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Friday, August 05, 2011

Fantsay Friday - Contrite Women, II

Another Friday is here. That would be better news if I wasn't scheduled to head back to work so soon. But I can think about that another day. Today we have a story that I know will have some of you squirming in your seats. In other words, you're going to love it. I guess is won't do much to help you keep cool, but you can't have everything.

So for now please enjoy...

Contrite Women

Sharon was excited as she packed; she was going to meet Monique and Steve for the very first time. Monique and Sharon had been corresponding with each other for the last six months, and although Sharon had never met Monique, she felt like they had a friendship that had spanned decades. Sharon zipped up the suitcase and re-checked her purse for the boarding pass. Sharon headed to the elevator still a little disappointed that Gary was unable to get off work, but she understood. As Sharon waited for the taxi her phone rang.


“Hey babe, I just wanted to tell you to have a good flight and I will call you tonight.”

“Thanks. How’s your day going?” Sharon said as she saw the taxi pulling in.

“Good… but busy.”

“Hey, the taxi is here. I love you and I will talk with you tonight.” Sharon said walking towards the taxi.

“Okay, love you…Bye.”

The taxi driver lifted her suitcase in the trunk and Sharon climbed in the backseat thrilled to be on her way. If there weren’t any flight delays, she would be touching down in Chicago by ten o’clock. Sharon passed the two hour flight by reading on her Kindle and before she knew it the plane touched down.

Steve had insisted that they pick her up at the airport, she had tried to argue but it was in vain, because he wouldn’t budge. Because Gary was unable to come, Steve felt responsible for Sharon’s safety.

As Sharon rounded the corner she spotted Monique and Steve. She recognized them from their pictures on Face book. She started to get butterflies as she approached them but it soon disappeared as they hugged. On the ride to the hotel they made idle chit chat about the flight and started to make plans on what they wanted to do. It didn’t take long before Monique and Sharon were joking. Occasionally, Steve would shoot them a look of caution. Sharon was well aware of the look. Gary used it often and if Sharon chose to ignore it, then she paid the consequence.

They would stop for the moment but it wouldn’t take them long until they were acting sassy again. For the most part, Steve let it go knowing they were having a good time. As they went to dinner that evening, Monique and Sharon had plotted a practical joke to play on Steve. Steve had a great sense of humor and Monique played practical jokes all the time.

They all agreed on Mexican Food. When dinner came they looked at each other and set the plan in motion. Monique dropped her fork, kicking it to Steve’s side. As Steve went to reach for it under the table, Sharon removed the bottle of hot sauce from her purse and sprinkled it over Steve’s meal quickly. Sharon took a sip of her water and tried to not make eye contact with Monique knowing they would not be able to contain the laughter. Steve took a bite of his food and made this sound if trying to clear his throat. Obviously, he had gotten a good taste of hot sauce. Steve reached for the water but you could see by the look on his face that it only increased the heat.

“Something wrong?” Sharon asked.

“This food is really spicy.” Steve said as the sweat was appearing above his brow. Steve took another drink of water. Monique couldn’t contain and burst in to laughter.

“What!” Steve said looking at Monique.

“Did you do something to my food?” Steve looked eyeing them back and forth. Sharon shook her head no but Monique couldn’t lie.

“Yes, we sprinkled some hot sauce over it.” Monique said still trying to contain her laughter. At this point, you could tell Steve was not amused.

“Show him Sharon,” Misty said suddenly becoming more serious.

Sharon lifted the bottle from her purse that read, “Really Fucking Hot Sauce” with a description wrapping the bottle explaining the meaning behind the name. At first, Steve felt like putting some on their food and making them eat every bite but he had something else in mind. They to would feel a burn but not in their throats. Monique and Sharon realized they both had gone too far and were quiet on the way back to the hotel. Steve said he needed to make a phone call and left the two of sitting in the room.

“Crap!” Monique said looking at Sharon.

“Are we in trouble?”

“I think so.” Monique started to pace.

“What do you think he’ll do?” Sharon said with a look of concern.

“I think I have an idea and we aren’t going to like it.”

“You don’t think….” Sharon stopped talking as Steve entered the room.

“Sharon go over to your room and bring back your computer and your red brush.”

“Why, do you want my brush?” Just then it hit her, Steve was going to spank them. Monique and Sharon had met through a Domestic Discipline site. Surely, he wouldn’t spank her…Gary would never agree. Sharon’s thoughts were broken as Steve spoke.

“Now!” Steve said very sternly.

Sharon hurried quickly to the door separating both rooms and grabbed her laptop. She wanted to say she wasn’t sure where the brush was, but knew it wouldn’t fly because he had joked about it before dinner seeing it lay on the bureau. Sharon’s brush was wood with a large red rectangular head. Gary had used this on Sharon before and it was her most feared implement. When she re-entered the room, Monique was on the bed with tears seeping from the corner of her eyes.

“Sorry, Sharon.” Monique said.

“Don’t be sorry Monique, we are in this together.”

Steve set up the laptop and turned on the webcam. “Can you see okay?” Steve was talking towards the computer. As he turned it around, Gary was on the other side. Sharon’s heart sank, she had promised Gary before she left that she would behave.

Gary had always told his wife that no other man would spank her, but after listening about her sassy behavior and the joke she played on Steve, he agreed. Gary thought by letting Steve spank Sharon that it would be the most effective, humbling experience she would go through.

“Sharon, can you see me?”

“Yes,” Sharon said almost in a whisper.

“I have agreed to let Steve teach you a lesson. I believe this will make an impact on you that you will never forget.” Sharon just stared at the screen blankly.

“Monique and Sharon come sit together.” Steve’s voice was very stern.

Monique started to speak but Steve looked at her and she remained quiet. Steve went to the suitcase and removed a strap and laid it next to the brush.

“This can go easy or hard. You will both make your own fate depending on your actions. This is going to be a night you will not forget. You both need to remove your pants, you may keep on your panties.”

They looked at each other and Monique removed her pants quickly setting them on the bed, but Sharon stood frozen. Gary remained quiet watching his wife; he wanted to see how Steve would handle her defiance.

“ Sharon, I asked you to remove your pants. If you do not do as I ask right this moment, you will have more added to your count down.” Sharon looked at Gary on the screen, he walked away saying nothing.

“I can’t!” Sharon said.

“Ten,” is all Steve said. Sharon knew what he meant from previous conversations with Monique. She slowly unbuttoned her pants lowering them slowly. Her face was blushing from embarrassment and tears were slowly rolling down her cheek. Sharon went and joined Monique on the bed, reaching out touching her hand as to reassure her it was okay.

“Monique, come here. You will be first as you should have known better.”

Steve had Monique turn around and lay face down on the bed. She turned her face away from Sharon who was still sitting just a few feet from her. Steve made her face Monique. Steve’s first whack sent Monique lurching forward grabbing the top of the comforter. He continued to swat her backside alternating between both cheeks. Monique moaned with each swat, kicking her legs. Steve would tell her to stop kicking and smacked her thighs. When Steve felt the heat coming from Monique’s panties, he stopped and lowered them. Monique knew better than to resist but Sharon became mortified at the thought of Steve removing hers. Steve continued to swat Monique until her backside was glowing red. Monique was crying and he told them to switch. Sharon hesitated but Steve bent her over.

“Gary….please.” but Gary remained silent watching. Sharon had never been spanked by anyone other than her husband. She felt like she was going to throw-up.

The first swat took her breath away and she began trying to escape to the other side. Steve was strong and had her back in place in no time.

“You can fight but it will only make it more painful for you.” He continued to swat Sharon’s backside. When she started to kick, he also swatted her thighs each time. As he started to lower her panties she pleaded with Steve. For Steve, exposing Sharon’s backside meant nothing sexually to him. Steve was there for one reason only, and that was to teach them a lesson. Steve’s philosophy was that any woman that misbehaved should be spanked. Steve only stopped swatting Sharon when her backside matched Monique’s. Gary saw his wife sitting on the bed; he wanted to intervene but remained quiet. Gary felt somewhat aroused, he didn’t expect that feeling.

“Both of you stand against the wall, do not rub your backside and no talking.” Both Monique and Sharon moved quickly without any arguments. Steve walked to the computer and turned it around and then left the room. They looked at each other as tears streamed down their faces. Sharon mouthed that she was sorry and Monique mouthed she was sorry too.

They stood there waiting and waiting. Sharon needed to go to the bathroom. She looked around but Steve had still not returned. She said out loud that she needed to use the bathroom, hoping he would hear, but nothing. Sharon decided she had to go and started to leave. Monique grabbed her arm but she tugged away. Sharon waddled to the bathroom as her panties were still just above her knees. She shut the door and sat down on the toilet gently. She felt so much better after she was done. She pulled back up her pantries and washed her hands. She wanted to look in the mirror but could feel the heat and had an idea what it would look like. As she opened the door, Steve was peering back at her. Sharon stepped back startled.

“Did I say you could leave and go to the bathroom?”

“No, but you weren’t here and I couldn’t hold it.” Steve whirled her around yanking down her panties, rapidly swatting her backside. Sharon was twisting and Steve just tightened his grip. When he finished he guided her back to the wall. After a few minutes later, Steve told the girls to return to the bed. They sat down looking at him wondering what was next.

“Monique go get the strap and Sharon you will bend over first.”

Sharon noticed the computer was turned back facing them.

“Gary, I have learned my lesson…please.”

“Sharon, Gary will not help you, only you can help yourself. Bend over.” Sharon started to hesitate.

“Bend over, now Sharon.” Steve said a little more sternly. Sharon started to speak when Steve did.


“Steve that is not fair! This has to be hard for her.” Monique piped in.

“Ten.” Steve said looking back at Monique.

Sharon was bent back over the bed when Steve lowered her panties again. Her backside was still warm and red from the warm-up. Steve brought the strap down on Sharon’s backside, lecturing her about her sassy behavior. The strap stung and it didn’t take long before Sharon was crying loudly, pleading with Steve to stop. Steve brought down the strap down a few more times and then told Monique to trade places.

Monique hated the strap and dreading the spanking. She laid across the bed and Steve brought the strap down. You heard the smack of the leather as it impacted Monique’s already red bottom. Monique started to fight Steve and he smacked her thighs soundly, telling her to stay still and telling her she just added ten more to her countdown. When he finished, he had them go back to the wall and he left again. They just looked at each other crying but not uttering a word. The only noise coming from the room was the sound of them crying. Sharon was thinking how could Gary allow this, but she knew deep inside why and he was right she would never forget this. She would never disrespect someone else’s spouse. As Steve re-entered the room Sharon knew what was coming and dreaded the brush. How could she take anymore? Her backside hurt so bad and she could feel the welts from the strap. Steve called Monique over and had Sharon stay against the wall.

“Monique bring me the brush.” Monique retrieved the brush and bent over without being told. She buried her face in the pillows because she was sure she would scream the moment the wood touched her already sore bottom.

“Begin Counting.” Steve said.

“One,” Monique muffled through the pillow. “Tweww, Three…please, Four, Five!” Monique yelled.

Steve continued, increasing the hardness with each swat until he reached twenty. When he was finished he took Monique in his arms and let her cry. Steve rocked his wife and caressed her hair. Monique buried her head in his large chest and melted in his arms. When he calmed Monique down he called over Sharon. Sharon waddled slowly to Steve.

“Steve, I am so sorry.” Steve nodded and she bent over and Steve picked up the brush.

“Sharon you will count to twenty.” Steve swatted Sharon’s backside also increasing the hardness of the swats. Sharon slide down the bed at twelve as her knees buckled and Steve gently lifted her and bent her back over. He backed off on the hardness of the swats on the last few and had her pull up her panties. Just then, the door opened and Gary walked in. Sharon saw him and ran to him almost knocking him over. Gary held his wife in his arms and let her cry. Sharon was saying sorry over and over, Gary comforted her and told her it’s alright. Sharon turned to Steve.

“I am so sorry for my behavior. I deserved everything I got.” Steve walked over and hugged Sharon quickly and shook Gary’s hand smiling.

“Are you both going to behave or do we have to let Gary take a turn with you both?”

Monique and Sharon both promised to behave and not cause anymore problems. Monique and Sharon redressed. The guys had already grabbed a few beers and were watching a baseball game on the television. Sharon and Monique joined the guys; it had been quite a memorable first evening.


The author of this wonderful Fantasy Friday is Katia from 'Not My Original Vows'. If you aren't a regular over at her site then you are missing some very interesting post. Katia hasn't posted much this summer but she is a very busy woman and I hope that she will be posting more soon. Thanks Katia, it was a great story.

I hope that there are more of you out there writing and willing to share your talents with us. Please send stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. wow great story thank you :) that scenario is on my spanking bucket list - watching someone else and knowing im next - also the way Steve disciplined - i wish my hubby would do that for me - warm up and then intermediate and then severe instead of straight to severe
    Nice story, i enjoyed it.

  2. PK, a very nice story, I doubt if those two will be pull any jokes soon.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. Congrats Katia on a very good hot, erotic story. I hope you will be writing more.You know how to describe a spanking scene in good detail.


  4. Fab story Katia. They both got what they deserved.

    Thanks PK.


  5. First time together and they land in trouble! When did you say you wanted us to hang out? ;)

  6. Great story. Interesting scene, it was very entertaining to read.

    I hope you'll be writing more soon, Katia.

    Thanks PK for posting.

  7. Nice story, THanks/