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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fantasy Friday - A Bride's Lesson, part 2

Here is the second part of CeeCi story. The Victorian Era makes for some romantic feelings. I'm loving the feelings I'm getting from this story.

It was great getting these stories from CeeCi. I love getting new stories for Fantasy Friday. I'm always in need of more. If you are willing to share a story please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Have a great Saturday and please enjoy...

A Bride's Lesson
part two

Shaking with fright and fury, Arrianna stared at Derek in bewilderment. “My Lord, please, I do not understand your intentions. Punish me? Punish me as if I were an ignorant child or a lame wit; is that your intention, My Lord Derek?” Her sarcasm was not lost on her husband.

Derek gazed at his beautiful bride, gathering his thoughts, collecting his words. “My dear, no one would ever think you dimwitted or ignorant. The strength of your words shows you are not. However, I would not be overstating my opinion if I were to call you an over-indulged, insolent child.”

Arrianna was deeply insulted, and showed her vexation by stamping her dainty, satin shod foot. “How can you say such a thing? I am every inch a woman. You have made me so yourself.”

“Indeed I have made you a woman,” Derek said, “for I have shown you the ways a woman loves a man and is loved in return. I have taught you the pleasures of your body and mine. You have learned those lessons very well my dear girl, but you have not learned to be MY woman. You have not learned to respect my position as your husband and the master of this estate. Your overwrought reaction to that arrogant fool Dinglederry proved your lack of restraint and your disregard for my place within this county. It is for that you will be punished and with this punishment you will learn your husband is your Lord.”

Arrianna stood before him. “What is my punishment to be, My Lord? Will you withhold pleasure from me, restrict me to my chambers, and keep me from my easel or my books?”

“No, Arrianna, you will know the full extent of my displeasure soon enough.” With his statement, Derek watch her eyes widen in dismay, and felt his manhood stir within the confines of his breeches.

“Remove your gown,” he commanded.

“I cannot, My Lord,” Arrianna replied.

“Cannot or will not?” demanded her husband. His patience was starting to strain. He did not want to strike his wife in anger. She did not realize how he wished she would have behaved differently this evening. However, he could think of no other recourse than a thorough thrashing to establish his place as the head of their household.

“My Lord, I cannot remove this gown on my own. I need Lucy’s assistance.” After making her statement, Arrianna turned around to display the long row of diminutive buttons running the length of her spine from neck to hips. Derek immediately realized her dilemma.
“I will not summon Lucy to assist you,” Derek grumbled. “I will not have anyone witness your bottom bared or see you lying across my lap receiving the ministrations of my hand. I will remove the blasted gown myself!”

Arrianna whirled around. “Across your lap, with my bottom bared, My Lord? No one has ever struck me, never in my entire life. Please, My Lord, I am truly sorry, can we not find some other way to punish me for my misdeed?”

“Perhaps the spared rod has truly spoiled this child-bride of mine.” Derek said sarcastically. “No, Arrianna, my mind is firm; you will endure the discomfort of my hand as I teach you that my place in this marriage, this home, this estate will not be ignored by you. Now turn around.” With his order, Derek placed his hands on Arrianna’s shoulders and turned her to face away from him.

With large clumsy fingers, he began the tedious task of unbuttoning her gown. She stood as still as her fear would permit and began to notice that her husband trembled as well. The buttons began to open, one by one, and Arrianna became aware of Derek’s warm breath on the nape of her neck. When he reached the closures between her shoulder blades she began to experience a rush of desire. Quickly, she tried to check the wanton thoughts forming in her imagination.

Too late, she saw herself, nearly nude bent over Derek’s strong thighs. She could feel the cool air on her warm skin. She wondered how his hand would feel as he struck her naked…suddenly she came back to her senses. Her husband intended to spank her!

Arrianna sensed Derek’s growing impatience with the trappings of her gown. As he fumbled with button after button, his breathing became strained and rapid. Suddenly, he growled with frustration. Taking handfuls of beautiful silk, Derek tore her gown apart, scattering tiny ornaments around the room.

“My gown, Derek, oh my beautiful gown,” she wailed. “You’ve ruined it!”

“There will be plenty of lovely gowns in your lifetime, dear Arrianna, if you remember to be my good girl. Turn around and step out of it. Now!”

Obliging his command, Arrianna removed herself from the crumpled remains of her sumptuous aqua gown. She stood before him in her undergarments, eyes lowered. Derek looked at her and shook his head. Her hips were still exaggerated with the riggings of her underpinnings. He removed the ties, freeing her from the heavy contraption. Still she was covered, this time by her chemise. Quickly he pulled that layer off over her head. Yet more barriers to his goal, for she still wore her corset, pantaloons, stockings and slippers. Derek could stand no more.

Taking her by the arm he drew her to the bed with him. Seating himself, he swiftly pulled his petite wife across his knees.

Arrianna squeaked a protest which barely registered with Derek, so intent was he upon his quest. He placed his hand beneath the waist of her fine linen underwear and ripped them from her backside. The force of his action caused Arrianna to lurch forward and her breasts popped from the confines of her corset.

“Do not try to get away from me,” Derek said, as he maneuvered her back into position. Nearly unable to breath, more afraid than ever, Arrianna said nothing, trying hard to hold still.

She was unprepared for Derek’s hand on her nether cheek. He did not strike her. He softly, lovingly, placed his hand on her bottom and sensuously began rubbing her in slow, hypnotic circles. Arrianna felt herself relaxing, responding longingly to his touch.

Suddenly, the loving hand was removed and came down with a firm, loud SLAP! Arrianna’s bottom was immediately ablaze. Her feet began to kick and she shrieked with all her might.

“My Lord, pleeeeaaase, do not strike me again!”

Derek ignored her wailing. He struck her bottom fourteen more times and then stopped to caress the reddened orb before him.

“I love you Arrianna,” he said, slowly stroking her lovely, warm cheek. “I do this because I love you and only you.” Deliberately, he caused her legs to spread. Arrianna gasped when she felt his fingers touch her sweet lips. “Oh, my little love, what have we here?”

Derek brought his hand around so Arrianna might see the evidence of her desire. Stretched between his thumb and forefinger was a delicate thread of her essence, her reaction to his hand on her body.

Before she had time to collect her thoughts, Derek struck her again, this time on the opposite cheek. “Count your blows, young lady!”

“Two,” Arrianna complied, “three, four,” through gritted teeth. “Five, six, seven, ooohh, My Lord, nine, pleeeaase, eleven, twelve, thirteen,” she cried, and then began to sob. “Please stop, I am sorry! I am so sorry. I promise I will never forget my place as your wife, ever.”

With her declaration, Derek ceased his spanking. “Thank you, Arrianna. That is what I wanted to hear.” He pulled her to him, and held her in his arms while she cried quietly into his jacket. He soothed and caressed her as she clung to him.

Soon, her tears stopped flowing and she pulled away to look into her husband’s handsome face. “Derek, can you forgive me for causing you such embarrassment this evening? Can you find it in your heart to excuse my behavior? I regret inciting you to feel this was your only means of venting your displeasure with me. I love you with all my being, and I promise I will never forget this lesson.”

Gently, Derek set Arrianna beside him upon the bed. He stood, stretched and began removing his clothing. Off came his jacket and then he began unbuttoning his shirt. “I am far from finished with you this evening, my love. We have much to learn of our desires. Your body’s reaction, my reaction calls for exploration. Darling, I believe the events of this night have opened a new chapter in our lives as husband and wife,” he smiled lovingly at his bride. “Please remove my boots.”


  1. Love it! I agree I like the feelings this story brings out! Thank you!

  2. Nice one CeeCi, pity about the gown.
    Thanks PK.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. CeeCi, thank you so much for sending this story to PK so she could share with us all. Excellent read, I love the Victoria era.

    Love to you both.


  4. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Bravo! I also love stories form the Victorian Era. Thanks for writing it and sharing it, Ceeci.

  5. Awesome story. It gave me good shivers!

  6. I love this story! I would hate wearing all those clothes though!


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    Sharing this.