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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kangaroos make me cry

Update: Many of you have emailed and asked how David is doing. He is still in the hospital. Some things are improving but he is still having some problems. I know that they can still use our prayers.

A long, long time ago when Mollie was just a little thing she could never pass a gum ball machine/toy machine. When she was with her grandparents she never had to. All she had to do was say ‘Please Granddaddy’ and she had a quarter in her hand. Once when she and my dad were out alone the quarter bought her a little kangaroo no more that ¾ of an inch high. She played with it that afternoon but before she left their house Granddaddy had a request.

He told her “Mollie, I sometimes have trouble finding my car in parking lots these days.” He was at the very beginning of his fight with Parkinson Disease and dementia but we could already see some changes – having to look for his car was one of them. So he said to Mollie “If you would loan me your kangaroo I’ll stick him on my dash and then I’ll know it’s my car.”

Mollie doted on Granddaddy as much as he doted on her so she thought that was a fine idea and together they glue the little thing to the dash. Over the next few months he would tell Mollie that the kangaroo was very helpful in finding his car and he added “Sometimes he helps me find my way home.” Within a few years, however, dad had to give up driving. But when we took him out he would still find the car by looking for the kangaroo.

Four years ago when Mollie was 12 Dad passed away. My niece bought his car. After the deal was made Mollie said, “I want the kangaroo back. I loaned that to Granddaddy but it’s mine.” No one, including me, paid much attention to her but she kept persisting. I finally told my sister, “When you get ready to trade that car, get that kangaroo out. Mollie insists it’s hers.”

In the fall of 2007 my niece got a new car. She told Mollie that she got the kangaroo for her but she couldn’t find at the moment. She was sure it and that it would turn up eventually. Knowing that basically meant it was gone for good Mollie was upset, but what are you going to do? As it turned out her cousin was just messing with her and that Christmas Mollie receiver the little toy back. She was thrilled but I figured that was the last time it would ever be seen. Mollie inherited all her house keeping skills from me! I figured once that ¾ inch, little toy disappeared into the garbage dump she calls a room that was it! Gone forever!!

I was wrong. It’s had been 14 months since she had it back in her hands but it hadn’t vanished into her room. I saw it again the other day. Mollie and I were headed to town for some shopping and she wanted to drive. As I slide into her car something caught my eye. There sat the little kangaroo, bleached completely white by the sun, glued to the dash of her car. She saw me looking at it and grinned, “Sometimes,” she said “he helps me find my way home.”

Yep, kangaroos make me cry.


  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love it... a big amile on my face and hiding a little tear now here...

    hugs, lessa

  2. You just bought tears to my eyes PK. Mollie sounds so lovely. Thank yuo so much for sharing this PK


  3. Aww, that's so sweet. Kids really surprise us sometimes. That's part of the joy of mothering. :)

  4. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Hi PK:
    I commented here last night, and it just disappeared...so here I am again.
    Everytime you write about your kids I end up in tears. You have the sweetest kids. You know its just so lovely to have these mementos and items that remind us of loved ones who have passed on.
    I just loved this post PK, thank you for sharing.
    Take care

  5. PK, there's a tear slipping down my cheek right now. What a lovely, loving daughter you have. I'm glad her Granddaddy helps her find her way all these years later. That's a love which transcends time and space.


  6. PK, a lovely story, thank you so much.
    Love and warm hugs,

  7. What a beautiful story, and what a beautiful girl.

    She must make you very proud.

    love and hugs xxx

  8. What a lovely story. You have a very wise daughter.

  9. Kangaroos make me cry too!

    Love you!


  10. that is such a sweet story...and what a loving memory...I can see how it can bring tears to your eyes as I find my own reading it...

  11. Anonymous8:53 PM

    An amazing story twin but you know what? I'm not at all surprised!! Mollie is awesome. I know this first hand.


  12. Thanks PK! you just made the new Pappy cry. WOW, why did I read this?

  13. Lessa,
    Mollie is special. I am lucky to have her.

    She is one kid who has gotten easier to get along with as she reached her teens.

    It things like this that keep us from strangling them when they have there occassional 'bad' days!

    Thanks for coming back and recommenting. I have a feeling this little fellow will be in many of Mollie's cars over the years.

    Mollie, Granddaddy and Nana will always have a special connection.

    Thanks. Always love seeing you here.

    I am proud of her. She is the daughter I always wanted.

    She really does have a good head on her shoulder. I would take credit but sometimes I think it's in spite of me!

    Grace, I love you!

    I am just so glad she got to know my parents so well.

    LOL! You have sure seen a change in Mollie since you first visited haven't you!

  14. Adam,
    So you will always remember you are touching that baby in ways you don't even realize.

  15. What a sweet story and, PK, you'll understand it even better in a few years when, hopefully, you'll become a grandparent. As the credit card commercial goes, it's priceless.

  16. PK, that was a lovely story. You've made me think about my own grandfather.


  17. Sniff sniff, well now kangaroos will make me cry. How the heck am I going to explain this one to people?

    25 cents for a gumball....man I am getting old!


  18. PK, such a sweet story and no doubt Mollie's Granddad would be thrilled to know she carries this with her and in her heart.