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We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Important Fantasy Friday news!!

Every now and then I want to say a bit more about Fantasy Friday. Although it wasn’t originally my idea I’ve hosted it, as of last month, for four and a half years. During that time I haven’t missed more than a week or two. I love Fantasy Friday. I mean, of course I love to read spanking stories, most of us do. But it means so much more to me. Fantasy Friday has brought many people into my life, people that have become true friends of mine. That’s my biggest bonus from FF. SNL (who wrote our last Fantasy Friday), has made some name changes over at her newly named site, Slightly Naughty Princess. She wrote a very kind post on March 30, about her experience of sending in a story.

I appreciate everything she said, and it got me thinking about how my readers view FF. I know some just come by on Fridays to read the stories and don’t necessarily read my blog on other days. That’s fine! You are most welcomed. That’s why I post the stories. I’m guessing many of you don’t even bother to read the invitation at the bottom any longer thinking it doesn’t apply to you.

A-hem… it does!!

We are not professional writers here. We are wives and mothers and grandmothers and husband and boyfriends and gays and straights and nurses and Sunday school teachers and college students and factory workers and doctors and lawyers and McDonald’s workers. We are anyone and everyone who has ever found the idea of adult spanking interesting. We are a group of strangers who have few ways of exploring this interest. Some of us are lucky enough to have partners who happily indulge us on this somewhat unusual interest. Others of you reading here haven’t found that yet. I know I felt very isolated with my desires before I found these wonderful like minded people through the internet.

The reason I keep pushing for stories is that I know everyone of you that has ever read here, has at least one story in you – many of you have tons! If you find the idea of adult spanking interesting, then you’ve day dreamed about it. Some scene has run through your mind, a ‘what if…’ thought. Friends, that’s your Fantasy Friday story.

There are two things I want to ask from my readers. The first, I’m sure you all ready know. Try writing a story. Even if you don’t think you can write, or you don’t think its good enough to send in, try it just for yourself anyway. I’m a little pushy, as you might be able to tell, but there are several blogs I enjoy out here that began because I browbeat a story out of them and then twisted their arm to start blogging. Now don’t panic, if you’re willing to send me just one story, that’s fine. I won’t push you to blog (well that may not be true; I’ll probably try, but feel free to ignore me.) So submitting a story is one thing I’m asking of you.

Here is the second, pretend for just a minute that you did send a story. You’re nervous, is it good enough, will anyone like it? You get up Friday and log on because you really want to know – did anyone leave a comment? I know how many of you come by to read, for FF often well over 300. But very few readers leave comments. I’m sure many of you have never even thought about it. But just imagine for a minute that this is the one and only story you have ever written. Think what it means to have some people tell you it’s good. I’ve been blogging for nearly 6 years now and I am still thrilled every time someone leaves me a comment, the idea that someone took the time to read what I’ve had to say, still amazes me. Comments keep a writer going. So I’m asking everyone who reads Fantasy Friday to think of leaving a comment for the writer. We need to support each other out here because ‘here’ is the only place some of us can open up and be ourselves. Just think about it.


  1. A very convincing argument PK. You are obviously both nice and persuasive.

    And, FYI, I read your blog all the time... :)


  2. Lovely post PK, a little pushy maybe, lol. Just kidding my friend :)

    Does the one story I already contributed count or do I have to try again ?

  3. PK, of course you are pushy, but in a very nice way.
    One of these days my writing mojo will return, and then watch out.
    Love and warm hugs,

  4. I think FF is a wonderful idea. Thanks for hosting it all these years.


  5. PK: As usual, another of your good blogs. Listening to you and writing and then starting a blog changed my life. So if you don't write or blog, consider trying it. And at the very least, leave comments. We're happy to have you read but it is even better if you comment. Even if it just a sentence. Bloggers love comments and feedback.


  6. You're the best. I hope many will take you up on the offer and many great stories are submitted. Thanks for passing along my update. Again, so nice of you to do so! What is great about FF is that even if it is not how you are in real life or you view the subject differently then it is still fun to "escape" with a good spanking story. Plus, you might learn something new. Warm Regards.
    Thoughtful post, friend.

  7. What a great post PK. All of it really hit home. You got me to try to write a story and then blog, and now I do both.

    I do agree with everyone. We all like to know that people are reading. I think we blog to get feedback - it is great to get other people's perspective. It broadens our horizons.

    As usual, you hit the nail on the head. Thanks for being there for all of us (new and old).

  8. Lovely post PK. You've helped a lot of bloggers. I'm so happy you carried on with FF and yes I will try and write one when I get an urge:)


  9. awww such a lovely post PK - i lov FF and hope it continues forever :) I will think about another one for you ;) but it seems every time i come up with an idea someone beats me to the post LOL ...ill keep thinking
    Happy Easter to you and all
    hugs kiwi xxx

  10. I enjoy your blog too, PK. You're doing a great job here.

  11. You made a very good point, if someone takes the time and shares a story but nobody comments they probably wouldn't be very interested in doing it again. They may think nobody liked it.

  12. Kitty,
    I appreciate you reading here. So have I talked you into writing a story for us…?

    I don’t mind being called pushy; I’ve sure been called worse! LOL! Yes it counts, but of course you need to write another!

    I really look forward to your mojo returning!

    I’ve been proud to be able to host. It makes me feel great that so many people are willing to trust me with something that they have written.

    I know some of the changes in your life and I am so very happy for you. I hope more readers will let the writers of FF know that they appreciate their work.

    You are most welcomed. I do often escape into a spanking story, whether I’m reading it or writing it.

    I’m the lucky one; I really do get to meet great people through this. I know most of us say we blog for ourselves – and it’s true, but we still need feedback. Whether people agree or disagree it’s nice to have ideas bouncing back and forth.

    I just love that you come by and comment so often. But ANYTIME you feel like sending a story I’d love to have it!

    I know what you mean. Many of our fantasies are very similar.

    Thanks Spanky,
    I appreciate you reading!

    That's exactly what I worry about. I know most people read and really enjoy the stories, but never think about leaving a comment. I just hope that they'll think about it.

  13. I love to read, but I'll be honest and admit that writing fiction is much harder, for me, than writing about real life experiences.

    I have good intentions...


  14. I never left any comments on any blog...until I wrote my first blog post. Then I was nervous until I got my first comment! After that, I make sure to leave a comment whenever I can. I'm new to your blog, but I'll have to give FF a try. :)