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Monday, October 05, 2015

Terp's questions

Terps asked some questions of her own and here are my answers.

Have you ever danced down a street in Maine?

Never been to Maine, but its one of the places Nick and I would like to go once I retire.

Have you ever seen the seals on the pier in San Francisco?

Yes, but I was only about eleven.

Have you ever stubbed your toe three times in a day?

I have not and I don’t plan to!

Have you ever been to Disney World?

Many, many times, with my family - my kids and my parents and then there were the eight trips where I went on with upwards of 200 sixth graders – oh yes, I’ve been.

Have you ever laughed so hard you cried?

Yes, and peed.

Have you ever injured yourself sneezing?

Not seriously.
Have you ever been playing a game with a child only to realize that you are still playing long after they left?

Not a game but it happened when I would color with my children. I always finished the picture, them not so much.

Have you ever spun yourself dizzy?

Of course.

Have you ever said 'I love you' and meant it?

All the time.

Have you ever stopped and truly looked at the beauty in nature before you?

Yes, I live in a beautiful area.

Have you ever been so relaxed and lazy spending Christmas day with your immediate family that instead of cooking a big fancy meal you ended up making hot dogs for dinner instead (and saved the Christmas meal for the day after)?

No, but we did lose power when the boys came for Christmas and ordered pizza.
Have you ever heard someone say hello and say hello back, only to realize they were talking to someone else?

Probably, but it wouldn’t bother me much.

Have you ever wished upon the first star of the night while reciting the poem "Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight?"

All the time.

Have you ever opened your front door to be welcomed by a hissing snake?

No, had a snake in the car while driving once, but it didn’t hiss.

Have you ever eaten peanut butter straight out of the jar?

I HATE peanut butter, I haven’t eaten it from a jar or any other way – ever.

Have you ever gone into the woods and screamed as loud as you could, just to see if you could?

No, I’m not much of a screamer.

Have you ever nursed your babies...almost 5 years in a row (2 years for the first child all the way through your pregnancy of the second and then two and a half years with the second)?

Yep, LJ for six months and Mollie for two.

Have you ever been so sleep deprived that you made a potentially dangerous mistake and even though everything turned out fine, you still feel guilty about it?

I’ve done some sleepy driving that could have hurt people.

Have you ever gone outside on a rainy summer day with your umbrella so you could dance while singing "Singing in the Rain"?

Don’t think so.

Have you ever watched a lightning storm?

Whenever I can.

Have you ever spoken with someone in a completely made-up language, just for fun?

Not that I remember.

Have you ever written a children's book and tried to publish it?

Nope, my stories don’t run with children’s themes.

Have you ever felt the magic of holding someone's hand?


Have you ever kissed someone at midnight?

Yes, but now I have to wake him up to do it.

Have you ever written a novel?

I have written eight and so far seven have been published and I hope to write more once I retire. Cassie's Ordeal is the latest one published.

Have you ever smiled so much your cheeks ached?

Yes, both times I found out I was pregnant.

Have you ever followed your dreams and started your own business?

I have followed my dreams and NOT started my own business. My parents did fine with their own business, but I saw how hard they worked.

Have you ever cried during a commercial?

Often! I rarely cry at movies, but some commercials catch me off guard and the water works flow.

Have you ever jumped in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean?

Many, many, many times.

Have you ever done the Hula in Hawaii?

I have! And I looked just like this.

Have you ever followed a butterfly?

Probably a few times as a kid.

Have you ever finger painted as an adult (not with a child present)?

I don’t think so.

Have you ever fallen up the stairs?

No, but I had a roommate once who did it daily.

Have you ever fallen down the stairs multiple times?

Again, no.

Have you ever walked into a wall, when you were completely sober? 

I can’t remember doing that.

Have you ever started to go into the wrong car?

Mollie and I got in the wrong van once, I was trying to put the key in when Mollie noticed a Gateraid bottle and knew it wasn’t our car.

Have you ever had a pet bunny? Or a pet chinchilla? Or pet fish?

Mollie had a chinchilla named Yoda.

Have you ever played truth or dare?

Not seriously.

Have you ever felt really close to someone you've never met?

Oh yes, that’s what bloggers do.


  1. Love your answers PK, I really enjoyed reading this. The snake in the car gave me the shivers and I love peanut butter. Love the hula in Hawaii and your answer to kissing at midnight made me giggle.


    1. I thought I wrote about my snake experience long ago, but I can't find it. I may have to write it again.

  2. Fantastic answers PK. Wow I would love to go to Disney land at least once in my life and you have been so many times. Creepy the snake in your car, I probably would have crashed my car if there was a snake in it. EEEWWW!
    I must get around to answering these questions, they seem like fun.
    Lindy x

    1. They were fun and I'd love to go back to Disney!

  3. It's a Monday, PK. I always need extra help to smile on Mondays. So enjoyed your responses to this set of questions.

    I am deathly afraid of snakes, so that answer freaked my out. Am currently rereading all the Cassie books. Can't wait for a new adventure.


    1. I'm so happy you like Cassie so much. There is one more book for sure (Nick just finished proofing it) and a new story at her site now.

  4. Wonderful answers! I think it amazing that your students and you, had a class trip to Disney! Fun for them crazy stressful for you!
    That snake would have given me a panic attack!
    Your business is writing!
    Fun! Have a great week!

    1. The trips were stressful but so much fun. I like what you said about writing being my business.

  5. Loved reading the answers. I bet you feel about Disney World the way I do about DisneyLand. When I lived in CA, the first couple of years I took everybody that came to visit - after that, I just sent them on their way.

    1. I am that way a little, but it's been a while since I've been to Disney and I'd like to go back now.

  6. Ah...thanks for answering these...so fun to read your answers. The snake in the car sent shivers...I will take note about the peanut butter...I only played truth or dare once as a girl at a slumber party and I always chose truth...I'm not much of a screamer either - that's why my friend and i did it - we were afraid if ever we were in a life or death situation depending on us being able to let our voices be heard we wouldn't be able to do it...love the picture of you doing the hula :-) Big hugs to you

    1. They were good questions. I probably couldn't scream if I had to - maybe I should practice.

  7. Blimey a snake in the car!, nice answers PK
    love Jan,xx

    1. Thanks Jan - that snake was something.

  8. Enjoyed reading your answers PK. I love Mollie called her pet Yoda. Yoda my favourite SW's character.


    1. The resemblance was startling.

  9. sixofthebest3:49 PM

    You asked the question? Have you ever done the hula in Hawaii. My answer that would be YES. Taking that question further. I have danced the tango in Argentine. I did the Paso Doble in Spain. I did the Irish Jig in Ireland. I did the Hora in Israel, I did the waltz in Vienna Austria, I did the Samba in Brazil, The Mexican Hat dance in Mexico. The polka in Poland. The Kazatz in Russia, And Belly dancing in Casablanca Morocco. etc. etc, etc. All true. In fact in my lifetime, I've been to 150 different countries. Loved to travel, and I love spanking women. Two very enjoyable pastimes.

    1. It seems like you've danced your way around the world - what fun. I hope you were able to spank women in each of these places.

  10. Wow PK...all those kids in Disney World and you still have your mind? My hat's off to you! BTW...what kind of snake was in the car and what did you do with it? Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I usually didn't have my mind for about 24 hours after we got back each year. Thankfully it was a black snake and we let it go.

  11. I think you have followed your dream and started a business....it started when you published your first book. Snake ....in the car??..oh my...I would certainly freak out and do something dangerous.
    hugs abby

    1. The books are my dream for sure. I would probably have wrecked, but I had the kids with me.