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Friday, October 02, 2015

Fantasy Friday - Testing Him

It's Friday again and this should be some weekend for those of us on the east coast. I hope this is just over reacting on the part of the weather men, but I guess time will tell.

If you're inside reading this weekend we have a brand new Fantasy Friday story. Our writer today is younger than most of us and this is her first story. She says, "Hey, I'm S, a longtime fan of the blogs. I've been wanting to write a story for the blog for a while now. I got the inspiration for it the other day. All feedback is welcomed. I hope you enjoy."

Testing Him

Today started out as a normal day in the Cole household. Jake got up and made the list of chores for his wife Lacey to do today. It had been this way for three years now.
The exception being that they had lived together since Lacey junior year in high school, Jake graduated highs school at the end of her sophomore year. The only other exception being that this was their first year of marriage. It wasn’t long before Lacey got up and found the list.
She looked the list over which included: Have house cleaned by 3 p.m., go to Wal-Mart and get the stuff for the tonight’s party, and have everything ready for the party by 5 p.m. Lacey believed he was being unreasonable and began to whine about the list and not having enough time to get everything done.  
“I’m being very reasonable considering that you didn’t make the trip Wal-Mart yesterday like you were supposed to. I will not be hearing about me not being fair when you didn’t do the main thing I asked you to do yesterday. You will lose the attitude and do as I ask of you. If you don’t I promise that I will spank you. Do you understand me?’’ he asked as she looked at him, like he was being the meanest person on earth.
After a minute she still hadn’t answered him just continued glaring at him, he made his way behind her and gave her a hard swat on her bottom, ‘’Answer me now,’’ he growled.
‘’Yes sir,” she said before turning to walk out the bedroom and downstairs. Lacey’s stomach was in knots, she didn’t know whether he was serious about spanking her or not, but she certainly didn’t want to find out.  
Lacey had the house clean by 11 a.m. and decided to sit down and watch Say Yes to the Dress. She was only going to watch one episode, but that turned into two and a half episode. She left the house in hurry to get to Wal-Mart and back. It was a little after two when she left there. There was no way she would make the forty-five minute ride and get home before Jake.
At the red light she received a text, hearing her phone go off she checked it. It was her sister-in-law Laura texting her about the party tonight. She went through the intersection and waited on until the next red light to begin her text back to Laura. The light turned green and she ran through it, still texting. Before she knew she ran the next light and hit somebody up ahead in her lane. She sighed this wasn’t good. She dialed the emergency number and then texted Laura about the party details.
Lacey decided not to call Jake and tell him about the wreck. The cop arrived and made sure no one was hurt and the introduced himself as Andrew Cole. It took a minute for him to recognize her, and when he did he sighed. Both drivers gave their statements and exchanged insurance information. Meanwhile Lacey was unaware of the phone call Andrew made to his brother Jake. Her car was drivable and since Jake knew about the accident now, she decided to drive her car home.
Before Andrew let her leave the sight of the accident, he told that she would be getting a ticket for texting and driving. He checked her phone, knowing that Lacey had a bad habit of texting and driving.  Andrew would bring the ticket to Jake later, since he would be attending the party.
At home Jake was pacing back and forth awaiting the arrival of his wife. She had not call him to tell him she was in an accident or that she was running late. He was mad now and knew it was time to give her the spanking he promised she had coming, if couldn’t follow the rules.
Lacey arrived home and brought the stuff into the kitchen. Jake took deep breath to steady himself, ‘’Corner now, young lady,’’ he said. Lacey did as she was told afraid to make him even madder. He went out to inspect the damage done to her car, it wasn’t that bad. But she shouldn’t have been in a wreck that was her fault in the first place.
He came back in a few minutes later and set the party trays and snacks out for the guest. All she had to do now was make dinner for them and their guest, after the spanking she was about to get. Lacey heard Jake return to the living room, she sensed that he was sitting on the couch.
‘’Lacey, I’m going to give you the spanking I promised you if couldn’t follow rules. You were rude and whiny this morning, in the middle of the day you watch your favorite show and lost track of time, you had an accident and didn’t even bother to tell me. Is there anything else you need to tell me before I spank you?’’ he asked.
Lacey felt butterflies in her stomach, he threatened to spank her before but he hadn’t. She couldn’t believe he was about to spank her now.
‘’I’m waiting,’’ he said his voice deep and firm.
‘’No sir,’’ she said before walking over to him. She listened to him as he instructed her to go get her hairbrush from the bathroom and then instructed her to lie across his lap. It wasn’t long before the spanking began, he started with his hand over thin and short shorts. Then he moved onto the hairbrush. He eventually paused and pulled her shorts down.
‘’You should have called to tell me you were running late, you didn’t have to be home by three just because I was going to be home by three. You should have called and told me about the accident. For now your going to get fifty spanks with the hairbrush and then you will cook dinner,’’ he stated calmly.
He began spanking her again. Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! By the end of the fourth spank on her panties Lacey had begun to cry. She was promising to be good, but he needed to make sure she would be good especially for the party.
The next forty-something swats came in rapid succession. When he was finished, Lacey laid sobbing and laying limp over his lap. ‘’Jake I’m so sorry,’’ was all she said.
He told her that it was okay, and that all was forgiven. Jake sat her up in his lap as she continued to cry. Eventually he calmed down and had to get for the party. However, Jake decided to order pizza for the party instead of making her cook dinner, beside there wasn’t enough time for it to be done by the time the guest would be arriving. And he would need to have last minute talk with her before the party.
S thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I'm hoping everyone else is willing to try just one story. You can send them to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Great story, I love Fridays!
    love Jan,xx

  2. Wonderful story S, I enjoyed this. Thank you for sharing.

    Thank you PK. Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)


  3. Thank you S for a wonderful story. thank you PK for another great Fantasy Friday. Enjoy your weekend.
    Lindy x

  4. Always good to have a new story by a young writer. It's nice to welcome the younger generation to our lifestyle. In the Internet age, it's easier for younger people to get into ttwd at a younger age. I wonder how frequently she gets spanked in real life. Hope she continues to write stories.


  5. Thanks for the new story PK. Thank you S for your willingness to participate.

  6. S, thank you for writing a story for us. Really enjoyed it.

    Thanks PK.


  7. I enjoyed your story S! Thank you!
    PK you are such a trouper!
    Keep dry and safe!!

  8. Thank you for sharing your story S...would appreciate any others you would care to share.

    Stay safe PK!

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  9. So look forward to a new Friday story! Good way to start the weekend.

    Hope Joaquin passes you by.


  10. Anonymous11:20 PM

    Hey, it's S. I'm glad you all enjoyed my story. I already have another idea. It'll part two of this story.