I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Gradituesday R

Risks – I owe a great deal to being able to take a risk. Things like an overwhelming love for my husband, an entire new lease on life and the best friends I have made in 20 years.

Restaurant – Remember, I only have a kitchen because it came with the house.

Rules – You have to have a few just so you can break them once in a while.

Rain – I love the rain, especially summer rains, but any good storm will do. Of course I don’t want to have to go out in it, I just want to watch.

Records – CD are great, but I loved my old records. I still have my old 45. The old record albums were such a big part of my teens and twenties. I miss the large album covers.

Recliners – I sit in my recliner and blog away, before I blogged I sat here and read novels, or watched TV, or slept, or talked on the phone, or held the kids on my lap. My recliners over the years have been good buddies.

Read – I do love to read. Our house is overflowing with books and I know there were thousand’s of books at Mom and Dad’s.

Remote control – I know only a few of us admit to watching TV, but for those of us who do, this is the greatest invention!

Reduce – It's a nice idea in theory but easier said that done!

The diet is slow, stalling, sometimes backing up. I did lose 6 tenths of a pound according to our scales but since they seem to have a fluctuation of 2 to3 pounds with in minutes I can’t put too much stock in them. I think, I hope, I pray I can get back to a somewhat normal routine this week. The last two weeks have been horrible and as hard as it may be to break a bad habit let me tell you, it’s a piece of cake to break a good habit!! I don’t want to go to the gym anymore – I’m sick of it. I want to snack at school. I want my soft drinks back. I want to snack in my chair again. In other words I want to stop everything that helped get me to this point. No I’m not really planning to give up but my hearts just not in it right now.


  1. Anonymous1:38 AM

    Hang in there. This time of year is hard on a lot of people for diets. One suggestion is to go to the gym with someone. If Nick can't go, you can ask a coworker or a neighbor. By having that other person go with you consistently, you motivate each other and keep the other accountable. It's harder to say no to the gym today if someone is there waiting. Good luck.

  2. PK, great list, gratitude is a great sauce, it gives life a special savour.
    Stick with the diet, it's worth it in the end, or even off the end. LOL
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. Hey PK, love your list.

    I agree with Diane and Paul, hang in there, I know it's hard. Diane is also right, if you can find someone to go with it helps. I'm trying to persuade friends to come jogging with me but they say I'm mad to be out at 6 am and wont come.


  4. PK, Can you find a way to satisfy your desire for snacks and sodas without ruining the diet? Are diet sodas okay? It can't be easy. I'm a snacker, too. Cutting them out completely would be much too difficult, so I'm trying to choose better snacks. For me, it's a matter of having healthier options readily available and not bringing junk home.

    The buddy system helps. With the weather improving, Hubby and I have started walking after dinner. A walk around the block takes an hour and is probably at around 4 miles. One night was much more aerobic than usual and Hubby was particularly amused. About a mile out, I felt the urge to pee. I hadn't felt well that day and it was chilly. I didn't want to just turn around and go back because Angel was looking forward to walking on the dirt road next to the pond with ducks and beavers which was about half way. Once she was back in the stroller, we finished the walk as quickly as we could worked up a good sweat by the time we were home.

    Anyway, keep at it. I've found about 15 pounds in the last several months and I'm putting more energy into losing it again. Better not to let it get out of control to begin with. Good luck.

  5. Sorry to hear you've lost your diet Mojo, but I'm sure you will get back into it.

    School is almost over! Maybe you can do more swimming instead of the gym...and of course everyone is so smart to suggest a friend to go along to the gym! I'd go if I was closer! LOL

    Loved your list, as usual!


  6. Summer rain.....love it. The smell of rain on a hot pavement is one of my favourite smells.

    love and hugs xxx

  7. Guys I know you may well be right about the diet buddy but when I do go to the gym is really only my quiet time. I spend all day talking to people and the gym, when I do go I spend my time mind-blogging. I don't want to give up that alone time.

    I know this is a hard time for me because of the end of school. Just a few more days now.

    I do know it's worth it and I'm pretty sure Nick won't let me quit anyway.

    LOL! I think your friends are right! 6 AM???

    I have never like any diet soda's there okay but they don't satisfy me. Actually I do know what I have to do to lose weight. I've been able to do it for short times but it's hard to keep it up. I'll blog it sometime but then Nick will know too! LOL, not sure I wnat that!

    If you were here I would be willing to give up my alone time!!

    I love the way the woods around here smell in the rain. Lovely!