Mr. Paddle.

    Hugs From Ella

    1. LOL! It is a fantasy of mine!

  5. Thank-you for sharing your story, Rosie Dee. :-) And thanks PK for always inspiring us to share our stories. :-) Hugs

  6. PK and Rosie,
    Loved the story! Thanks......... now PK, you need to convince Rosie to blog.

    1. I'm going to work on that!

  7. That’s a great story. Thank you both for sharing it.

  8. Thank you everyone for all the kind words. I was a little nervous to submit my story but PK was very supportive and encouraging. Reading this blog has helped me get over myself a bit and talk more with my husband and not feel so shy and embarrassed about it all. Thanks, too, for the comments you all leave on the blog. I'm reading the whole thing from the start in 2006 and I love it!

  9. Great story. Very realistic and kept me entertained. Hope you do another story Rosie

  10. Thanks for sharing your story, Rosie Dee. Hope you stick around blogland and share more with us. Thanks for 'bullying' her PK. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  11. PK and Rosie Dee,

    This was a fun story. I completely related to the "two were stuck together" and in my mind, they would hence be counted as one. Good times!


  12. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Enjoyed it, and hope to read more from others. If I had the nerve I would submit mine. Caught by my wife to be, at my apartment, masturbating looking at spanking magazines. She showed up, not expecting. Told me to finish, took me to the kitchen and soundly spanked me. Stated that we will be married in a week, and spankings will be given when needed. Joe

  13. Good story. It was deja vu having a story on FF. Hope she will write again.

  14. I very much enjoyed this story, Rosie Dee! :) I can definitely see how things could get out of hand with the candy. I'm a candy lover too. Please pass the red licorice... or the sour patch kids... or some jelly beans! Hard to eat just one!

    Hope that PK gets you writing more for us. Thanks PK and Rosie Dee. Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  15. Hi PK and Rosie Dee, What a wonderful story, so nice to have a new one for FF after so long. Hope to hear more from you Rosie.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  16. Late to the party here but didn’t want to creep away without saying how much I enjoyed this story. Thank you for twisting Rosie’s arm, PK. I hope she will share more stories with us.
    Rosie xx