I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, June 06, 2014

Fantasy Friday - the Honeymoon, part three

This is my last Friday with kids this year. Can you see me doing my happy dance? I'm looking forward to sleeping late, writing, traveling with Nick, writing, getting ready for the family reunion and writing. Can't imagine anything better! 

We have another part of Paul's honeymoon today and it's such a good one. Paul's writing can make a woman jealous for a true romantic as a husband. Enjoy...

"Mel smiled and thrust up, so I let loose. Three minutes and it was done. We were both tired, but sated. I switched the bedside lights off and kissed my bride goodnight. She cuddled her warm bum into my groin and we slept through the night, our first as man and wife."

The Honeymoon, part 3
Shaved and Bonded

I dreamt I was sleeping with my beloved. I felt her hands, as it were, groping me and I slowly awoke. Mel had her hands at my groin and I was hard! I kissed her nose. "And what do you think you are doing, young lady?" I inquired, stretching and enjoying a look of bewilderment, then mischief play across her face.

She blushed prettily and told me, "I want you, but I want to talk first."

I smiled. “What about?" I teased, "it's too late to change your mind."

"Oh no!" she exclaimed. "I wanted to ask you something."

"Ask away, sweetie," I said, "it must be important if you'd rather talk than make love."

"Um," she murmured, "it's about spanking. Do you enjoy spanking me?"

"Very much, as long as it turns you on. Why do you ask? I thought that you knew."

"Mm, I need the loo. Stay right there." She jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom, but she didn’t close the door. I heard the toilet flush and a tap run. When she reappeared. I could see that her little bush was damp, no shyness here.

She came round to my side of the bed, crawled over my lap and made herself comfortable. Looking at me, she said, "My bum is white. You promised me it would be pink for at least a fortnight!"

"So I did," I replied.

"Afterwards, I think this," she had her hand on my piece, "wants something, quite badly."

"Who is supposed to be the boss around here?" I asked.

"You are!" Mel declared, "but..."

"No buts," I stated and started spanking firmly. Mel sighed and wriggled gently.

After fifteen minutes Mel's bottom was nicely pink. Slipping my hand between her thighs I could tell that she was quite excited. "Ready to be good?" I asked.

"Spank me harder!" Mel gasped. I did so and after a little while Mel went, "oh, oh, oooooo!" and shuddered heavily. I slipped Mel back onto the bed and positioned myself between her legs. Looking at her she seemed quite spacey. I gave her a few minutes to recover then I started to kiss her. I worked my way down to her breasts. I sucked one nipple into my mouth and took the other between my thumb and fingers. With the nibbles and the tweaks I soon had her sighing again.

"Oh please Paul, take me now!"

"Slowly does it beloved, soon."

I kissed my way down to her mons, opened her labia and gently licked her inner labia. Then I swirled my tongue around her clitoris. By this time Mel was practically levitating off the bed.

"Please, please Paul, take me now! I'll die if you don't!"

I entered her, determined that if possible we would come together. Holding her tightly I timed my thrusts to hers. I felt her start to shudder. "Hold on!" I said and just then I felt I was about to explode. We came together! What a feeling that is! We lay there for a few moments getting our breath back. I slipped to Mel's side and wrapped her in my arms. She snuggled against me and fell asleep! Mel didn't sleep long, only about thirty minutes and as she slept, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. "What a sweet morsel my Mel is," I thought.

When Mel awoke she looked down, grinned and asked, "Ready for another session?”

"Not yet," I answered, "breakfast first. What would you like, English or Continental?"

"I'm really hungry! I think English," Mel replied. I phoned room service and ordered two full English breakfasts.

"Twenty minutes," I told her as I walked into the bedroom. "Let's have a shower then I'll shave. We're both a bit ripe. We don't need to advertise what we've been doing." Mel started her shower while I had a quick shave. When I was finished, I stepped into the shower to join her. Mel soaped me down and then we rinsed. We dried each other and donned our bathrobes.

There was a loud knock on the door. "Breakfast!" I stated and opened the door to admit the waiter. He wheeled the trolley in and when he lifted the covers, the aroma reminded us just how hungry we were! The waiter plugged the trolley in and informed us we could leave everything outside the door when we finished. He asked if we needed room service that morning. I told him, "No, thank you."

Mel came out wearing her bathrobe. I told her to take the bathrobe off and leave it in the bedroom. Mel sighed and did as I asked.

"Come and have some breakfast darling," I invited my new bride. "There is bacon and eggs, sausages, toast, orange juice and coffee." There was a bottle of bubbly as I knew Mel liked Buck's Fizz.

I took a wrapped parcel from my case and put it next to Mel. "For me?" she asked, her eyes dancing with delight and curiosity.

"Eat before you open it," I replied.

We enjoyed our breakfast. Mel had a couple of Buck's Fizz and got a little giggly. She sat on my lap. "Why are you keeping me naked?" she asked.

"Can't you guess? This way you are both beautiful and available!" She giggled and blushed. "Open your present," I encouraged her.

"What is it?" she asked, gently shaking the package for clues. With fingers that shook with her excitement, she unwrapped the parcel. Upon opening the cardboard box she gasped when she found a lovely silver gilt casket. "Oh, this is beautiful!" Mel sighed.

"Bring the box," I said and then I picked Mel up to carry her into the bedroom.

Placing her on the bed, she looked at me and asked, "More?"

"Not just yet, you little nymph. Go into the bathroom and fetch two fresh bath towels and your shaving kit. Spread the towels on the bed. Take three pages from the newspaper and put them over the bottom of the bed." Mel looked a question, but followed my instructions.

"Remember I told you that I'd liked you shaved? Open the box and take out the scissors. Now kneel on the newspaper and carefully remove as much of your pubic hair as you safely can."

Mel, looking rather nervous, said, "Must I?"

"Yes," I replied. "Just cut off as much as you can and try to keep it all on the paper. I'll get a bowl of warm water to shave you and finish you off." After I fetched warm water from the bathroom, I opened her shaving kit and took out her brush and cream and then lathered up. "Darling, carefully put the hair in the box. That's right. Please, hand me the box." I closed the lid and placed the box on the bedside table.

"Now lay back on the towel and open your legs as wide as you can, darling, without straining. That's right. Now keep very still. Don't worry I'll be very careful," I assured her.

Mel smiled, nodded and closed her eyes. I thoroughly lathered her entire groin. I hadn't realized just how sexy this was going to be. I made an effort to keep calm. I didn't want to cut or hurt her. Very gently I shaved Mel's flower. When I finished I said, "Turn over, darling, and hold your bottom open. I need to shave you there as well." Having finished shaving Mel, I dried her carefully. "How does that feel, sweetie? Is it sore?"

"Not at all Paul," she answered. "You were very gentle. I hope that you will do it again."

"Now I'll try the lip and tongue test!" I declared. "Mmm, ten times better without hair! What do you think?"

"Much better! Even better than the first time!"

"Now it's your turn to shave me. Pass me the scissors and put some newspaper on the bed." I cut off as much hair as I could and put it in the box with Mel's. I lay back on the bed and told Mel to fill the bowl with fresh warm water and shave me as I had shaved her, both front and rear. She was biting her tongue as she worked. She was so gentle. She handled me as if I were made of the finest porcelain. "The lip and tongue test, please Mel," were my instructions when she'd finished.

Mel looked at me. "You want me to take you in my mouth?"

"Yes my love. It’s called "fellatio" or "head" or "a blowjob." If I hadn't promised your dad, you would have done it years ago. I promise, you will come to enjoy it," then laughing, I added, "only try not to bite! Kiss around the ridge, down the shaft, and suck each testicle into your mouth. Now go back up the shaft. Put the glans, that's the head, into your mouth. Suck it as if it were your favourite lollipop, ahhh, very good, my darling. Now move you mouth up and down as if I were fucking your mouth, Mel. That feels terrific! Just a little faster! Oh boy, I'm going to come!" I pulled out. "Finish me with your hand, Mel!" She stroked my cock and I came all over her breasts.

Mel looked at me with concern in her eyes. "Did I do something wrong?"

"No darling, you did something very right! Did you enjoy it?"

"I'm not sure," came her response, then smiling she asked, "Can I do it again?!?"

"In a little while when I have my breath back. If you hadn't shaved me, you would have my hair in your mouth which is less than pleasant. Being shaved, it's much cleaner." I handed Mel some tissues and she wiped the fluid from her breasts.

I took the silver jewel box off the bedside table. I locked it and handed the box and the key to Melody. "This box contains hair from both of us. It is a bond between us. If ever you believe I've broken trust with you, unlock the box and destroy the contents. It symbolizes, as our hair is mixed so our lives are mixed. You are mine for all time, and I am yours."

Mel put her box on her bedside table. I held my arms out. "Come darling, I want to hold you." Mel climbed into my arms. She was still nude. "Are you warm enough?" I asked. She responded with a nod, then laid her head on my chest so we could snuggle.

"You know Paul," a hint of wonder and contemplation in her voice, "your heart is quite loud!"

I chuckled and pulled my new bride closer to my chest. "With you in my arms, dressed only in your birthday dress...and it suits you well...of course my heart is loud! Every time I see you, my heart skips a beat."

We lay there for a while, content in each other's company.

To be continued

© Paul

Paul I just don't know what I would have done with out you and your wonderful stories this month. You have been a life saver. And I know everyone is enjoying them.  If anyone else has a story to share please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Oh wow, I'm so glad this story is to be continued. I'm reslly enjoying this :)

    Thank you Paul and thank you PK for once again bringing us a fabulous Friday story.


  2. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Yes, Thank you both!
    Thank you Paul for sharing.

  3. Paul,

    Your story is so good. Really am enjoying it. Have you thought of publishing it?

    PK, thank you.

    Have a great weekend.


  4. Thank you both for sharing, this part is lovely :-)

  5. Love this story Paul! You have a great ability to highlight the romance!
    Thanks PK!

  6. Am really enjoying this story Paul...thank you so much.

    Happy for you PK that you are almost finished with students and can enjoy your summer.

    Hugs and Blessings...