I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Ella's husband meme

Ella took the time to create a meme where we can find out more about each other's fellows. Thanks Ella, this has been fun. Here's what I can tell you about Nick.

1.  Name a favorite movie of his.  Do you like it, too?  If he doesn't have a favorite movie, substitute a TV series.

I asked Nick this fully knowing the answer, “I don’t do favorites.” He doesn’t like to seem movies over very often. But he did enjoy Forrest Gump and on TV he watches things like ‘Naked and Afraid’ and he has to watch them without his lovely wife.

2.  Tell us something you cook or bake that gets him so happy.  Do you add something special that makes your recipe unique?

I really don’t cook.  I can if I have to, but I hate doing it. So when I do break down and do it he always seems happy with anything I come up with.

3.  What does he wear to bed?

A t-shirt always and sometimes boxers, usually lately he doesn’t bother with the boxers.

4.  Does he have or has he ever grown a beard or mustache?  Did you (or do you) like it or not?

I’ve never seen Nick without a beard and I don’t want to. It used to be a full beard and several years ago he went with a goatee. I love it, it tickles in all the right places.

5.  If they were going to make a movie of your husband, what actor would you pick to play him?

I think Clint Eastwood a few years ago.

6.  Who is neater around the house, you or him?  Then give us a sloppy example.

Nick is way neater than I am. I leave cups sitting on my table and clothing at the foot of the bed. Suddenly I’m not coming off very good – I don’t cook or clean, great wife so far.

7.  If you could buy him tickets to any concert (even if it's from the past), what musician or group would be singing or playing?

Again, he doesn’t do favorites, but I think he would enjoy seeing many band from our youth – the Beetles, the Doors, the Stones, and Fleetwood Mac.

8.  Does he wear a wedding ring?  Do you care?

No, he never has and I don’t care a bit. I, on the other hand have only had mine off for surgery and Nick’s always been the one to take it off and put it back on.

9.  How old was he and how old were you on the day you met?  What else do you remember about that day?

Nick was twenty-nine and I was twenty-four. We had actually been in the same room several times together, but hadn’t ‘met’. And each of those times he was with a date. But we met at a birthday party for a friend and really enjoyed talking.

10.  If he is the one to choose an ethnic restaurant for dinner out, would it be Chinese, Indian, Mexican, French, Italian, Greek, or ...........?

I think he would choose Mexican – it’s okay, but not my favorite.

11.  Is there a photo of him as a child that you find especially endearing?  Tell us about it.

There are very few photos of him but they are all cute.

12.  If you were going to choose a dress in a color just to please him, what color would it be?

We’re back to the no favorites, I imagine any color dress would stun him since I haven’t had one on in over twelve years.

13.  Do you (or did you) love his mother?  Why or why not?

I love her very much. She’s ninety now and she’s having problems. She can’t hear, and her memory loss is becoming severe. But she has always treated me with love and kindness.

14.  Name a famous person he really admires.

He’s never mentioned anyone, but I feel it would be someone like Mother Theresa – someone with no possible hidden agenda.  

15.  How does your husband take his coffee or tea?

He doesn’t drink coffee, and like any good southern he drinks his tea sweet and on ice.

16.  Does your man know how to dance? 

No, neither of us can really dance, but we still do occasionally.


  1. Hi PK, thank you for sharing this, I enjoyed getting to know a little about Nick and how you met :)


    1. I do enjoy a good meme.

  2. Great answers PK. Its good to learn about Nick. He seems very similar to Bear with not having favourites.
    Hugs Lindy

    1. Funny I think most people have favorites, but not him. Wonder why they are like that

  3. Thanks for sharing your hubby with us.....
    hugs abby

    1. You're welcome, but that does sound strange somehow. LOL

  4. Hi PK. Thanks for doing this meme! My absolute favorite answer is the one about him always taking off and putting on your ring.

    Sweet tea! We should have known.


    1. My ring is not gorgeous, but it's mine and I love it. In the south it's the only way to drink tea. I wonder if Cassie would like to do this one.

  5. Fab meme from Ella. Good to learn more about Nick so thanks for sharing a little of him with us.


    1. We do know a lot about each other, guess we should know the men too.

  6. Hi PK, nice to find out about NIck, not worn a dress for 12 years!!! Blimey maybe you should treat yourself to a new one and surprise him ;)
    love Jan,xx

    1. I really wouldn't mind a skirt or a dress, but you have to wear shoes with them. Not tennis shoes - real shoes, they hurts. Why would I want to do such a thing to myself?

  7. Thanks for letting us get to know Nick a bit better PK. The fact that he takes your wedding ring off and puts it back on is such a lovely gesture. Sweet tea does not surprise me at all. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. He can be really sweet when he wants to be.

  8. Love these Memes with the guys. Number 6 is great. Some of that is very like me!

    1. As I read everyone else answers I don't feel like the best wife in the world. But Nick seems to like me anyway.

  9. PK...so sweet! Love learning about Nick. And don't worry if you sound like a good wife or not...I know I'm the one leaving cups all over the house!

  10. loved learning more about Nick. so sweet that he puts your ring on your finger each time. as for housecleaning - I personally love your advice you gave me about taking a nap instead. :-) Hugs