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Thursday, January 07, 2016

If you're looking for a good read...

I hope everyone is getting settled down from the holiday rush.  I think I am. I’ve reached the point in motherhood where I’m equally excited to see my children head back to their own home as I am to see them come! If you have grown children I know you understand.

I’m happy to have more time to read and in case you missed it I wanted let everyone know that Leigh Smith (Sonny) has another book out, Loving his China Doll, and I really like this one. Like many of Sonny’s books we get to see the love story from the beginning and I like that. You know me, I’m the nosy type and I want all the details, or as Grace used to call me a detail whore.  Here’s the blurb:

Chyna Minton became blind after a traumatic childhood experience.  She developed ‘second sight’ after the incident so when handsome Jeff Kincaid calls at her house to inquire about leasing her family land, she knows he will forever change her life in some way.

As the two find their way into love, problems arise.  Having initially been resigned to her blindness, Chyna is unhappy at the prospect of being dependent on someone else and fears that eventually Jeff will tire of her not being able to function in the traditional role of a farmer’s wife.  Desperate to change things, she decides to go back into therapy. 

I read a lot and I read a lot of spanking stories. Sonny’s books give me what I want a spanking story. I don’t need a spanking on every page. I need a story that given me a reason for the spanking – whether it’s for fun or for discipline, I just like to see the development.

I know it’s easy to miss a new book, especially when it comes out during the Christmas rush, but if you missed this one you’ll definitely what to take the time now to read it. You can find Loving his China Doll …


  1. Hi PK, lovely of you to post this. I love Sunny's stories and agree with you about detail story development. I do love the sound of this, it is definitely on my list.


  2. What a great review I agree with you on her writing style. And I can't wait to read it.

  3. I love SG's writings and her characters so I've added her book to my never ending TBR list.


  4. SG has a wonderful natural style, you feel right at home with the characters.

  5. A great review PK! I am planning on this after our school evaluation this coming week! I will need some darn good r and r!

  6. Read it, It's great!
    love Jan,xx

  7. I've read it too - and enjoyed it, I loved the fun of their relationship.

  8. I agree with you PK...love to visit with my adult children but happy when we go back to our separate lives. ;) Sunny has such a way of drawing out her characters just like you do. I like the fact that there is always a good reason for a spanking...it's not hi, spank, spank, sex...done! LOL

  9. I could swear I thanked you for doing this earlier. It's great.

  10. Loved reading this and the story line was fantastic. Thank you both Sunny for writing the book and PK for reviewing it.
    Hugs Lindy