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Friday, March 13, 2015

Fantasy Friday - Busted!

Happy, happy Friday! I’m excited today because we have a brand new story! One of my wonderful readers decided to ‘jump in’ as she put it. From what she said this is the first story she has written a she did a great job. At this time she wishes to be anonymous, but she did share that, “I have been married to my high school sweetheart for almost 20 years.  We have two kiddos and live in the West.” I’m hoping she really enjoyed writing this story and might just pop in again – shoot you know me, I’ll be trying to talk her into blogging before its over. But for now I just hope everyone will makes her welcome.

Please enjoy…

I was busted and I knew it.  As I sat on the side of the road as the traffic flew by my staled car I contemplated how to notify my husband.  My husband, Daniel was an easy going guy and very fair but this was no doubt going to rattle his cage.  I decided a text would be in my best interest.

“Hi babe I need your help.  Ran out of gas on the way to get kids from school.  Kathy is going to pick them up for me.  Can you please swing by and pick them up on your way home?  AAA will be here in 45 minutes.  Thanks!”

Only two simple words was his reply, “Call Me.”

Crap!  I just couldn’t face the music of my crime yet so I replied back, “Phone is going to die.  Please get kids.”  I knew it was a lie when I sent it but I didn’t want to talk. 

 “Yes, leaving now to get kids.  Where are you?”

“I’m on Victor Street.  It’s cool though.   I already called AAA they will be here soon.  I will meet you at home.”  I really hope he will meet me at home and not here.

His quick response left me wondering, “See you in a few and we will be discussing this.”
Well, that definitely told me how my evening was going to go.  I had to try and save face a little bit, “I’m sorry babe.  I love you.”

All I could do now was sit and ponder the day’s events.  I knew my procrastination was going to bite me sooner or later.  I really hadn’t been motivated lately but yet managed to fly under Daniel’s radar so he hadn’t noticed the little things yet.  Well it would all be glaringly obvious when he walked in the door today.  The dishes were not done, the clean laundry was piled on the couch, and the beds were not made.  Lately I have managed to fly around the house and get everything done after the kids got home with a few minutes to spare before Daniel walked in the door.  Daniel had asked me last night how much gas was in the car and I told him it was fine.  I knew if I told him how low it was he would have taken it up and put gas in it, but he looked tired and had a long day.  I suppose he won’t forget that little conversation either. I had definitely sealed my fate on this one.  I couldn’t even make excuses for my laziness and procrastination.  My only question now was, how bad is it going to be?  It had been many months since I had messed up like this.

Just then I saw my concerned man pull up behind me.  I knew by the grey look in his eyes and the tightness of his jaw that he was angry.  He walked around the passenger side of my car and told me to come out through the passenger door because the traffic was so heavy.  Although I dreaded seeing the disappointment in his eyes I was glad he came, even though I told him not to.  As he helped me out of the car he pulled me in for a hug.  Then he whispered in my ear, “You, my dear have some explaining to do.”  This sent shivers down my spine and into the pit of my stomach.  I couldn’t look him in the eye and he knew it.  So he simply lifted my chin up, gave me a quick kiss, told me to take the kids home and he would take care of my car.  I do love his dominant nature but I knew being submissive later tonight would not be so easy.

I drove away to the sight of my unhappy husband leaning against the bus stop just as the tow truck driver appeared.  Driving home with my chatty 5 and 7 year old gave me no time to think.  At least not until my 7 year old informed me that “Daddy was not very happy.”  He had told the kids that mommy had put herself in danger by running out of gas on the side of the road.  My 5 year old then chimed in and told me that “Daddy was really mad when he saw where I had run out of gas.”  He said not only was running out of gas dangerous but I had put my safety at risk.  All I could do was agree that I had not made good choices today.  Then I told them we were going to play the quiet game the rest of the way home.

I had just got the kids started on their homework at the table and ran to the bedrooms to make the beds when Daniel walked in the door.  Both of the kids immediately stopped what they were doing sensing my tension.   I knew he could see the tears forming in my eyes.  Always calm, my Daniel gave me a hug and a kiss and told me since I had such a rough afternoon I could go lay down for a bit.  At least he eased the kid’s fears and they set back to their homework.  Honestly I couldn’t move my feet fast enough.  Once in our room I flopped myself down on my bed and let the tears flow.  They were tears of frustration and disappointment.  I just closed my eyes for a moment to help the stinging of my eyes.

I woke up a little while later to the sounds of my kids playing outside and Daniel brushing my hair away from my face.  I kept my eyes closed, but my observant husband said he knew I was awake.  So I took the opportunity to snuggle into him as he lay beside me.  I felt him chuckle as he said, “Your cute but your still in trouble.”  I muffled back, “I know.  I’m sorry.”  He called me out on my lie.  “Your not sorry, yet.  Your just bummed you got caught.”  Darn it, my man knows me to well.  He got up and sat on the small love seat that overlooked the front yard and the neighborhood kids playing.  He opened his arms and called me over.  I reluctantly took a seat beside him.  I had already decided I would just confess it all, but speaking the truth wasn’t easy.

He asked me to tell him what my day had looked like.  It was really very simple and I had thoroughly enjoyed my day until the moment I ran out of gas.  I took the kids to school, came home for a while, went to lunch with some friends, and then left to get the kids.  I had definitely lost track of time at lunch which is why I didn’t stop to get gas on the way to get the kids, fearing I would be late to get them.  I told him the little thingy told me I had 4 more miles when it ran out of gas.  Needless to say, he didn’t care and it didn’t help my case.  We both knew I had broken the ‘don’t let it get lower than ¼ of a tank’ agreement.

Daniel then started asking the questions. “So last night when I asked you how much gas you had, was it at or above ¼ of a tank?”  No Sir.  “When you took the kids to school this morning did you realize how low it was?”  “Yes sir.” I whispered  “After you came home from dropping the kids off, what prevented you from doing the basic upkeep of the house?”  Oh man, so he did notice the dishes and the laundry.  “The tv and texting,”  I sighed.  

“I hadn’t noticed that the house was not being kept up until I really looked today.  The bathrooms have not been cleaned in at least a couple of weeks and the floors are sticky.  When was the last time you vacuumed?”  Daniel inquired.  “I don’t remember,” I said quietly.   I could sense his frustration as he asked me what was going on, since I normally don’t have problems keeping with our agreement.  I was honest and told him I just hadn’t felt like it.  That really didn’t settle to well with him.  Once again I felt his hand under my chin as he lifted my face to see my eyes.  Then he handed me my cell phone and said, “It’s fully charged by the way.”  He knew by my surprised look that he had caught me in a lie.  He quickly stood me up and landed three powerful swats on my behind.  He then guided me over to my corner and told me he would be back.

My corner and I have a love, hate relationship.  I only visit when I am forced to, which means when I am in trouble.  However it provides me a little bit of peace before the storm fully arrives.  I can hear my husband call the kids inside for the night.  The rumble of his voice as he takes care of the kids is soothing to my soul.  He really is a better father than I ever could have imagined.  I hear his footsteps coming down the hall and sense his presence in our room.  I know not to turn around until I am called.  He once again calls me over to sit with him on the love seat.  Our love seat is our special place.  It’s our place talk and discuss everything, good and bad.  For me it’s a sanctuary where I can confess my wrongs.  I often learn my fate sitting on his lap sitting.

I slowly shuffled over to him and curl myself into his lap.  I try to bury my head into his shoulder.  He gives me a quick squeeze hug, but he isn’t going to let me get away from hiding from him.  He tells me to look into his eyes.  I do, and I can see the resolve in his eyes.  I know he doesn’t like to punish me but this time I have really left him no choice.  I know that.  His lecture begins, “Amanda, first I apologize to you.  I should have noticed you slacking off and helped you get back on track.  We both know you have a habit of procrastinating but this time you were able to slip under my radar and I didn’t notice.  While you were napping I sat with the kids as they did their homework.  I was surprised at how quickly they were finished.  I asked them why it normally takes them until after dinner to complete it.  They informed me that you are busy picking up things and cleaning while they are trying to do their homework, so they are not getting any help until after your done.”  I dropped my head and stared at my hands.  My secret tactic was found out.  It had worked great, even though it was short lived. 

He continued, “Things are going to change, darling. We will sit and have a little chat each morning about what your days look like.  You will not be going anywhere during the day until all of your household responsibilities are done.  Then you will shoot me a text to let me know they are completed.  After that any errands that need to done will get completed.  Only after that will you be able to meet up with your friends.  You will have plenty of time to catch up on everything since you are grounded for the next week.  You will take the kids to school and pick them it.  That’s it.  Am I understood?”  

“Yes sir,” I replied.  

“As for running out of gas you will be writing me a paper tonight.  We agreed to this and you are going to tell me why we agreed to keeping ¼ of tank in the car.  Do you have any questions about what I expect?”  Daniel asked.  I shook my head no because I had learned long ago what was expected when he assigned me a paper and I hate it.  However, I am smart enough not to argue.  I felt I was getting off easy.  A paper to write and grounded for a week, I’ll take it.  I looked up and realized he wasn’t done yet.  “You lied to me twice.  Last night when I asked you about the gas in the car and today when you told me your phone was running out of battery.  You know I expect honesty.  It breaks trust and is not healthy for our marriage.  For those lies you can expect to feel the hairbrush.  You will feel the belt for putting yourself in danger today.  If I haven’t made myself clear yet, I will not tolerate this type of behavior.  I will make dinner, while you work on your paper.   Once the kids are in bed we will take care of your punishment. “ Daniel stated.  Now my tears flowed.  He gave me a hug, kissed my forehead and helped me up.  As he walked out the door I sat at my computer to start my paper.  I heard my little one ask daddy where I was.  He simply stated I had work to do on my computer and would be out for dinner.

Dinner was a simple affair, grilled cheese sandwiches, salad, and soup.  The evening passed quickly and soon I was tucking my kids into bed.  I was dreading what was to come but anxious to get it over with and move on.  I walked into our bedroom and saw the hairbrush on the bedside table.  Daniel had just started pulling the belt from the loops on his pants.  I swear he waited for the moment I walked in the room before he started to unbuckle his belt.  He knows how much it unnerves me, even if I do find it a bit sexy.  He walked over to the bed, sat down, and patted his lap.  I walked over and laid myself across his lap, resigned to my fate.

Later that night, as I was laying in bed, with my backside on fire I vowed not to get myself in that much trouble again.  I knew from his first swat that he wasn’t going to go easy on me.  I felt every bit of his displeasure.  I was truly sorry now.  The last time I had been punished like this was years ago when I tried to beat the train.  Yea, I have never, nor will I ever do that again.  If I was honest with myself I would admit that I forget how bad a punishment can be, especially when it’s been a while.  Which it often is since I follow our rules for the most part.  This moment as I lie here, snuggled into my Daniel, as he rubs my back I can’t imagine our lives any different than it is.  There is an intimacy in our dynamic that I crave and will never give up.

Thank you my anonymous friend. I hope the whole process - writing and seeing it here has been a fun experience for you and I really hope you will keep in touch and write more for us sometime. Now everyone knows what I'm going to ask - come on, it time to try a story for yourself. If you'll share send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


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    It was probably autobiographical :-).

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