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Friday, June 13, 2014

Fantasy Friday - The Honeymoon, part four

I'm feeling pretty happy and relaxed. School is over, summer has finally arrived for me and I am most grateful. Nick and I have one vacation planned for later this month and then I hope most of July will be devoted to writing.

For our story today we have the conclusion of Paul's honeymoon. It's such a lovely story. This conclusion is longer so if you don't have time to read this morning please remember to come back, I promise you it will be worth your time. For now enjoy...

You know Paul," a hint of wonder and contemplation in her voice, "your heart is quite loud!"

I chuckled and pulled my new bride closer to my chest. "With you in my arms, dressed only in your birthday dress...and it suits you well, of course my heart is loud! Every time I see you, my heart skips a beat."

We lay there for a while, content in each other's company.

The Honeymoon
 Part Four
Ejaculation and a Birthday Spanking

After a while Mel began to stir in my arms.  "Restless honey?"  I asked

"No,” said Mel, “just a little hungry."

“Would you like to eat in the restaurant or here?”

"Here, please."

"Anything you fancy?" I inquired.

"Whatever you’re having," she replied.

"OK Mel, I’ll order in a minute. Come here.”  I pulled her onto my chest and gently tickled her, running my hands up and down her sides.  I played with her breasts and was rewarded with her delightful chuckle.  It turned me on just to hear her.

Playing with her breasts and nipples turned her on so fast, her breathing quickened and her face flushed. “Are your nipples as sensitive as mine?" she asked.

"Try them and see," I chuckled.  "Use your mouth and teeth, but gently.  Use your hands and see what magic you command."

Mel looked a little lost.

"Have you never touched a man?" I asked.

Mel shook her head.  "Not like this," she admitted quietly.  "When we were swimming, I so wanted to rub my hands over you, but there were too many people and family around."

“Feel free.  Do what you want to do.  My body isn’t so different from yours.  What feels good to you, will probably feel good to me."

Mel began by kissing my face, my lips, my eyes, then nibbling on an ear.  I knew she was remembering what I had done to her. She kissed my neck and my shoulders and rather quickly made her way to my chest. She discovered my nipples already hard and erect.  She smiled as she tweaked one and took the other into her mouth. Her explorations caused me to get hard. I hoped Mel wouldn’t notice, but she did.  She started to lower her head wanting to repeat the earlier experiences. “Not yet," I said.  She pouted.  I shook my finger at her. "Girls who pout, get spanked." I growled with a smile.  She returned to my nipples.

Still kissing and tonguing my nipples Mel’s hands started to wander south.  She seemed unable to stay away from that part which complements our women most.  Who could blame her, not I.   Mel’s fingers felt like butterflies she was so gentle.  She discovered a little drop of pre-cum with her finger.  Looking at me, she smiled then impishly put her finger in her mouth.  She explored my glans, shaft and scrotum plus the very sensitive area between the scrotum and the anus, my perineum.  Then a little finger touched my anus.  Mel looked at me and blushed.  "Sorry," she murmured.

"For what?” I asked.

“I touched your bottom!"


"Well..." Mel stammered, “...a lady..."

“Perhaps a lady doesn’t, but my wife may touch me where she wishes, unless told otherwise by me.  We are one, dear heart, in every way that matters, in spirit, in love, in trust.  Are you hungry?" I asked.

"Yes," she answered.  I grabbed the phone and ordered A La Carte; steak, chips and a green salad, with a bottle of the house white.  For dessert, fruit salad and cream, with a coffee to follow.

Mel still had her hands on that part that seemed to interest her most.  She looked up at me. "May I?" she begged.

"Be my guest” I said, then I laid back to enjoy myself. 'My!  Oh my!'  I thought, 'you are a quick learner.' Mel looked up at me, her face glowing.  She was obviously enjoying herself. She was making all the right moves, even squeezing my balls in time to the movement of her lips. After several minutes I felt I was about to cum. “Mel I’ll cum soon.  Do you want to take it in your mouth?"  She looked up and nodded then began sucking like a vacuum pump!  I was ready to burst.  I let out a groan and shot my load into her mouth.

Mel looked a little startled.  She swallowed twice, licked her lips, smiled and said, “Hey, that was nice!  Can I do it again soon?"

I growled.  “I’m a male, we don’t recuperate as quick as girls.  Don’t be greedy."

Just then there was a knock on the door.  "Lunch," I said.  I put on my robe and opened the door. Two men from room service pushed in a trolley and set the table.  They were quick and neat, taking only about three minutes.

I went back into the bedroom.  "Lets wash up and eat," I said. As we left the bathroom Mel took her robe.  "No robe," I informed her.  “I want you to get used to being naked when we are alone.  Do you understand?"

Mel came to the table naked.  She served first me and then herself. I asked her why she had served me first.  “Mother always served Daddy first, then the rest of us. She would usually serve by age, youngest first, herself last."

"Did you notice anything else different in your family life?" I asked. “The reason I ask is, I would like to know why you want an old-fashioned or spanking marriage."

“Two main reasons," Mel answered.  "As I grew older I noticed Daddy always had the final say.  It wasn’t very often, but when they couldn’t agree, Daddy always had his way. When I'd pass their bedroom late at night I would hear spanking sounds.  We were never physically punished, but many of our friends were, so I knew what a spanking sounded like. The strange thing is, or I should say was, is that spanking hurts.  If the noises my Mummy made were anything to go by, she was definitely enjoying herself!  The sounds were very similar to those I make when you spank me!"

“Well I haven’t had reason to really punish you yet.  You will learn that spankings can hurt a lot. You mentioned two main reasons, what is the second?"

“Well, once when Daddy was away on maneuvers, I needed to go into his office for something.  This was forbidden, if I’d been caught I would have been grounded for at least two weeks, possibly more.  My brother was for just going in there to hide. I noticed that the cupboard where he kept the work he brought home was unlocked. I couldn’t resist.  I peeked inside.  It was empty, except for the bottom shelf.  Much to my surprise there were two school canes and several straps. The straps were oiled and the canes were polished.  They looked as if they were used.  Now I know Mummy and Daddy loved each other a lot, you do agree, don’t you, Paul?"

“Absolutely," I said, “and you want a similar marriage, don’t you?"

“Oh yes!” Mel replied.

All this time we had been tucking into our meal.  I’d poured out two glasses of wine.  For a house white it was very palatable.

“Dessert?" Mel asked.

"Yes, please," I replied.  Mel busied herself dishing up fruit salad and cream.  As we ate, Mel was thinking hard, she made to ask a question, but I stopped her by saying, “Let's relax, enjoy the meal.  Any questions you may have, I will attempt to answer, later."

I poured two cups of strong, after dinner coffee and took my nude Mel on my knee. “Ask away sweetheart," I said.

Mel looked rather worried, and said, “If Daddy loved Mummy, how could he possibly beat her?"

I stopped her there.  "You need to understand the nature of domestic discipline.  Your Daddy wasn’t beating her in the sense of abuse.  He was giving her an agreed punishment for breaking a rule. This is something we will need to discuss very soon."  I thought we had been serious for too long.  "Shall we return to the bedroom?  There are things I’m longing to do to you."

Mel squealed and ran into the bedroom. Before following, I stacked the plates and put the trolley outside the door.

As I entered the bedroom, I looked at my darling.  I hoped she would enjoy what I was planning the two of us. ”Do you need the loo?" I asked.

"Yes, but it can wait,” she replied.

"No, it can’t.  Do it now."

"Oh, all right," Mel pouted.

"Lose the pout,” I told her as I popped her one. She jumped and grinned at me.

"Will I ever get used to that?" she muttered.

“I hope not!"  I laughed and watched her sashay to the bathroom door.  She gave me a saucy wiggle and a wink.

Mel was taking her time.  I wandered in.  "May I inquire, what’s keeping you?"

Mel was attempting to examine her backside.  “I’m trying to see my bottom, but I can’t quite manage."

“Pull out the swivel mirror,” I suggested.

“Oh yes, of course," Mel murmured. She looked and looked.  "It’s a little pale," she declared then looked at me.

“I want you to lose that habit, and quickly," I told her.  Mel blushed and apologized. “Have you finished in here?" I asked.  She nodded. I took her hand and led her back to the bedroom.

The bath sheets were still on the bed.  ‘Good,’ I thought, 'the bed has a better chance of staying dry.'   I sat on the side of the bed, placed Mel in front between my spread knees.

I looked at Me.  "In this marriage, I decide when you get spanked, do you understand?" Mel nodded. “There are exceptions.  If you have done something in my absence, which you believe is a matter for discipline, then you may bring it to my attention.  In fact I would expect you to.  Do you take my meaning?”  Mel replied her understanding.

I placed Mel over my lap with her body and legs on the bed.  I pressed her thighs apart with my hands. “You asked for this,” I reminded her.  "Don’t blame me if becomes too much for you."   I started to spank, hard but not too hard, my aim was to excite her and not to hurt her too much. After half a dozen smacks on each cheek, I start to gently rub and squeeze.  Funny, but this caused more wriggling than the spanking!  I started spanking again.  This time a little firmer and lower down on her cheeks.  She began moving more, little sounds escaping, sighs and ahs.  Her legs began to move. I caressed her again then slipped my hand between her thighs.  She was very wet. “Have you had enough?" I asked.

“Please, no, spank me harder, I’m almost there!" came her breathless reply.

“Well you asked for it!  Open your thighs a bit more, hold tight!"  I really started to spank her, moving all over her bum.  She was unable to judge where my hand would strike next.  On the crown, on the sit spot and then an inner thigh I spanked her.  Her sighs grew louder as she wriggled quite hard.  She began to pant hard!  Faster and faster I spanked.  Mel cried out.  Six very hard spanks on her thighs, Mel’s body arched up, she cried out and came all over my hand.

Mel was shaking.  I carefully sat her on my lap.  She put her arms around me and held me tight.  I kissed her hair, her eyelids, her nose.  My darling lifted her face and kissed me fully on the lips.  “Oh Paul...that was wonderful!  Where did you learn to spank like that?"

“That my darling would be telling.  Even husbands have secrets!" I chuckled.

Mel began to doze on my shoulder.  I shook her gently.  “Don’t you want to look at my handiwork?"  I asked.  She nodded.  I carried her to the bathroom, adjusted the mirrors so she could view her buttocks and thighs.  They were a glorious red.  As well spanked an arse as I’d ever seen! 

Mel gasped when she saw her beautiful bottom in the mirror.  "What a lovely colour, darling!   It felt so good! That was probably the best orgasm yet!"

“I hope to improve on it before the end of this honeymoon.  I haven’t finished yet," I assured her, "lets go back to bed.  Before we go, do you need the loo?"

Mel nodded.  "Maybe, I do feel a little pressure."  Mel sat on the commode and I noted her shyness had gone.  There was a tinkle as she emptied her bladder and a ladylike, quiet little fart as she pressed.  "Oops” Mel giggled and grinned.  After she wiped, she washed her hands.

I picked her up and took her to the bed. She was so responsive that I found myself hoping to make her squirt.  I had been told this sort of orgasm is out of this world!  “Are you alright laying on your back, not too sore?" I asked.

“I’m fine, the pain just keeps me on the boil," she told me.

“Good, that will make it easier for me."  Mel looked a question.  I smiled mysteriously.

Lying on the bed close to Mel, I took her in my arms.  She responded enthusiastically.  I kissed her deeply, using my tongue and all the skills I had.  My Mel tasted so sweet, a mixture of wine and candy. We kissed until we had to come up for air.  I held Mel tight to me, her firm breasts tight against me, her nipples were hard and swollen. I rolled her onto her back and rested my weight on my knees.  Those breasts are crying out for attention. I flicked first her right nipple and then her left nipple with my finger.  I lowered my mouth to her breast, took a nipple between my teeth and gently rolled it.  I took the other nipple between thumb and finger and squeezed hard.   Mel jerked, but smiled.  I continued to play with Mel’s breasts, something I liked doing, a lot.

I feel I’ve given the impression our love making was silent, it wasn’t.  It was full of little murmurings and endearments.  My readers must call on their own experience to fill in the silences. Still playing with Mel’s nipples I kissed my way down to her navel.  I plunged my tongue in as if drilling for oil.  Mel giggled.  Have I said that Mel’s giggles were a delight and so precious to me?

Leaving her belly button, I continued to kiss south, until i reached her mons.  I stopped for a few moments.  There was a quiver and the beginnings of a groan.  "Don’t be impatient child," I chided her.  She groaned again so I continued, avoiding her clitoris for the moment as I concentrated on her labia both outer and inner.  I also licked the sensitive area between her pussy and her bottom rose, rimming it with my tongue. This brought a gasp from her.  I don’t think she'd even considered anal play. I hoped to introduce it to her slowly.

“Play with your breasts sweetheart," I instructed.  I swirled my tongue around my darling's clitoris, causing another gasp.  I dipped two fingers into her c**t collecting liquid. I spread it to and around her bottom hole.  Meanwhile my other hand played with her pussy.  Three fingers in there looking for a special point.  Mel began to pant again, she was dripping!  I collected more liquid and lubricated Mel’s bottom.  I knew I’d found what I was looking for when Mel said, “Paul, I think I’m going to pee!"

"No, you’re not, just relax and let it go!"  I pushed a well lubricated finger into Mel’s arse.  She shuddered heavily, cried out and squirted three distinct squirts. She collapsed and closed her eyes. She lay like that for a little while.  Then she realized what she thinks she had done.

“Paul!" she gasped, “I peed all over you! I’m so sorry!"

"No you didn’t, dear heart, you ejaculated."

"Ejaculated?"  Mel repeated, “women don’t do that!”

"Yes, they do, you just have, and I have no doubt that you will do it again and often!  How do you feel?" I asked my relaxed bride.

“Just terrific!  What about you?"

"Oh, I feel great." I assured her.

"No, I mean, would you like to ejaculate?"

I chuckled.  "Rest for a minute.  You must be shaken.  After all it’s the first time you’ve squirted and the first time you’ve had a finger up your bum.  Well, how do you feel about that?"

“Well, Paul, squirting was great!  The finger up my bum, I think that it was nice.  I’d like to try it again."

“Don’t worry it’ll happen. Ready for the next round?" I asked her.  She nodded her eagerness.  "I want you to raise both your legs.  Hold them if you need to.  Once I’m inside you, rest your legs on my shoulders, play with your breasts or clit.  Do whatever you fancy."

I was very hard, but as this was the fourth time, it would take some time.  I started to pump gently and slowly, looking at Mel, she looked rather stunned, yet very happy.  As I moved in and out I started to lightly slap Mel’s bum.  Once again, she was building to a climax.   I slowed, not quite there yet then I sped up as I felt the pressure building.  I leaned forward holding Mel in my arms, our climaxes built together and we reached our release together.  Mel squirted once again.

We were both happy and exhausted.  I fell out of Mel, my piece looking somewhat worn.  I lowered her legs and collapsed by her side. Mel kissed me then put her head on my shoulder falling asleep.  Shortly after I joined her in slumber.

I slowly awakened.  The bedroom seemed darker and I wondered what the time was.  I feel something warm and wet around my cock. “Honey," I said sleepily, “that has to last a lifetime.  If you eat it all now, you are going to get awfully hungry!"

Mel looked up and grinned. “Ok, I’ll save some for later."

“How long have we been asleep?" I asked her.  "What time is it?"

Mel reached over to the bedside table and looked at my watch. “It's 6:45 PM.  By the way my stomach thinks my throat’s been cut.  I’m hungry!" This came out almost as a wail.

“Ok darling, don’t panic.  I’ll order us some food.  Anything on the menu that you fancy?"

Mel asked, "What are you going to have?"

I perused the menu. “I fancy fresh salmon salad, toasted teacakes, fruit juice and coffee."  I handed Mel the menu, she shook her head and told me she'd have the same.
After phoning room service, I told her our order would arrive in the next 15 minutes. “Lets get cleaned up.  Mel show me your bum, I want to check it out."  Mel turned over and waved it at me.  It was slightly pink.  I ran my hand down it, it felt quite normal and certainly no worse for the wear.  "Looks and feels fine,” I told her.  "You’ll be OK for your birthday spanking after supper."

Mel looked up, her eyes huge.  “A Birthday Spanking?!?  So you didn’t forget!  That reminds me of something.  Damn it’s gone, it’ll come back!"  We made our way to the bathroom and shared a shower.  It was great fun sharing a shower.  I finished quickly as room service would be up with our supper soon. I heard the familiar double knock and let them in. They set the table as efficiently as usual and departed.

I wandered into the bathroom to see if Mel was ready.  She had the showerhead on full.  The water was playing on her pussy while she played with her clit.  There was a far away look in her eyes.  I leaned against the doorjamb and waited.  Suddenly she shuddered, sighed and sagged a little.  I applauded.

"Don’t you ever get enough?"  Mel giggled, splashing water my direction.  “I’ve been on starvation rations for the last four years," she declared.

“I think that we will make up for that very soon.  Dry off and come get your supper."

Mel wandered into supper still as naked as the day she was born, but I’ll warrant somewhat better looking.  She dished out the salad and put teacakes in the toaster. I poured two glasses of fruit juice.  “Mel, I think we need to talk about our plans. Have you any real idea what a domestic discipline marriage is?"

Mel shook her head slowly.  "Not really, but I want a marriage such as Mummy and Daddy have," she stated.

"So far the spankings you’ve had have been erotic or fun spankings, for pleasure and to turn you on." Mel nodded, listening seriously.   “The discipline part can mean real pain and anguish.  A punishment spanking will hurt, it won’t work if it doesn’t. Of course how often and how hard you are punished will depend on you and the rules we decide to adopt.  Have you any questions so far?"

Mel nodded. “I do have questions, but can I have a couple of days to sort them out in my head?"

"Of course, take as long as you need.  You must be very sure.  This should be a lifelong commitment."

“Any idea what you would like to do tomorrow?" I asked her.  "I really think that we should go out.  Room service needs to get in here and we need to stretch our legs.  Plus the fact that the hotel likes to see their honeymoon couples in the public rooms.  It’s good publicity.  So what do you think?"

“Could we do the Eiffel Tower, the Arc De Triomphe and perhaps Montemar the Artists Quarter?" she asked.

“I don’t see why not.  I’ll dig out the map of Paris later, it’s in my case.  Would you like another coffee?"  She indicated she would so I poured her a cup and I had a fruit juice.

I went to my case to find the map.  There was a flat brown paper parcel on the bottom of the case.  I remembered that dad had brought it in and said, "You’ll need this for the birthday spanking."  I showed to Mel who looked at it and shook her head.  "Now I remember!  Mummy slipped one just like that into my case and said, 'give this to Paul when it’s time for your birthday spanking.'" Mel went to her case and found a similar packet.  I told her to open it, which she did.  Inside she discovered a strap about 18” long and 2” wide with a split about 6” long at one end.

"A strap!" Mel exclaimed

"No," I told her, "it's a junior tawse."

Mel eagerly encouraged me to open the package her father had given me.  It also contained a tawse, but it was longer and heavier with three splits at the end.  "This is a senior tawse," I explained to her, "for bigger boys and girls."

“Talking about birthday spankings...isn’t it about time you had yours?"

Mel looked very apprehensive.  "With that?  That will really hurt!"  Her eyes were round with worry.

"It will still be a good girl spanking," I reassured her.  "It will be harder than any you’ve had yet, but not so hard that you won’t enjoy it.  Trust me?" Mel nodded.  "Lead on," I told her, giving her a light smack on her bottom, "and don’t forget the strap."  Mel gave a little hop and led the way into the bedroom.  Stalling for time, Mel stated she needed to visit the bathroom, so we both went in and did the necessary.

Once in the bedroom, I piled a stack of pillows on the end of the bed to raise Mel’s bottom for the strap. I placed Mel over my lap.  "I’m going to hand spank you first as a warm up."  Mel nodded and lay over my knee. I caressed her lovely bottom for a few minutes, then I started to smack, fairly lightly at first, allowing the weight of each spank to increase.  Eventually her cheeks were a healthy pink.  If used carefully the tawse would not welt or bruise her skin. “Get up, Mel, and lay over the pile of cushions.  You will receive twenty strokes, 18 for your age, one to grow on and one for luck.  The last one will be full strength."

Mel asked, "Did daddy tell you what to do, because that’s exactly how he did it!"

“No," I said, “that’s just how it’s done.  I’ve given a few birthday spankings in my time, and taken a few as well. I want you to call out the number as you receive it.  I’ll give you a safeword. If you really need me to stop, just say 'Frog's Legs!'  Are you ready for your spanking?"

Mel nodded and I brought down the first stroke. Mel’s bottom blushed, one, the next, two, and again, three, the next three a bit harder and quicker, four, five, six, I was covering Mel’s bottom well.  The next six were slower, but harder, 7…8…9…10…11…12!  The last six were not so hard and fast; 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18!  These landed just on the sit spot.  Mel was very good.  She was ‘Ouching’ a little and shifting some, but she hadn’t moved her hands or lost count.  The one to grow on landed right across the crown of her cheeks and made her wince...19!  “Grab hold of the mattress Mel," I said, "this one will hurt!"  I brought the tawse down quite hard.  THWACK!  Mel gasped out "20!"  and grabbed her bum.

I picked her up and placed her on my knee.  "There," I said, “that wasn’t too bad was it?"  Mel gave a tremulous smile and shook her head. “That’s over until my birthday." She had her arms round my neck and I could feel her hot little nipples burning into my chest.  I slipped a hand between her legs, she was very wet.

I picked her up and laid her on the bed.  "You’re in need of a little loving, aren’t you?"  Mel nodded.  I encouraged her onto her hands and knees.  I slipped deeply into her as my hands gently squeezed her hot cheeks.  It wasn’t long before we both climaxed!  It was very good indeed.  I rearranged the pillows, pulled the light blanket over us and turned the light out.  I kissed Mel, then she turned and snuggled her hot bum into my groin.  I put my arms around her and so ended our second day as man and wife.

THE END   © Paul

Paul I can't thank you enough for the wonderful stories you have shared with us. All together they make a lovely dream. Thanks you again. Paul has sent me several other stories and they will be along in due time. I'm still looking for stories, all the time, if you are willing to share one with us, please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


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