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I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Chaos on the home front

I am totally overwhelmed and fighting to survive utter chaos. I am so sore from getting up off the floor and down off ladders. Painting and carpeting two rooms at the same time is not for the faint of heart or anyone with a rocky marriage. You can’t imagine the amount of ‘stuff’ the children have collected over the years. None of which Mollie seems ready to part with.

Nick and I agree on most things although he was not wild about the pink spots Mollie painted on her pretty new brown walls. I didn’t like it either but we are trying to be open minded. Nick and I chose the carpet in only minutes. We usually agree on things like that. It’s little things that are likely to annoy me but Nick doesn’t hear quite as well as he used to so I can safely mutter under my breath when he annoys me and that seem to help me get it out of my system.

But I can’t get out in my sun room – LJ’s bed, all the clothes from both kid’s closets (we’re painting closets too), game from closet shelves are all out there. Mollie’s huge bookcase and her massive dresser are in the tiny eating area of my kitchen. The couch is covered – with what I’m not sure. The other chair is surrounded by boxes of tapes, CD’s, photo albums, stuffed animals, sports trophies, and books.

The painting should be done soon – the carpet will be a few weeks and we don’t want to move everything back before that but Arrrrrrgggg! Messiness doesn’t both me but this is way beyond that.

But really don’t mind me. I am just letting off a little steam. Things are good here. The house will look good when it is all done. We even got in a little play time the other day while Mollie was babysitting. Nick doesn’t have to begin his new job until the middle of July and for the first month it will only be part time. He goes back to full time near when I head back to school. So we are really in a good place to ease back in this big change in our lives. So there is my rant for the day, I’ll be back when I get through painting!


  1. PK, I sympathise, I'm going through exactly the same chaos.
    I'm doing it myself as my wife can't.
    Get Nick to give you a stress buster the next Mollie free moment.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. Oh, dear, you do have your hands full at the moment.

    You aren't wishing you were back at school, I hope!

    Hang in there, girl!


  3. Good luck with the project...once the chaos is done with you will have really nice decorated rooms...can't wait to see pictures...hand in there! :-)

  4. Paul,
    I feel for you. I know it will be great when it's done but such work! I hope Nick will do that as soon as we get the chance!

    LOL! Oh no, I'm not to that point yet! I'll take painting and moving for a few more months before that will ever enter my mind!

    I sure do hope you're right!!!

  5. PK, just keep thinking how lovely it will be when it's all finished


  6. Anonymous8:55 PM

    It's crazy hard but so worth it in the end! Go out for ice cream and call it a day!


  7. Ronnie,
    I know you are right but it's hard to imagine right now.

    And with both you and I on a diet! Yep that ice cream sounds great!!