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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Gifts from afar, part 2

I was telling you about the lovely gift Ronnie was sending me, here’s the first part.

My friend, let’s call her Mary, had agreed to receive it at her house. Now when it arrived she saw that CANE-IAC had been totally discrete and nowhere was there a hint of what was inside. So Mary brings the package to me it work. No problem until I was leaving that afternoon and my partners ask “what’s in the package.” I answered truthfully “I don’t know I haven’t opened it”. They prodded me to open it but I just laughed and said what’s in the box was none of their business. I like having a bit of mystery. I hate for them to start thinking of me as just a dull, middle age woman.

So I’m out the door with my package dying to see exactly what’s inside. I was headed to the gym so once I parked I ripped into it. Hmmmm… two rattan canes, thin, extremely whippy looking. I ran my hands along them thinking “These things are going to hurt like hell.”

Now I haven’t said much about the diet lately I’m still plugging away without seeing much results. Nick has set goals for me for every two weeks and this was one of the weigh in Fridays. I got the canes on Thursday. And I knew I hadn’t made my goal. I decided that there was no need to bring the canes in on Thursday evening. They didn’t need to be here the next morning after I weighed because Nick has been taking care of things on the spot.

Sure enough I hadn’t made goal but Nick double crossed me and said we would talk about it that evening – Mollie was going out. Evening rolled around and Nick and I went out to eat. I hadn’t hidden the package in the car but neither had I mentioned it. Getting back in the car from the restaurant Nick spotted it and asked what it was.

“That’s what Ronnie was sending me from the UK, remember?”

“I do” he answered and with a chuckle he added “what excellent timing”.

He carried it in when we got home and opened it right away. The switching sound alone is bad enough but suddenly Nick wanted to talk diet. Well maybe talk isn’t the right word. He led me to the new chair in the living room and bent me over – come to think of it I really didn’t like that chair when he bought it. When he reached around to unfasten my jeans I protested that I really though the cane would be better over the jeans but he said no, he likes to see what he was doing.

Now Nick is no disciplinary so when I don’t make goal I have been getting only 3 strokes with what he has been using, something somewhat cane like. So I wasn’t terribly worried. Really I never thought I’d like a cane – I’m a hair brush or paddle kinda girl with his belt thrown in for fun sometimes. I just never thought I’d like the feel of a cane but in truth – I despise it!!!!! Damn it to hell – son-of-a-bitch that thing HURTS!!! My total respect and admiration goes out to those of you who either grew up with this in your lives or those of you who play with canes now. You are better, stronger people that I am! Those three stripes were like pure white fire! And the marks last well into the next day. Yet even as a novice I could tell Nick had not gone full force by any means. Wow what a deterrent.

Now maybe a small dose of that before going out to eat – or the promise of it if I make really foolish choices in what I order - a thing like a cane could get into a girls mind. Hmmm… I see an email to Nick in my future.

Regardless of how it felt I am delighted to have an English cane in our collection. I think it will make a wonderful display piece if we ever get out house all to our selves but I believe I like it in theory way more that on my butt!! My thanks to Ronnie for her thoughtfulness. And my thanks to CANE- ICA for their professionalism in both the production of their product and their discretion in packaging and speed in delivery. My only suggestion to them would be to sent pillows along to accompany their products – or at least offer it as an option. I think pillows would be a nice side line for them to invest in!!


  1. PK, now you know why the cane is my favourite implement.
    Have fun, WEG!
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. Your very welcome, what better way to improve relations between the US and UK than to exchange spanking implements.

    I'm so glad Nick got to use it and of course happy to see you liked it PK LOL.

    I'll have to suggest the pillows to Cane-Iac.


  3. What a great story! I love that Nick used it! Don't love that you needed it! But then again, when do you NOT need it???

    Sending pillows!


  4. Paul,
    If that is the case I know I would be a good girl for you!!

    With friends like you... LOL! I do love it just as long as it's not used!!

    What do you mean? I'm an angel and you know it. But it could be interesting in very small doses!

  5. Pk, so nice you can share implements iwth friends. It's nice you were able to experience it right away. Yep, pillows should come with it

  6. PK: Well, I guess that's the gift that keeps on giving.


  7. Jean,
    I love feeling comfortable enough to share with friends this way and yes I did get it right away!

    LOL! I guess that's one way to put it!

  8. PK,

    How wonderful that you have such a caring friend who wishes your bottom to enjoy only the best English implements.

    You're right - canes are very decorative when permanently fixed to the wall.


  9. PK, perhaps you could create an at home business by making pillows for those poor gals who get canes in the mail! Hey, could be a million dollar business!!! :)

    Ow, ow, ow. That's all I'm thinking.


    Debbie :)

  10. Hermione,
    There are several implements that I think would be better permanently fixed to the wall!

    Now Debbie you are the one that knows how to sew - not me! But maybe it's something you should think about. I would love to buy a pillow from a friend, talk it over with CeeCi and Theresa!

  11. I laughed reading that. Sounds like a better dieting tool than Dr. Ian hanging around with his "stick to the plan" speech!

  12. MW,
    As a diet tool it works wonderfully well - but I'm afraid for it to really work he is going to have to use it much more often! Thanks for coming by.