I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, March 09, 2007

Ya'll Come!



All weekend BYOB&I (bottle and implement) after all Paul and maybe Tom will be there. Bring any party food you want to share. Now all you regulars know you are invited. But I sure hope Debbie and mthc and her husband come. Shy hasn’t been around in a while. Maybe Dave and Cindy will drop by. Carye, you out there anywhere?? Sky, Snow, Reese, Spanky, Kallisto?? Remember anyone and everyone is welcomed!!

Just don’t tell Grace! She is so stuffy!! Do I have any volunteers for the clean up committee?? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Everyone just try to be neat. It’s going on all weekend so feel free to drop in and out! But when you see Grace and Bossman drive up make a dive for the nearest window and if she has noticed that anyone has been there – deny, deny, deny!! See you later!


  1. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Lovely! Grace will be mad, but if we clean up and pretend we haven't been there, who's it going to hurt?

    Debbie :)

  2. Sounds like fun! :)
    padme amidala

  3. But girls, don't bother wearing panties... after all, they are just coming off anyway and they might get left somewhere they shouldn't for Grace (or Bossman, heaven forbid) to find...

    I'll bring our toybox if someone will help me carry it... it's too heavy for me to pick up.

    Who wants the tawse first? Or the vibrating whip? hey, if Cindy and Dave come, they can give it a trial run... Any other requests?

    See ya in a bit! I'll be there hiding in the bushes, waiting for you, PK... you have the keys?

  4. Bring your own implement... lol.

  5. Debbie,
    I bet she never finds out we were there! I did knock over a drink on the couch but it will dry soon.

    Party goes on all weekend, come on by!

    My partner in crime!

    Don't hurt your back with that thing! But hurry over Tom and Cassie are here.

    Todd and Suzy,
    We are looking for you!

  6. mthc and i are ready...I'll bring the famous 3 foot yellow boat paddle! *GRINS*

  7. David,
    Glad to have you both! Well all three counting the paddle!


  8. You're so funny!!!!!


  9. PK, I just hope that some other fellows are coming, otherwise I'll be all wore out, but in a very good cause. *G*
    Now we need a cleanup squad.
    I'll appoint one, Theresa, PK, Eva, Kallisto and Cindy, now girls, you all do a good job, otherwise we will all get into trouble. WEG
    Warm hugs,

  10. Theresa!
    I'm not funny I'm just in a real party mood! You will never believe it but I got my butt beat this morning and part of the reason given was for throwing wild parties with the home owners gone!! Now we are reaching, more on this later!

    Umm... I don't clean remember. But don't worry someone will probably do it. Maybe. It doesn't really matter Grace will need something to do once she gets home!

    Oh yeah, Nick is coming,and Tom and David who knows who else!

  11. Sorry Paul, Dante can't make it... between his toothache, his back, his STUPID complex, lol...

    You'll just have to make due on your own. can you handle it? *grins and bounces*

    Hey, you could play, "Let's see how high the Tiggr bounces" but NOT with that damn 3-foot paddle that David pretends to call a spanking implement. Does Grace have a fireplace? *wicked grins*

    By the way, the best party is in the closet... but you gotta show up to check it out...

  12. Hi, PK,

    After reading four other blogs I've finally found where the party is going to be LOL

    It sounds like a lot of fun!


  13. Yeah... Reesa's coming, too!!!

    I get first swats on THAT ass... oooh, Paul, my palm is starting to itch...

  14. Hey - I know taekwondo, Tiggr LOL my butt's safe... I think...