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Friday, July 17, 2015

Fantasy Friday - Is this what you want?

All is well here in the PK household. Nick is going golfing this weekend so I hope to get some writing done and it's about time to start my major cleaning for the family reunion coming soon.

The story today I received in 2009 and it is an excellent story.  I'll repeat what I said then because it's still true.   I'm always excited to get a Fantasy Friday story but this week it is from a reader who does not have her own blog – at least not yet! I love getting stories from my fellow bloggers but to get one from a non-blogger make me very proud and honored that they allow me to publish their words; that’s very special to me. If you are writing please send me your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com If by chance you have sent a story and haven't heard from me then it went to span. Please send it again! I have responded to every story I have received usually within 24 hours. So if you send one and don't hear from me - I didn't get it.

I will tell you more about this author after the story. But now enjoy…

Is This What You Want?
Melinda sighed as she finished reading the Fantasy Friday story on one of her favorite blogs, New Beginnings. She wished Larry would spank her like that. He was always willing to spank but only once had it ever been hard enough for her. She always ended up craving more and had often expressed this to him. She knew he worried about hurting her too much and the bruises and marks that she loved always distressed him. With a slight feeling of guilt she stood up and headed for the kitchen to start dinner. Larry was a good husband, he loved her and his willingness to spank and his concern for her was a part of him that she cherished. He was a controlled spanker. Lovely even strokes that allowed her to let the pain and pleasure mingle in such a way that she usually slipped into an almost meditative state. She could float there a long time, feeling the sharp sting of the belt coming down until she’d reached a point where the ache for him to be inside her pushed her out of that space and she’d begin to move toward him, silently asking for his cock.

After dinner they cuddled on the couch watching TV. Snuggled against him she murmured that it had been awhile since she’d had a spanking. He smiled down at her and running his fingers lightly over her nipples said, “I’m sure we can fix that.” Pulling her off the couch he led her to the bedroom and instructed her to strip and lie face down on the bed. Her hands shook slightly with anticipation as she quickly pulled her clothes off and positioned herself.

Melinda heard the belt slide through the loops and before she had a chance to prepare herself, felt the first sharp snap as it hit her ass. Precise, even strokes from the top of her ass to the bottom, up and down. She felt the rhythm of it and moved with it, letting it take her to that place inside herself where the pleasure and pain mixed. She moaned as he stopped for a minute and reached down to rub her dripping cunt. “Soon sweetheart,” he whispered. Running his hand over her red ass he continued spanking, letting the rhythm lull her again. She felt the orgasm building inside her and without volition began to move, silently begging him to fuck her. Normally this would be when he’d stop spanking, turn her over and pull her to him.

Instead the belt stopped, hesitated a moment and then came down on her upper thighs. Again and again he struck, with that same precision, up and down her thighs. No longer soothing, it pulled her out of her reverie, out of the pleasure until all she felt was pain. Without thought she moved her hand back to stop it. He stopped but not in the way she’d intended. Taking both her hands he moved them to her breasts and in that tone she knew better than to argue with, instructed her to hold her breasts until he told her to let go. Picking up the belt he began again, and now the pain was intense as he moved from her thighs to her ass and back. Randomly, not allowing her to sink into meditation, the belt landed harder and harder. She felt tears threatening. How often had she urged him to spank her harder? Well now she was getting more than she’d bargained for! Just as she was about to cry out that she couldn’t take any more, he stopped.

Pulling her close to him, he replaced her hands with his and began caressing her breasts. The tip of his cock slipped inside her and she moaned and arched toward him wanting him to fill her up. Gently but firmly he pulled her nipples and momentarily thrust himself deep inside her. She barely had time to realize he was inside her when he pulled out, spread her cheeks and thrust his rock-hard cock up her ass. It was so sudden she had no time for the pain to sink in. One hand continued caressing her breast and tugging at her nipple while the other moved down to her aching cunt. Melinda was in an agony of pain and pleasure like she’d never felt before. Larry had never spanked her this hard and the pain in her thighs and ass mingled with the pain and sweet fulfillment she felt as his cock pumped her ass relentlessly. Her cunt ached for more of him even as she moaned and cried out with an orgasm that ran through her body for what felt like hours.

Afterwards, cuddled in his arms, safe and warm, Melinda gently touched Larry’s cheek. He pulled her closer, gently rubbing her sore ass, and with a somewhat shy grin asked, “Was that hard enough for you baby?” The passionate kiss she responded with removed any doubts in his mind!


The author of this wonderful story is Pmduo. Here is a little introduction from her… I don’t have a spanking blog (although I’m toying with the idea). I’m 50 plus – not much plus but enough – I’ve been w/my partner for 9 years and we’ve been spanking for 3 years. I found Bonnie’s blog about 9-10 months ago & followed her links. It has been a wonderful experience learning about so many others who love spanking! I’ve actually commented a couple of times. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Pmduo thank you for your story. I really hope you will write more to share with us. And give that blog idea a thought.

For everyone else, send those stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Wow...that was some story...sure not the ending I was expecting. Would love to read more from Pmduo. Thanks PK...hope you have a great weekend.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  2. Anonymous3:13 AM

    I enjoyed the story but was disconcerted by the liberal use of the c-word. Is it just another word in the US? Though its use is becoming more prevalent in the UK, some of us still see it as the last taboo. Maybe I'm just showing my age.

    I hope you manage to get some writing time in between the housework PK, Cassie will be stomping her foot otherwise.

    Rosie xx

  3. Wonderful story pmduo, I enjoyed this and hope we will hear more from you.

    Thank you PK for another great FF. Hope you have a great weekend and get lots of writing done :)


  4. Really love this story thank you Pmduo, thank you. Hope to hear from you again.

    Enjoy your weekend PK and I hope Cassie shares lots of ideas with you.
    Lindy X

  5. PK,
    Now that was some story to have with my morning coffee. Thank you to you and its author.

  6. Very nice Pmduo. I enjoyed your story, thank you. I hope you write more for us.

    Thank you PK.


  7. Enjoyed the story. Hope you'll write again.

  8. Great story! Hope you decide to write more for us!
    Thanks PK

  9. Thanks for the guest story, Pmduo. Every time there is a new guest writer, a spanking angel gets her wings!

    Ella Ever After