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Friday, December 09, 2016

Fantasy Friday - Control

Cold! It's gotten cold suddenly. I guess it will set the mood for decorating this weekend. I know we're later than most, but the boys won't be here until January so we leave everything up longer.

No new stories have come in lately so I dug way back into the archives. This is a truly old one. In fact it was the fourth Fantasy Friday ever posted, way back before I was hosting. See what you think of this story from 2008.


It was dark. I turned my head and could feel the blindfold. Where was I? I tried to move my arms; they were tied together and stretched over my head and attached to some type of headboard. My legs were tied to the corners at the foot of the bed. I was stretched wide, vulnerable, naked, completely exposed. I heard someone enter the room. Whoever it was, they were silent as they approached. I strained against the bonds. A man’s voice said, “Be still.” He lifted my head a bit and held a glass to my lips. I gulped grateful at the wine. He took the rest of the wine and slowly pored it over my breasts and onto my belly.

Gently, silently he touched my face and I twisted to get away from his touch. One more time he said, “Be still.” His fingers trailed down my throat. As his fingers touched my breast I jumped and strained hard against my restraints. A vicious pinch to my nipple caused me to cry out and jerk away.

“Control,” he said. “You must learn control, now be still.” The fingers continued. They trailed around my breasts, down my arms, my hands. He touched my belly and explored my navel. The hands went down my thighs, down my calves and on to touch my feet. He had touched every part of me except my pussy. In spite of my fear it was throbbing.

I couldn’t help squirming with my need. He stopped and said, “You will learn control.” He quickly untied my feet and turned me over. The hand gently touched my cheeks seconds before the leather strap made contact with a loud slap. Again and again the strap found its mark, punishing my ass and thighs.

The gentle hand returned and traced the marks left by the strap. When he turned me back over so many emotions and sensations were swirling in my head. I still felt fear, my ass burned and my pussy throbbed when any new sensation was added. I felt a vibrator being pressed to my swollen clit. I realized that I could never be still. I rose up against the vibrator trying to feel more and more. Every muscle tightened as the first orgasm flooded my body. My legs were pushed back over my head with the vibrator still in place. The strap came back on the most tender parts of my ass. Each blow just served to drive the orgasm deeper in my body and mind. Gradually I became aware that the strap had stopped falling.

I came back to the real world to feel the gentle hand return, again caressing my face. The voice was saying, “Relax, rest, for a first lesson you did well.”

So then what happened?  This is from one of the few writers I still keep up with from eight years ago. Me!  This was the first piece of fiction of this kind I ever wrote. The characters weren’t very developed because I didn’t have any idea how. I'm still not even sure I like it, but it was fun to run across it.  Okay, now I've done my part. You all get to writing. Anyone up for a Christmas spanking story? Writing and send it to Fantasy Friday at elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Ooh PK, I am looking forward to your retirement, think of all those stories you will have time to write...
    love Jan, xx

  2. PK enjoyed reading this. As Jan said think of all the stories you can write once retired. Not long now.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  3. Loved this PK, very hot, and I agree with the others :)


  4. I love that you shared this very early writing of yours. Since I have never read it before, it was a bit like looking at a picture album. These were just your baby steps. And look at you now!


  5. PK,

    Enjoyed that. Thanks for sharing one of your earlier stories. Hadn't read it before. Looking forward to your new book.


  6. Wow PK...that was a hot story. I think you ought to give us a few more chapters. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  7. Good story and very different from any stories. You did well my friend.