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Friday, June 26, 2009

Fantasy Friday - Training Lisa, part 6

On this beautiful warm first Friday of Summer I can tell you this story will do nothing to cool you off. Yes Florida Dom has given us another sizzling part of his Training Lisa story. I have emailed Florida Dom often (he is one of the nicest men you would ever want to meet - but completely taken ladies) . He has expressed concern that his stories might be too heavy into BDSM for my readers taste. Seeing the number of hits I get with each of his new stories I have assured him this isn't the case. I think many of us do enjoy stories that push our limits. I enjoy reading of places that I may never go but none the less excite me. Florida Dom's stories do just that. If you haven't been reading go here to find the links for the first parts.

Now sit back and enjoy...

Training Lisa, Part 6

Lisa was a bundle of nerves as her Sir opened the door to his bondage room. She was scared and excited at the same time. She knew she was getting wet just thinking about what lay ahead. She had found out like she liked pain and it turned into pleasure for her. And she liked submitting to her Sir, following his orders and being controlled by him. This was what she had fantasized about for a long time and now it was a reality.

But she didn't know what her limits were and how far was he going to push her. She didn't know how much pain she could take and she was now going to find out. Her Sir was ready to take her to the next level. This was a big test for her so he could find out how much she wanted. He wanted to go to her limits, to scare her, to make her scream out in pain that eventually turnedto pleasure. But he didn't want to go too far and scare her away. He wanted to give her what she wanted. Now he had to find out exactly what that was.

So has he opened the door, they were both looking for answers. He was fully dressed and she was on the floor, on her hands and knees, blindfolded and naked with a collar around her neck attached to a leash that was in his hand. He had found out that being a pet was a turnon for her and after some hesitation, she was even willing to drink out of a bowl like a real pet.

As he pulled on the leash and she started walking on her hands and knees, they entered the bondage room and he closed the door and she heard him lock it. She shuddered a bit. She knew there was no turning back. But she was eager to find out what was going to come next and how she would deal with it.

He had told her that once they started, she could use her safeword at any time and bring everything to a halt. But he warned her that if she did that, he wouldn't push the envelope any farther. And she might miss out on a lot. If she were able to endure the pain, he would bring her to heights that she couldn't imagine. She could scream all she wanted. He had soundproofed the
room. But he would ignore the screams and go forward as long as she didn't use the safeword.

As promised, he then took off her blindfold. It was the first time she had been without the blindfold in his presence. It took her a while to adjust to the light after being in the dark with the blindfold over her eyes. But he was wearing a hood so she couldn't see his face. She would be denied that privilege until she passed his test. But her stomach flipped when she saw his
muscular shoulders. He had the body of a man who works out and takes care of himself. She couldn't wait to see his face, but she knew that wasn't her decision to make. She knew she had one more test to meet before she got that privilege.

She also was stunned as she looked around the bondage room. On one wall were all kinds of floggers and canes. And nipple clamps and ropes. On one table was an assortment of dildos and butt plugs, needles, shaving cream and a razor. She shuddered at the sight of the needles. She didn't even like to get shots. But she knew if he planned to decorate her body with needles, she would accept it. She had come this far and she was willing to accept whatever he wanted to do to her. She was determined to show him she wanted to submit to whatever he had planned for her.

And she noticed the other three walls had floor length mirrors and the ceiling also had a mirror on it so she could see what was going on from several angles. And there was a video camera set up in the corner. He told he wanted a record of this day for his enjoyment so he could relive it in the future if she passed the test.

As he led her around the room, she also saw his bondage table, his St. Andrews cross, a spanking bench, wrist cuffs attached to chains hanging from the ceiling and a stand with a dildo attached to the top. She noticed it appeared to be just tall enough to fit in her.pussy when she was standing up. He told her he had built it specifically for her. And there was a cage with a mattress, a blanket and a bowl of water. She figured she would be spending time in it.

On another table were several lit candles. She knew this probably meant that wax play was going to be something she would have to endure during this session. She wondered how she would cope with hot wax being dribbled on her naked body. She assumed she was going to find out. Seeing everything in the room filled her with conflicting emotions. She knew this was going to be an
intense session. She knew she was going to have to accept more pain than she had ever dealt with before. But she was starting to understand that she must be a pain slut. Just the thought of the pain and the bondage he had planned for her was a huge turnon. She knew she was getting so wet that she might go over the top just from the pain. And the thought of getting orgasms from
the pain turned her on even more. She felt like she was gushing.

He suddenly broke her train of thought with a question.

Are you ready? he asked. She didn't know if she'd ever be ready for this but she knew she had only give one answer. "Yes, Sir,'' she said.

Are you willingly ready to submit to whatever I have planned for you? Again, she didn't know if she'd ever be ready, but she found herself almost eager to get started. She now wanted to find out if she had any limits, if she could submit fully to his wishes. Again, she answered in a soft voice, "Yes, Sir.''

Are you happy to be under my control and live by my rules? This answer was easy. She had fantasized a long time about submitting to a Sir who would bring her to new heights. "Yes, Sir,'' she said.

He then tugged her leash and led her to the bondage table, told her to stand up and sit on the table. He then gently laid her down on the table on her back and put cuffs around her wrists and ankles. She then pulled her arms and secured them tightly to the front legs of the table. He then spread her legs and tied them tightly to the bottom legs of the table. She was now spread eagled. He then took off her dog collar and replaced it with a posture collar that covered her entire neck and prevented her from lifting her neck. And then he tied a strap across her forehead to make sure she couldn't move her head. Now she couldn't virtually move a muscle. She was completely tied down. Just to make sure, he poked a needle in one of her tits. By reflex action, she tried to move but she couldn't move at all. She could only watch what was going on while looking at the ceiling mirror. He smiled. Now he had her bound the way he wanted.

He then took a pair of her panties out of his pocket. He had her wear panties that day instead of her usual thong because he waned her scent on them. He then pushed them inside of her pussy to absorb all of her juices. He then took the panties out, folded them and put them on her nose so she could sniff her scent and have evidence of how turned on she was, how much she wanted
this. He told her the panties had another purpose. She was allowed to scream, but it would not stop him. Only the safeword would stop him. But he preferred her to process the pain and if he decided her screams were distracting him, he were stuff the panties in her mouth.

He was now ready to begin.

The first thing she saw in the ceiling mirror was that he was bringing the shaving cream and razor to the table. That meant he was going to shave her pussy again. He liked to begin each session that way so she had a very smooth pussy. Her armpits, of course, were unshaven. She was not allowed to shave those. The unshaved pits were his mark on her. And she wasn't allowed to shave her own pussy. That task for reserved for him. And she liked it when she felt him squirting the shaving cream all over her pussy as she watched in the ceiling mirror.

Then she watched and felt him stroking the razor across her pussy and removing all the stubble. She loved the feeling and knew she was gushing. It felt so intimate because she felt like she was offering the most intimate part of her body to him. As he kept wielding the razor over her pussy, she wanted to wiggle in her excitement, but she was tied down too securely to move. That added to the sensation as she felt herself getting wetter and wetter. After he finished, he wiped a warm towel over her pussy to get rid of the last of the shaving cream. Oh, that felt so good to her. She again tried to wiggle, but she couldn't and she started to sweat. She knew she was right on the
verge of coming if only he touched her more. As she groaned, she said, "please.''

The mood was suddenly broken when she felt him slap one of her tits. Hard. She was stunned. But he reminded her that she was not to beg to come. She would get a chance to come if she were a good girl and submitted to the pain, but she would do it on his schedule, not hers. "I'm sorry sir,'' she said. "It won't happen again.'' He replied, "It better not.''

He then asked her the question that she dreaded and yet was eager to hear at the same time. "Are you ready for pain,'' he asked. "Yes, sir,'' she said.

He then brought a tray of lit candles in glass containers to the table. She knew what was next. Wax play. She had read about wax play. But she hadn't experienced it. The thought of that hot candle wax dribbling on her body scared her. She didn't want to get burned. She figured he would give her pain, but trusted him enough that he wouldn't burn her. She didn't know it, but he knew how to do it to give her pain, but not burn her. The key to wax play was the height from which it was dropped. It cooled in the air. So he got on a step stool and held the glass with the candle in it several feel above her. He would judge the right height from her reaction. He wanted her to feel pain but didn't want to leave her any burns.

She was apprehensive as she watched in the ceiling as he held the glass with the candle above her. She was almost gasping for breath as she awaited her fate. And suddenly, he turned the glass over and she felt the wax falling on her tits. She flinched but was surprised to find out it wasn't that hot. When he saw she didn't flinch much, he lowered it the next time. She gasped,
but he saw it didn't burn her. He had the right height. It caused her pain, but didn't burn the skin. So he started dribbling it over her. He planned to cover the front of her body from her tits to her pussy.

She was able to process the pain and found it was turning her on as the wax from candle after candle continued to dribble on her body. She knew she was a pain slut. She loved the fact she was submitting to him and accepting the pain he wanted her to feel. She again tried to wiggle and buck against her bonds, but she couldn't move. Finally, when she was covered, he stopped and
she exhaled. She had endured the pain without using her safeword. She had gasped and groaned, but hadn't screamed at a full pitch and he hadn't stuffed the panties in her mouth. As she lay there quietly now that the first stage was over and processed everything in her mind, he decided to she show her how turned on she was. He took the panties and once again shoved them in her
pussy to soak up her juices once again. And then he took them out and once again put them on top of her nose. As she breathed in her scent, she realized it had become stronger. The wax play had stimulated her.

She also need time to come down from the experience and her Sir quietly petted her as she collected her wits about her and started wondering what was next. As he went to the wall and took down one of his canes, she knew. A caning was next on his agenda. He told her that he would cane some of the wax off her body, but she would get pleasure from the pain. The thought of getting pleasure made her smile, but she knew she'd also have to endure the pain.

As she lay thinking about her conflicting emotions, she saw him raise his arm in the ceiling mirror and quickly felt the lash against her tits. The wax came flying off, but a thin red stripe also appeared on her tits. She gasped as he kept the blows coming and she started crying. The pain wracked her body. She didn't know how much more she could take, but then he rubbed her
clit and she came in a shudder. Her body almost exploded against her bonds. And then he repeated the process. She felt the pain and came again. And again. She was getting exhausted as her body kept reaching new heights. She started panting as she processed both the pain and the pleasure. She wanted it to stop and yet to wanted more. She started sweating and felt like it was an out of body experience as she saw herself in the ceiling mirror trying to move in her tight bonds.

Just when she didn't think she could take it anymore, he stopped. She just exhaled and sighed. She had come so many times that she didn't think she could do it again. And she could see in the ceiling mirrors that the front of her body was covered with red stripes and welts. They stung, but she felt relieved that she had absorbed everything he had given her. She was happy that
she had pleased him. As she lay there catching her breath, he again took her panties and stuffed them in her pussy one more time to absorb more of her fluids. And then he put them on her nose and she drank in the scent. She liked the smell that showed how turned on she was submitting to him.

He then took a knife, scraped the rest of the wax off her body and then treated her welts and stripes with cream. Oh, that felt so good. And then he untied her and she stretched her legs and arms, which were almost numb of being tied so tightly. He had her sit up on the table and he sat down next to her and cuddled her, petting her, giving her aftercare and congratulating her
for being a good girl. As he stroked her, he reminded her that she had met his expectations and that he was pleased with her. She loved to hear that. Hearing that she had pleased her Sir made her tingle all over.

He then tied the dog collar back around her neck, attached the leash and had her slide off the table back on her hands and knees. He then led her to her cage and told her to enter it. He slapped her butt as she went on and told her that this afternoon, it would get some red coloring. But first, he locked her in the cage and told her to rest. She stretched out onto the mattress, thinking about everything that had happened and savoring it.

As he left the room, she wondered what else he had in store for her in the afternoon. She wound find out soon enough.


Florida Dom always leaves me hungry to know what is going to happen next. Florida Dom you have my thanks once again!! Please leave him a comment to tell him what you think and encourage him to keep going! You can contact him directly at swdftbscribe@aol.com

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  1. Florida Dom, thanks for this excellent story, I'm not really into this level of BDSM, never the less a hot story.
    PK, good old F/F, thank you dear girl.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. Anonymous1:20 AM

    You left me hanging again... I need to know what happens to Lisa when she comes out of that cage :-)


  3. Florida Dom, you've done it again, thanks. Thought Lisa was finally going to get a glimpse of her Sir.

    I hope you've already started writing the next chapter :)

    Thanks PK.

    Hope you both have a great weekend.


  4. Florida Dom!!! I love this story. Yes, it goes beyond my boundaries for my personal pleasure, but I still got turned on. Good work. And I looooove reading your work. I always did like to explore new worlds, new thresholds. Really fun! I can't wait to see what Sir has in store for her next!


  5. Anonymous11:01 PM

    Florida Dom & PK

    I so look forward to your stories. Thanks so much for this one. I loved how you kept us in visuals and Lisa's feelings. Knowing that it was more than our usual desires you did a great job of informing us as we read their adventures of the safety factor. It helped me relax while I was reading it and it was definitely exciting to read. Keep writing!!