Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Whining and questions

I’ve had better days. My partner Megan was at a workshop Tuesday, and she’ll be gone again today. The new partner that joined us this year – who is really nice, is going to be out today too, leaving me with just Mr. K. We all know how much I love him! We had a fieldtrip planned for the whole grade level that got canceled at the last minute. Made for a day of scrambling. And as icing on the cake, I broke a tooth last Sunday and today as the dentist tried to crown it, a bigger part broke off. I have a temporary stainless crown and I’ll have to decide about a root canal, post and crown or losing the tooth.  Come on now, doesn’t this make your day sound better than you thought?

I need to write quickly (I’m writing this on Tuesday night) because I just took a sleeping pill and who knows when it might kick in. If I don’t make sense, just assume all is normal and ignore me.

As March is question month, you know I’m pretty wide opened. If you have any questions for me – ask away. If you have questions about Cassie or her books I’ll answer those too, and if you have a question for Cassie – she would be delighted to answer you directly, just tell me who you’d like to hear from!

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At 6:29 AM, Blogger abby said...

UGH....things can only look up!
hugs abby

At 6:33 AM, Blogger abby said...

If you won a vacation to any place in the world....where would you go?

When did you first discover you were a spanko?

If you were not a teacher, what would be your career of choice?
hugs abby

At 7:09 AM, Blogger Paul said...

I agree with Abby, ugh!
I hope that the dental thing gets sorted.
Love and warm hugs,

At 9:23 AM, Blogger Florida Dom said...

Let's hope tomorrow is a better day.


At 9:25 AM, Blogger Terpsichore said...

Sorry, PK. I hope things are looking a little better now. No questions that I can think of. Never good at thinking of good questions to ask. But always happy to learn more about you, my friend, and read whatever you have to share. :-) Hugs

At 10:13 AM, Blogger Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

Sorry about the tooth.

Have no questions though.

At 11:08 AM, Blogger ronnie said...


Hopefully today is a better one.

What first attracted you to Nick?


At 7:57 PM, Blogger Minelle Labraun said...

I am so sorry about the tooth! I have a bad tooth myself. Ouch!
Questions? Hmmmmmm Nah can't think of one just now!

At 9:00 PM, Blogger Es May said...

Having had root canals, two of them, I understand your reluctance. I hope it works out well for you. {{{hugs}}} As for questions... what is the best change that has happened in your life over the past year?

{{{hugs}}} EsMay

At 9:37 PM, Blogger Cat said...

Hey questions...will just be interested in reading your answers to the others. So sorry about your tooth...that is just pure D painful!

Sending lots of prayers and healing energy!

Hugs and Blessings...

At 10:31 PM, Blogger PK said...

Today was better, Abby, and I appreciate your question. Since I'm always trying to come up with blog ideas I'll answer in a post really soon.

At 10:32 PM, Blogger PK said...

Thanks Paul, I don't know how long this temporary is supposed to last, but I'm most grateful that there has been no pain involved at all.

At 10:32 PM, Blogger PK said...

It was and I'm most grateful.

At 10:33 PM, Blogger PK said...

You're sweet. I'll get to these answers soon.

At 10:33 PM, Blogger PK said...

Maybe you can think of some to ask at another time.

At 10:34 PM, Blogger PK said...

Hey Ronnie, another good question. I post an answer soon.

At 10:34 PM, Blogger PK said...

I just don't like teeth problems, but then I guess no one does.

At 10:35 PM, Blogger PK said...

I have an answer for that too. Finally you all are giving me blogging fodder!

At 10:36 PM, Blogger PK said...

Thankfully all the pain has been in my wallet so far. Compare to many friends I talk with, I must handle dentist better than average.

At 10:20 AM, Blogger DelFonte said...

Hope that tooth isn't causing you too much pain.
My question - what is your ideal environment or place for writing or are you an anywhere person?

At 2:59 PM, Blogger Katie said...

Gosh PK! Makes me think of the kid's book, "Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good very bad day" ! Sounds like up is the only direction your days can go from there. :) Hope that your tooth is feeling much better soon as well.

Other than spanking, and making love, what are some of your favorite things to do when you and Nick spend time together?

Feel good! Many hugs,

<3 Katie


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