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Friday, February 07, 2014

Fantasy Friday - The Villain's Ball

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It’s Friday once again, and once again a reader has stepped up to give us a brand new story. I believe the best thing about Fantasy Friday is the wide, wide range of stories we’ve had here. Who knew there were so many different ways write spanking stories. We’ve had history stories, future stories, we’ve had cowboys, rich society folks, simple country folks, just your every day folks, science fiction, fairy tales and probably a few more I can’t even remember.

Today’s story is from Felicity Nichols. Felicity is a young mother who does book reviews and writing and blogging in her spare time – although I have no idea how you find spare time when you have little ones around. Be sure to drop by her blog, Mad Gypsy in Wonderland. Her story is chopped full of folks you’ll recognize.  Sit back and enjoy…

The Villain's Ball

It was Halloween, The Queen of Hearts hurried around the magnificent manor that she prided herself on. It had taken hours to get the manor decorated just the right way. Deep reds danced on the wall, the dark purple curtains complemented the walls nicely. Each room in the manor was decorated according to her guests taste. As she was adding her finishing touches for this year Villains’ Ball, she was eager for the evening to arrive. She had been nominated by her dear friend Jafar. Memories of last year’s ball brought a rare smile to her lips. As she pulled herself out from her memories, she then noticed them. Tiny muddy paw prints decorated the floor leading up the staircase. She screeched out as she noticed the flaw.
"Cinderella!" she howled, her anger rising.
She tapped her foot impatiently, five minutes had passed. She grabbed her heart shaped crop, a gift that was given to her last year. Crop in hand she headed up the winding staircase.
"Cinderella! Are you deaf or just ignorant?" She yelled up to Cinderella as she continued up the stairs.
She opened Cinderella's door, as she entered she heard the running water of the shower and soft moans coming from the entry of the bathroom. As she opened the door to witness the events unfolding in front of her, she turned a violent shade of red. How many times had Cinderella been in trouble? Had the Queen not been kind enough?
As anger turned to fury she threw open the curtain. Cinderella seemed surprised at the sight of the Queen. She hurried to try to cover herself. She cried out as the Queen ripped the curtain from her arms. She shrieked as the first harsh sting of the crop hit her thigh. Her skin turned bright red from the sting. Tears immediately began to flow.
"Get out now! I am due to have company and that damn Cheshire cat you so begged me to let you keep has left a trail of disgusting muddy paw prints!"
Cinderella tried to escape the Queen's grasp which only angered the Queen even more. The Queen grabbed Cinderella’s arm and threw her on the bed.
"Ass in the air you ungrateful whore. Did I dare say you were allowed to pleasure yourself without my permission? I win you in an auction and this is how you thank me by pleasing yourself without my permission."
Cinderella knew better than to disobey further. Every year the princesses were auctioned off to the villains. It was a grand ceremony that was performed on Hallows Eve. This year she belonged to the Queen. She wasn't any better than her step-mother had been. After several harsh blows the Queen told her she wasn't allowed clothes, she gathered all her clothes from the wardrobe.
"You will be tonight’s entertainment, you want to play with yourself like a whore then you shall be treated like one," she said harshly.
The Queen headed out of the room briskly, her arms heavy with Cinderella's clothes. Rage boiled through the Queen. She had picked Cinderella for her grace; she held her head high for someone who had been through so much. During their year together she planned to mold Cinderella into the wonderful submissive she knew she was capable of becoming. Cinderella's step-mother had failed her.
The Queen had one last errand to complete before she could dress for the evening. She went down to the dungeon to her wonderful pet Mor'du. As she entered the dungeon she saw her sweet pet fast asleep. She went to him and began softly patting him.
As he roused, she whispered softly in his ear, "I have a favor to have you complete for me. One of our dear princesses, Snow White wasn't at the auction. I want her for myself. Chase her; scare her towards the manor this evening."
As if he understood her, Mor'du nuzzled into the Queen's neck. Mor'du would do anything to keep his queen satisfied. She had saved him from becoming human. He longed to be someone's pet and to be taken care. As a human it was irritating how someone always needed him. It was nice to be needed for a change.
The Queen kissed his nose softly before he charged off to find Snow White. He wanted to please the Queen, to be rewarded for not disappointing her.
When the Queen went back inside the manor she did one last sweep to ensure everything was perfect. Temporarily convinced she went into her room to dress for the evening. She went to her wardrobe and pulled a long silky dress out of the closest. It was royal purple; the top part was designed as a corset accentuating her full breasts. The dress flowed to the floor draping her hips. As she pulled the material on, she was surprised how well the gown fit her. She applied her make-up and straightened her hair. Calling one of her guards to her room, he grabbed a paintbrush and began streaking deep streaks of purple through her bright red hair. It flowed into her hair perfectly. She dismissed the guard and headed downstairs to greet her guests.
As she entered the main lobby, Rob Zombie's haunting voice rang through the corridor;
"Dead I am the pool
Spreading from the fool
Weak and want what you need
Nowhere as you bleed."
Rob stopped midsong to kiss the Queen on the cheek. "Thank you for allowing me to play at this event. I have been looking forward to this for a quite a while."
She kissed him back and told him she had other things to tend to before the guests arrived. She went up to Cinderella's room and entered to find a tear stained princess fast asleep. She kicked the bed hard.
"On all fours, our guests will be arriving soon and the entertainment needs to be ready," she said swatting her harshly on her thigh.
As Cinderella took her time getting out of bed, the Queen came down with a hard slap. She kept smacking her ass blow after blow until Cinderella scurried onto all fours waiting for her next command.
"I have something for you my sweet princess," she said softly.
As if on que one of the guards entered and began styling Cinderella's hair pulling it into pig tails resting on her shoulders. The guards painted her tips the same purple as the Queen's. The Queen dismissed the guards. She kneeled down and wrapped a beautiful lavender collar around Cinderella's neck, on it hung a deep red heart engraved Property of The Queen of Hearts. She attached a leash to the collar.
"Behave tonight and you may earn your clothes back. Tonight you'll learn what happens when bad princesses think they are allowed to do whatever they please. After our year together, you'll learn to submit. You'll learn that when I say jump, you say how high. You'll serve my needs and whoever else’s I decide. You will also learn that if you are good, you will earn rewards," she said ever so gently before kissing her softly on the head.
The Queen had a weak spot when it came to Cinderella. She reminded her of herself when she was younger. Jafar had taken her in when she was just a little girl. She remembered arriving in Agrabah on the slave market. She was broken; her former owner had abused her. When arriving in Agrabah she was scared about what was going to happen to her. Jafar was stunning. She fell in lust with him as soon as her eyes landed on his tall slender figure. His brown eyes drew her in. As she looked at Cinderella, she saw the same scared impression she had once had.
She grabbed the leash and guided Cinderella down the stairs. Once down the stairs, she went to the door to begin greeting the evening’s guests. As the guest entered, they gave Cinderella pets and treats. Strangely, Cinderella felt herself become aroused at being seen by all these men and women. As if sensing her arousal she was struck with the crop. The welts had already begun to form from her previous spankings. Was there a good bone inside this evil queen?
As he entered the door the mansion, Jafar immediately noticed her. He felt himself harden at the sight of her. Once upon a time she had succumbed to his every desire. He had owned her before she took off and became her own person. She had learned from him, soaking in every lesson. She was a natural submissive so how had she become this evil leader? The gown hugged her in all of the right places, he wanted to have her. He had planned to revisit the past. To invite her back to Agrabah. Together they could rise to power and rule. Maybe that was the problem. Only one could hold all the power.
He went to her, taking her in. Memories flashed through him of their first night together. He had just purchased her, she immediately caught his interest and he knew she was his. He took her home and bathed her. He remembered the tears sliding down her face as he caressed her curves. She looked scared and innocent. He couldn't help but wonder if she was newly submissive.
After he thoroughly bathed her, he picked up her frail body and fed her a full meal. She ate as if she had never had anything to eat in her life. He noticed she loved all the fresh fruit. Melons, limes, grapes, and strawberries were just a few of the things he saw her eat. He cock hardened as he watched her suckle the juice from the melon. He imagined her lips around his thick member, his hands wrapped up in her curly hair forcing himself deeper inside her. It had taken months of repairing her heart before he could tell her that he was a Dom and she was to become his sub. Her voice interrupted his thoughts.
"Jafar sweetie? Can I get something to drink?" she asked softly.
She had left Cinderella with Hades and Ursula. Hades immediately wanted her to take them on a tour of the manor. Pulled from his thoughts Jafar saw the Queen standing there beside him.
"I'll have whatever you're having," he said leaning down lightly biting her neck.
"I've missed you Cherry. We can always relive some of our best memories," he said huskily. Wrapping his arms around her slender waist pressing his rising erection into her belly.
She felt his hard member pressing into her, she knew better than to succumb to him. She was here to show him how much she had learned from him. She needed him to be proud of her. How strong she had grown because of him. She soaked in every lesson from him. Every spanking, every rope play, everything. Her body had learned to be ready for his every desire. Wide eyed she was willing to do anything Jafar had asked. Now she was in the position of power. She would never go back to being helpless; surrendering all this power she had gained from him. She smiled sweetly, kissed him on the cheek and strolled off. She felt powerful; she had never walked away from Jafar without permission.
Deciding she needed to be alone for a while to dwell on her thoughts, she left the party and headed to her room. The Queen had barely entered into her room when the tears fell. She longed to be a part of Jafar's life once more but she wasn't sure she could surrender to him again. She had fought so hard to gain power and be strong. She wasn't sure she could go through all of that again. She suddenly felt those familiar hands around her waist. Her body began instantly responding to his touch. She cursed her body for giving in without a fight.
"Cherry, my sweet cherry," he said inhaling her scent.
Placing soft kisses on her neck his hands traveled up her body to the top of her gown. He slowly untied it, watching the material come off with ease. If this was his only night with her he planned to make the most of it. He was determined to get his sweet cherry back.
"Lie back my sweet cherry."
She laid back, her body bare for him, he kissed her inner thigh. Enjoying her response, he kissed up her inner thigh. Stopping just short of her sweet pussy.
"Spread your legs for me, wide."
Her body abandoned her mind, she knew better than to disobey him. He owned her whether or not she was willing to admit it. The sharp sting brought her back to present.
"Count for me. I think we'll start with five."
The tears began to form as he struck her pussy. Jafar knew where to hit her, she was thankful they were behind closed doors. How could she train her sweet princess if Cinderella ever saw her like this?
He used the crop he had given her last year when he hosted the Villains’ Ball. He wanted his ball to be one to remember. It had been more of a Villain's Kinky Ball. He remembered hand making the beautiful crop. He had shaped it in the shape of cherries so every time she used it she would think of him. This crop left a harsher sting than most. He struck her inner thigh first, using the delicate tip to add more of a sting. When he didn't hear her counting he struck again, harder.
"One!" she cried out.
He hit her other thigh with the same amount of force, her arousal was clear.
"Two," she whimpered.
He spread her thighs wider. Every time he got a chance to be with his cherry it was like a kid walking into a candy store. When the crop hit her pussy, he made sure to avoid her clit.
Jafar wanted to take her but he wanted to also enjoy tonight. He went ahead and gave her the next two smacks harsher. He went to her cabinet; he was surprised that she still had everything he had ever given her. He pulled out the clamps.
"Brace yourself little one, this might hurt."
He placed the clamps on each nipple, watching her bite her lip turned him on even more. He dove between her lips, slowly licking her sweet pussy. His cherry was always inviting for him. He slowly lapped her juices, his tongue sliding effortlessly inside her. She began bucking her hips against him; he gently thumbed her clit before clamping the clamp on it. She cried out, the mixture of good mixed with the harsh sting of the clamp sent her over the edge.
Jafar got up and undid the front of his robe, his cock already throbbing for her.
"Bend over Cherry."
 As she bent over, he came behind her thrusting himself inside her. Jafar began roughly fucking her. He felt complete taking his sweet cherry. Her pussy clenched against him. He knew he wouldn't last much longer.
"Jafar!" she cried out as she grasped the sheets.
Hearing her call out for him sent him over the edge. He grabbed her hips and slammed himself inside her, filling her.
As he lay holding her, he gently toyed with the curls that had captured him so long ago. He couldn't believe he had let her slip from his grasp. Jafar had given her freedom because she had begged him to set her free. He knew the only way he'd ever truly have her was to set her free. He loved her but never had told her. Would she think him less of a Dom if he admitted he loved her? Lost in thought, he felt her curl into him.
"Jafar, I need to admit something to you. It's not easy but I need you. The manor has been lonely without you. I crave you nightly. I have never moved on from you. You are the only one for me Jafar. You saved me so long ago. I will never be the same unless you are by my side." The tears began flowing as her true feelings came to surface.
It was then he realized that he was no longer her Master but now her Daddy. He had waited so long for her to admit to wanting him to take care of her. He grabbed her pulling closer to him, wrapping his arms around her waist.
"I love you Cherry. Let Daddy take care of you. I'll run this manor with you by my side."
His words threw her off at first; she had never realized how much of a daddy he really was to her. When she thought back to their time together he had always put her needs first. Even though he took control, he never did anything to harm her. She smiled to herself as she curled into him.

"Yes Daddy," she said softly.

Felicity, thank you so much for your story. I hope you’ll continue to find time to write and share your stories with us. Fantasy Friday is open to everyone. Many have asked about he length of a Fantasy Friday, I can say it all depends, but I think anywhere between 600 words to between 2 and 3 thousand. We have many, many first time writers here – you could be the next one. Send you story to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


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